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This will be a short Planetary Arc, nothing major, just planning on doing some miscellaneous stuff, such as what chazzi suggested!





Third Person

Jalekyle's death was the sign of loss for Lord Duav on Tatooine. 

Lord Duav became severely weakened, losing Tatooine was one thing, but losing his first apprentice was another. 

The Three Mandalorian War Leaders surrendered and were surprisingly spared by Mand'alor the Emancipator. 

At the same time, a smuggler by the name of, "Sky Hunter", gained infamy by somehow destroying a fleet of Hutt Ships, with only his own.

Another event was the rise of a new house on Aldeeran, the news of the pregnancy of the former Countess of Serenno and that, Lord Zavan's new Apprentice slew Jedi Knight, Kyba Zu. 

These were of course only minor events, the biggest event was......

The Dark Councilor of Mysteries was slain by a Jedi Strike Team!

The entire Empire was riled up, the Republic, on the other hand, replied that the Jedi Strike Team, was rogue as they followed in the ideas of Grey Jedi, an excuse used to secretly attack the Empire. 

The New Dark Councilor immediately took on the predecessors position, and subsequently purged most of the old members.

Over a hundred Sith were slain, and the new Dark Council Member of Mysteries was, Darth Ryzar, he slew virtually all the higher echelon members of the old Sphere of Mysteries. 

Other Dark Councilors were quick to see this as arrogant and a mistake, but Darth Ryzar simply ignored them all.


First Person

Jalekyle is now dead, and I'm right now leaving Tatooine. 

After his death, everything just fell into place, Moff Yeron wished me safe travels, and surprisingly on the ship, there was news of a new Dark Councilor, Darth Ryzar was his name....

Honestly, I didn't care that much, I was legitimately more focused on the point that the former Countess of Serenno was now pregnant with a former Jedi's child.

Also, my sister seemed to have killed a Jedi Knight, quite impressive, I wondered how she did it. 

But, anyway, right now, I was travelling to Dromund Kaas in hyperspace, I was called back to Dromund Kaas by Lord Prosel. 

Lord Saza likewise left, however not as she was ordered, but as her purpose was fulfilled, the destruction of Lord Duav's base on Tatooine. 

On the way, there, we made it to the space station, there, whilst I didn't change clothes, Tarvis had some minor changes, as he was promoted to Captain. 

Aridal also changed his clothes, it looked like a robe of some sort, over his clothes, he had before.

As for me, I simply kept what I had.

As we were now entering Dromund Kaa's atmosphere, the Planetary Ports immediately seeing the ship we had, directed us to the closest space station. 

We quickly, without any interference landed down. 

Upon doing so, I quickly made myself to Lord Prosel's residence.

Lord Prosel had quite the residence, though it wasn't like Darth Deragus's, it was definitely, high class.

As soon as I entered, Lord Prosel was waiting for me, next to him, I could see a young adult male.

Ignoring him, Lord Prosel smiled and spoke to me. 

"Shaange, have a seat, I see Aridal isn't there with you?". 

Taking a seat, I replied, "I wasn't told he was needed."

There was silence for a second as it looked that he was thinking and he replied, "You're right, he isn't."

As he said it, on the table, he passed a sheet. 

On it was some information. 

It was the date detailing the Duel of Lord Prosel and Lord Duav, it was originally set in this year, however, due to the events of Darth Ryzar wanting to set a parade and celebration in Kaas City for an entire year, it was delayed to not, next year, but the year after.

Whilst Darth Ryzar was a new Dark Councilor, he was one with an incredible foundation, he gathered support from Darth Alogio, Darth Vicust, Darth Jac'res and Darth Veral, all of which, other Dark Councilors. 

His wish of setting a parade and celebration, was obviously just a front of time, for Lord Duav to gain more power. 

However, would anyone stop him?

The duel of Lord Duav and Prosel, to the Dark Council, was seen as only, mere trifles between Lords, and nothing more. 

