Entering my old home, I reminisced the past.

Nostalgic memories came from my instructors and teachers.

Though they were faint, they were still memorable.

Once again, I didn't know much of my father or mother, simply, more training and learning.

The propaganda news tried to brainwash me, but in a way, I'm already brainwashed by the news of my old life.

As I walk up when Imperial soldiers were in the way, I Force persuaded them to ignore me.

This of course, only worked on those with weak minds, as I got up.

I saw an Officer, that managed to somewhat resist the Force persuasion, I had to change the order.

I ordered him as a Sith and used Force persuasion for him to ignore me, the reason he resisted my Force persuasion was likely my identity, then if I revealed I was Sith, there was nothing left for him to resist.

Of course, if I did reveal my identity as a Sith, it would be likely that I could be traced back.

When I Force persuaded the Imperial soldiers, they simply saw me, and I Force persuaded them, if they were to interrogated, they would only remember a man with strange armour giving them an order.

It would give me at least some coverage if I got caught and something unfortunate happened on.

My old home was quite tall, though it was by no means the tallest, it was taller than Lord Frezan's tower.

Remembering him as well, I recalled the lightsaber hilts, I still had them, they were currently on the ship, as was, my baton........

 As I continued to walk, I eventually found an elevator, and I pressed it to the top floor. 

The tower was about a few storeys tall, eight in total, excluding the basement level at the very bottom.

Though it was only eight storeys tall, the height between each floor was quite big, in my old world, this tower would be the same height as a fourteen-storey tall apartment. 

Especially the top, which didn't have a cover, as it was a personal ship station for my grandfather, or at least what it said on the wall. 

Floor one to five was simply full of relics, items and things for the soldiers and officers. 

Floor six was a massive training room, floor seven was the residence of Alsash, my sister, floor eight was the residence and space station of Lord Zavan. 

There wasn't any information on the basement, but from my past of living here, I knew it was where my grandfather tortured his enemies. 

Eventually, I made it to the sixth floor, as soon as I did, I went to see the training room. 

Apparently, my sister was training there right now. 

I haven't seen her since our birth, we were twins, but secretly, I gently chiselled my face to change what I looked like, why did I do this? 

To try and hide my identity as Lord Zavan's grandson, Lord Zavan had undoubtedly made many enemies, and honestly, I kind of regret not going directly under Lord Prosel at Korriban. 

However, though I gently chiselled my face, if you took a photo at any side, I would look virtually the same.....

It's unfortunate my grandfather doesn't wear a mask or helmet, unlike some Sith. 

As I was in the training room, I began to inspect everything, it was true that I trained here with my instructors and learnt here, but most of the time, the majority of the space was used by my sister or my grandfather, greatly limiting myself to use it. 

I simply hope that when I do see my sister, that she has yet to fully turn to the dark side. 

But, anyway, eventually, in the distance, I could see a young woman, she bore a great resemblance to my grandfather, and more importantly me!

She had to be my sister!

Who else could it be?

Walking there slowly, I was quite ecstatic, she looked tired, but not the point of death, it was likely that she had a spar just then. 

Taking a glimpse into her eyes, they were blue, not bright or dark, simply blue, meaning she had yet to be turned to the dark side!

However, at the same time, she looked into mine and saw me. 

Looking at me, she immediately jumped, and I could hear, "Who are you? An instructor sent by my Grandfather?". 

I was silent, as she jumped up, she picked up her lightsaber and looked dead at me. 

I replied, "Don't you remember me?". 

Wait no, stupid me, of course, she----

She then leapt forwards me, I easily dodged, her attacks were very violent, and lacking elegance...

Now I'm sounding like Dooku....

Each attack was very easy to dodge, this wasn't the Force, it was simply how "childish" her movements were. 

Too easy to predict, but I knew that just a single hit, could likely kill me, if not cripple me.

But, in comparison to Jalekyle's attacks, they were unbalanced, in comparison to Jalekyle's speed, they were slow. 

My armour looked as if it would somewhat delay me from moving a lot, it only seemed like that. 

It wasn't a full chest plate, but rather, two divided pieces. 

Originally it was a full chest plate, but I had to make some "minor" changes. 

Easily dodging every attack, my sister was becoming very tired, I made simple steps, and wondered how she defeated the Jedi Knight. 

