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Yah, a real fight.

Surrounded, albeit not completely, I looked to those around me.

The Imperial soldiers were ready to shoot and I slowly moved back, igniting my lightsaber, I was ready to block.

As long they didn't get to the side or back of me, I was confident, that I would be fairly safe.

Lord Zavan looked at me with some interest, he walked forward and as he did, he shouted, "Everyone, but Alsash leave!".

Immediately all the Imperial soldiers began to leave, either through the elevator, stairs, or other means.

After a few moments, as the last Imperial soldier left, Lord Zavan ignited his own lightsaber.

As Lord Zavan continued to walk closer, Alsash herself ignited her own lightsaber and spoke as if to disparage me, "Master, I can handle him alone!".

Lord Zavan hearing this, stopped walking, and look to Alsash before refuting her, "No, you've already lost to him, you won't win this time."

She seemed discontent, but I would be as well, I guess.

Lord Zavan took out his second lightsaber, and they both seemed to be matching pairs.

We looked at each other, and there was an awkward silence throughout the sixth floor.

As Alsash quickly moved away from us both, Lord Zavan ran towards me, clearly wanting to end the fight quickly.

Fortunately, I was able to dodge it, but the next attack, I had to block.

Blocking wasn't easy, I just managed to block it, and I could feel myself being pushed down.

I moved the lightsaber a bit to slip out.

I tried to strike him under, but it was met with a block.

Trying to attack more viciously, I found myself leaving several holes of opportunity, which almost got me killed.

Seeing how I failed, I decided to go on fully defensive.

Each attack he did, I was able to block, though he was getting tired, due to his age, I was getting tired even quicker, as I wasn't in my physical prime yet.

Attempt to twist and hit him, he blocked it once more, none of us was capable of getting a hit on each other.

But, I was clearly losing this fight.

Trying to hit sideways, I felt that I finally made some progress. 

However, this was only due to Lord Zavan using one lightsaber to block and using the other one to try and cut me. 

Quickly ducking, I was a hair away from losing my head. 

Going vertically up, rather than a block, Lord Zavan was using the Force itself to keep me down, however, at the same time, he seemed to be concentrating too much to attack. 

Even under the pressure of being Force pushed to the ground itself, I was able to slowly move my legs, then, I tried to spread Lord Zavan's legs and make him fall.

Mustering all the strength I could, I managed to move him slightly, Lord Zavan then moved back, likely as he knew what I was going to do next. 

There was some distance between us, and suddenly, Alsash came from behind, trying to strike me down. 

I just in time blocked the attack, Lord Zavan seeing this happen, actually Force pushed her away. 

I took this chance to strike him, but alas, lightning surged from his hand. 

Coming onwards on me, I felt myself being electrocuted. 

It was a skill, that I couldn't use. 

It wasn't that I didn't want to use it, I was simply incapable as I wasn't a Dark Side Practitioner. 

As it continued, I was able to block some of it with my lightsaber, and the rest went into my armour, but I was still being pressured. 

Lightning came on harder and harder, and as it did, I could hear, footsteps running. 

Making a slow turn, I could see, Alsash, trying to strike me down. 

As she ran, I dropped my lightsaber, as my hands grew weak, I looked at her and I didn't know why, but she looked familiar......

As I bore the full front of the lightning, as Alsash was able to strike me, I could feel the lightning lessened, Lord Zavan was striking her, I wasn't sure why, but I felt my blood boil. 

I could hear a loud voice come from Lord Zavan, he clearly spoke with anger.....

"Alsash! If you never experience loss, then you will never win! Take a good look at your younger Brother!". 

As I heard this, I realized that Lord Zavan despite knowing me, wanted to kill me, I wondered why, but I was wondering another thing. 

Alsash threw herself to Lord Zavan, and attempted to strike him, but failed and was Force pushed and still struck by lightning. 

Lord Zavan's angry voice once more resonated, "Alsash!!! Feel your anger, the denial of your prize and become stronger!". 

Was I a prize, hahaha......

I wasn't sure why, but.......

From almost on the ground, I stood up. 

I could feel the Lightning surge through my body, Lord Zavan once more used both hands towards me to fry me.

As if every part of my body was in pain, for some reason, I continued.

Suddenly my hands were a lit of lightning, not of Lord Zavan's, but of my own. 

I began to use Force lightning itself as if it was redirected.

More and more, I tried to use Force lightning, as I did, Lord Zavan seemed to be shocked. 

Both physically and mentally.....

As much Force lightning as I could, Lord Zavan was being quickly electrocuted, rather than just my own Force lightning, this was his own as well, combined and deflected.

But, as I did, I felt a tug on my foot. 

I immediately moved my hand there and blinded by anger, I struck the lightning down. 

Ignoring what was there, I kept on using one hand for both to the ground and Lord Zavan. 

Anger grew greater and greater, I laughed, and I felt the Dark Side go over me. 

The tug on my foot became even greater.

Before even knowing it, I used both hands to Force lightning what was tugging me. 

To what I saw was my own sister, Alsash. 

I stopped and calmed....

And as I did, Lord Zavan shouted, he was enraged.

Knowing what might happen, I used whatever of Force lightning I still had, and I picked up Alsash, and I took her away, as Lord Zavan fell to the floor. 


Third Person

As Shaange and Lord Zavan fought. 

Lord Zavan frequently barraged against Shaange, as Lord Zavan was stronger, Shaange was being heavily pressured. 

Lord Zavan was by no means young, he was very old. 

Over a century and a half, whilst the Force made his mind ever vibrant and energetic, his body was simply incapable of keeping up. 

Due to this, Lord Zavan went through countless rituals, medical procedures and organ replacements, but this merely made him weaker, as he aged. 

Lord Zavan at his physical prime, under Darth Norgiov, was at the age of twenty to forty, during then, he could be described as twice as strong, in the Force alone. 

Losing his strength due to age, Lord Zavan went to cybernetics as well, though this again, merely delayed the inevitable. 

However, the rituals allowed for him to become stronger in the ways of the Force, and the Force Lightning he once couldn't project was projected, however only to be deflected back. 

Little of it was, Shaange's own Force Lightning, rather, most of it was Lord Zavan's. 

He could feel his own Lightning obliterate him, intense hatred rose from him. 

Desiring to show Alsash the power of the Dark Side by killing her brother, whom he deemed to be weaker, he was somehow being defeated. 

Alsash always refused to fully turn to the Dark Side, something that worried him, he had full knowledge that he would die naturally very soon, and with this current punishment on him, he would likely have less than a year, due to this, he so desperately desired a successor even more now.

After all, a Master without an Apprentice was a Master of nothing. 

And as Shaange struck Lightning to Alsash, Lord Zavan took the chance to try and attack. 

Shouting, he was to throw his lightsaber, however as he did, a flurry of lightning came unto him.

As he fell, the last traces of lightning disappeared into the air.

This time the lightning wasn't blue or white, but rather, yellow and greenish.......












A note from MajesticPurpleMartin
Spoiler: Spoiler

 Should, I make "Third Person" a spoiler box? 


Also, thanks arkantos for telling me about Electric Judgement!



I'm using Shaange's Force Deflection, as primarily Control of the Force, and secondly, Power of the Force. 

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