Though Darth Deragus was one of the more prominent Dark Councilors, his only Apprentice was Lord Duav, he once had more, but they all died at the hands of a Jedi. 

Darth Vicust herself had many Dark Lords as her apprentices, Darth Jac'res had the greatest fleet in the entire Empire, and Darth Veral was the head of Imperial Intelligence.

How did I know this?

This was on the news and has been on it since Darth Ryzar became the new Dark Councilor.

More on the sheet was also some surprising statistics, but something else, caught my eye, Lord Duav was said to....

Definitely be able to defeat Lord Prosel in a duel!

As if Lord Prosel saw me looking at this information, he answered my question, "I am no match for Duav in a duel, though not many know of it, Duav's armour is made of Cortosis and his cybernetics are made of Phrik.

His armour alone, I cannot penetrate, and his cybernetics are of the most advanced, even Darth Alogio may not have greater cybernetics.

With such an advantage, there is only one thing that can help me......"

Cortosis and Phrik??

The former could short out lightsabers upon contact, as for the latter?

It was one of the only things that survived the destruction of Aldeeran when it was blown up by the death star....

However, even with such advantages, they only protected the body, the one thing that Lord Prosel was speaking about, had to be one thing, and it must have been a relic of some sort. 

Lord Prosel then continued, "It is the Mask of the Ancient Sith Lord, Narva Worso. With it, I will gain the power to absolutely crush Duav...."

I had never heard of such a name, but there were legends that the Ancient Sith Lords held greater power than the Lords of the present time. 

Wondering as I was, Lord Prosel then continued to speak, "However...... It is kept by the Jedi Master Ferysay Dan, who is one of the Heads of the Green Jedi on Corellia."


I didn't know who Ferysay Dan was, but hearing he was one of the head Green Jedi, I knew he was a big deal. 

The Green Jedi from my memory was a reclusive sect, they were in SWTOR, and they had quite different ideas to normal Jedi. 

Though it wasn't in SWTOR, I knew that Green Jedi could marry and long legacies of Jedi families weren't strange, in a way, they were far looser than traditional Jedi ideals, but also far more bearing and harsh than normal Jedi. 

Whereas if I lost to a Jedi in a fight, I might go to prison or die as the Jedi's hand was forced, if it was a Green Jedi, I may 'accidentally die". 

But, I wondered why he was telling me this, then Lord Prosel continued once more, "I originally was going to defeat Duav with a cybernetic disruptor, but it is experimental, and I am not sure if it would, but at the very least, it would weaken him quite significantly.

But, even so, the Force can overcome such weaknesses..... However, now with Darth Ryzar's ascension to the Council and his celebration for an entire Year, my Master was able to delay the duel for another year."

I then decided to stop him and ask, "But what does this have to do with the Mask?". 

He quickly replied, "Within these two years, I am sure, that I can take the Mask!

But, I will need your help!". 

I was surprised, I wondered what he needed my help for, surely he himself could've done it?

Lord Prosel, then walked to another table, and a hologram popped up. 

I wasn't sure who it was, but it was a Jedi, and information about him popped up. 

He then continued, "This is a rogue Green Jedi, he left the Order twenty years ago, and since then, I have been conversing with him, you alone of any Sith I have met, are different..."

He must've been speaking of how I acted, and then he continued. 

"The rogue Green Jedi and I have both enacted a plan, he would once again, enter the Order, and in six months, he would recommend a new member, that he "found". 

I immediately understood what he was on about, my presence in the Force, unlike most Sith, was a candle, or a speck of the light. 

I took this chance to speak, "Then you mean for me to go undercover?". 

Lord Prosel hearing this, replied, "Indeed...."

No matter what anyone else said, I was undoubtedly the best candidate for an undercover agent in the entire Sith Empire, apparently, perhaps, there might be Children of the Empire, but I myself wasn't sure of their status right now, and even Darth Deragus may not know of their existence yet.

Taking a deep breath, I then asked, "When will it begin?". 