Perhaps Lord Zavan had a role? Who knows, but anyway, it was likely that she was only losing, as she was already tired. 

After a few minutes, I disarmed my sister, and threw her lightsaber, at this time, she began a fury of Force lightning, though thankfully, I dodged it quite easily. 

I then slowly Force pushed her to the floor gently, looking at her, I decided to wait for her to awake. 

After a few minutes, I got bored easily, and I went onto the explore the rest of the tower, I knew that she would be safe, as it would be likely impossible for anyone to enter. 

A Sith Assasin? 

Maybe they might be able to, but if they were a Sith Assasin, then even if my sister was at full power, I doubt that she could defeat one. 

I entered the tower as well due to my security codes, anything after that, I simply Force persuaded. 

I decided to enter the seventh floor, I couldn't enter the eight as it was restricted by a key card only my grandfather had.

 After staying there for a bit, I got bored, as there were special locks, that I had no idea to unlock.....

I returned to the sixth floor, and as I did, I could see several soldiers helping my sister up. 

Eventually, my sister saw me and yelled out, "Guards! Kill that man!". 

Oh for---

They immediately shouted out, "Surrender now".

Surrender? You'd kill me then!

Immediately, I ran away, and after a few seconds, there was the sound of alarms everywhere....

No, no, no, no. 

Immediately going to the elevator, there were some Imperial soldiers already there.....

Not just that, the elevator was quite big, and as they left the elevator, at the back was a man with a deformed face and sickening aura, it was my grandfather.......


Third Person

As Shaange Force pushed his Alsash to the ground slowly and gently, Lord Zavan seeing it through a camera was quite interested. 

He had some ideas if who this was. 

Perhaps it was an enemy?

For the past few years, he was constantly meditating, if not training Alsash. 

He was also not given much information about Shaange, this was as, Zavan was considered a weak Sith Lord, many Sith also had the idea that Darth Norgiov was unworthy of the Darth title. 

In the past when Darth Asla died with her Left Hand, Lord Yerzan, Norgiov snatched the title of Darth, by claiming it was his right by ascension to the next.

The Right Hand of Darth Asla was at that time, the younger brother of Lord Yerzan and serving as his Apprentice, Gi Jen. 

He was groomed to become the Successor of Darth Asla, but one day, when the three of them were ambushed by the Republic, only Gi Jen survived, and hid for a few a years, to later try and take the title of Darth back....

As Lord of the Sith, he took a new name and swore vengeance. 

Due to this, many Sith knowing the strength of this new Lord didn't foster relationships with Zavan, seeing him only as a dead man, and perhaps a test for their own Apprentices. 

Due to this, Lord Zavan hadn't many acquaintances, leading to him having a weak power base, and when the news of his grandchildren came to his ears, he was ecstatic and immediately began training for the two of them. 





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chazzi @chazzi ago

Thank you for the Chapter :)

Though it is rather confusing as to what is happening.


    MajesticPurpleMartin @MajesticPurpleMartin ago

    Sorry, just a bit tired, so not writing at 100%.

    But, can you clarify what's confusing in particular?


      chazzi @chazzi ago

      A couple of things like why is the mc returning home?? Why is the mc force persuading every guard? Why does the mc take such agressive actions when he returning home (what is the mc reasoning here)? Is the mc doing something wrong while returning home?

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      MajesticPurpleMartin @MajesticPurpleMartin ago

      Great point.

      Why is the MC returning home, well, he got recalled to Dromund Kaas, so he might as well go back home, to see what's changed.

      (Didn't get what he expected)

      Force persuading, as it is better than killing most people, of course, it doesn't work on those with a strong(er) will.

      Aggressive Actions? I suppose you can interpret it like that. But, I more see it as him checking up on his old home, but suddenly being attacked for no apparent reason, and then using self-defence.

      (His Sister attacked him first, and he responded with self-defence.)

      Also, he isn't doing something wrong when returning home, it's just that, Lord Zavan is "surprised".

      As for his Force Learning, that will happen as soon as I can make it happen! (There will be a time skip in the Planetary Arc, after a certain point, which you'll be able to predict soon.)


Sage71 @Sage71 ago

Thanks for the chapter

Please make him start his trainig to become a force user(capable of using all aspects of the force)