Lord Prosel replied, "Six months, for six months, the rogue Jedi Knight, Maso Tin, will once more gain the trust of the Order, and he will induct you, then, you have a year to report back to me". 

Six months, I suppose I'm staying here for quite some time....


Third Person

After about an hour or more explaining, Shaange took his leave, and Lord Prosel looked to the young adult male and spoke, "What do you think? Child of......

The young adult male replied, "Strange.... I feel that he is different as if he has a trace of someone familiar....."

For a second, the young adult male was in a daze remembering Shaange, but immediately he broke out of it and continued, "Gah! Nonsense... Why are you sending him to Corellia? Haven't I promised you that with the disruptor, you are more than capable of defeating Duav?". 

Lord Prosel hearing this, replied, "Just for extra assurance...."

The young adult male hearing this wondered for a moment, but continued on, "And if you can't control the Mask?". 

Lord Prosel didn't respond, but the grin on his face was an answer enough. 

In another area of Dromund Kaas, there was an old man, training a young woman. 

The old man had a deformed head, and the young woman bore a resemblance to the old man, however, she, bore a resemblance to Shaange, which could be considered as twins. 

As they were twins!

But, there were some notable differences, the young woman seemed to have stood straighter and had a much rougher face. 

Additionally, Shaange's facial structure was a bit different but still distinguishable as twins. 

The old man and young woman were currently sparring against each other, and the old man was obviously, Lord Zavan, then the young woman was Shaange's younger sister.

As the two fought, Shaange's younger sister began to take the upper hand, however, a miss from her, resulted in Lord Zavan taking his chance and disarming her. 

Lord Zavan looking at her, yelled, "Alsash, you were to slow, not all the Jedi you fought will be like Kyba Zu, he was simply to focused on attacking and not at all on defence". 

As Lord Zavan left the room, Alsash took a breather and wondered, how her brother was, in truth, not even Lord Zavan knew what happened, the past few weeks, as he was under Sith meditation for training Alsash, and nobody bothered to alert him and Shaange wasn't that famous enough to be known in Dromund Kaas by face. 

Though the incident on Tatooine brought him to greater publicity, the agreement by Darth Alogio and Darth Deragus had the most publicity and it was watched by virtually all in the Empire that could watch. 

Anything else was considered only the trifles of the "lower' Sith. 

In another area, Darth Alogio was on her ship, still recounting her Father's messages, Lord Duav also there, was formulating a new plan.

Back at Tatooine, Moff Yeron wondered what to do, the Planetary Governor was a big responsibility, but he knew it was something he had to do. 

Elsewhere on Tatooine, the Mirakulan was meditating on the Force, feeling a strange relieving presence of the light, as if one became, one with the Force. 

And, back on Dromund Kaas, there was a young adult that looked similar to Alsash, this was Shaange, he was entering his old home, just as Lord Zavan left Alsash's training room......





















A note from MajesticPurpleMartin


Also, I just realized, I made an error in the first chapter, I wrote that Shaange had a great number of Midi-chlorians, but basically after that single chapter, I wrote that he has the bare minimum. 

So, I will have to change that, but, I wrote this here, to just come clean.


Why in the world, was the giant ship of Jalekyle left untouched?

Thanks, chazzi, if it wasn't for you, I'd probably be skipping this for Corellia, as I wouldn't have anything to write! Very Happy

Maso Tin? Yes, I'm running out of names.

Also, there will be a time skip in this Planetary Arc, and it will feature him becoming stronger.




How strong is everyone right now? Peek, if you dare so, into the spoilers.

The strength of people at this current time.


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oswegoarkangel @oswegoarkangel ago

Just one quick point. I would say just stick with a single name for the mc. Jumping back and forth from Fredrick to shaange can get a little confusing. Also it breaks the world a little bit with him still using his earth name despite how long he has been in the star wars universe. If there is a reason for it, then keep doing what you are doing. If not I would suggest changing that. Other than that keep up the good work!