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Also, I use Dark Lord of the Sith and Darth as synonymous, as it is set in the Old Republic Era, and not the Galactic Republic Era.

Member/Seat of the Dark/Jedi Council.

This one is a bit short and has first, third and another person's perspective.


Third Person (Five Minutes after)

As Shaange quickly left the tower with Alsash, Lord Zavan was on the brink of death.

He would've been dead by now, if not for Shaange relucting at the last second.

Crawling to a small Holo Interval he had in his pockets, it was a miracle, it still seemed to work.

As he put on the Holo Interval, Darth Norgiov was on the other side, looking at Lord Zavan's scarred body.

There was a great surprise on his face, he remained silent as he knew that Lord Zavan would likely tell him did such a thing.

Lord Zavan lying on the floor, and using his last breath spoke, "Master, Shaange, has grown quicker than we expected......"

Then, Lord Zavan's presence in the Force disappeared, or in layman's terms, he was now dead.

Lord Zavan could've survived a bit longer, but he knew that doing so, would result in him living a few more seconds in pain, there were no medical staff or Bacta tanks close enough to heal him.

He simply decided to let go after telling his Master of what happened.

Darth Norgiov on the other side was speechless.

Putting off the Holo Interval, he in his anger, ignited his lightsaber and hit anywhere he could.

He was already angered due to Inquisitor Vern losing, what he needed, but that was a minor inconvenience in comparison to losing Lord Zavan.

Despite, Lord Zavan being seen as weak, it changed a bit as Lord Frezan was apparently killed by him, however, most Sith Lords knew that Darth Norgiov played an enormous role.

Still, Darth Norgiov was a Sith without any Apprentices or Sith under him now, he realized that if Lord Zavan was killed by Shaange than Alsash would likely be killed as well.

He would now have to take a visit to Korriban to get another Apprentice, and this was truly annoying for someone like him.

Every day, he came close to death, he was after all, quite older than Lord Zavan,

At the same time, at the Jungles of Dromund Kaas, there was an Imperial recruit, frozen at the sight of a body flowing down on a river, near to a stream.


First Person (Before 5 Minutes After)

Leaving, I took Alsash with me, as I left, I began to quickly run. 

As I did, I somehow managed to come to the Riverfall Wilds and West of Initiate's Path. 

It wasn't that I remembered the geographical position, but thankfully, there were signs. 

How did I get here? 

Well, I somehow got here as I ran as quick as I could, and I probably did so to much, it was in the fear that the Imperial soldiers would get to me, but surprisingly, I didn't see a single one as I left, nor as I ran.

Looking around, there quite a few beasts.

Yozusks, gundarks, sleens, vine cats and lightning pylons.

Sleens weren't that dangerous to me, so I wasn't concerned, yozusks weren't a big problem so I was confident in killing them easily, I was a bit concerned however of vine cats and gundarks.

Fortunately, however, there weren't any gundarks were I was, however, there was a vine cat family, alone, I would likely be able to kill them quite easily. 

But with Alsash fainted with me, that would be a bit harder....

As I began to walk away from it, I could hear a loud noise. 

It was a gundark....

Well, not just one, but a few.

The gundarks and vine cats were looking at each other, and they immediately began to back off, but within moments as I slowly crept away, they began running at each other. 

As I did, for a strange reason, an adult vine cat looked at me and tried to attack me, I wondered why it would do so. 

I had yet to kill one of it's young, I didn't even smell like a gundark, but it simply went after me. 

Taking out my lightsaber and holding Alsash with another hand, I easily slew it, but as I did, several others vine cats looked at me with bright red eyes.

As if they were under some sort of trance or spell, they ran towards me!

Beginning to run, I actually quite easily outran them, of course, that was just what I thought. 

As I leapt on an edge, a vine cat actually seemed to have grabbed my leg.

It was at that point, I accidentally threw, my sister down a stream.....


Third Person

To where Shaange was pulled by a vine cat, there was now an area full of corpses, twenty vine cats dead, and the gundarks had long since run away. 

Shaange had blood on his armour, it was impossible to not have it there, as when he was pulled back, he immediately attacked back, realizing that if he didn't the vine cats may follow him.

Within just a minute, he slew twenty in total, the gundarks seeing this, despite having no sentience, ran away, as if they knew that they would be no match. 

He took a deep breath, and he could feel that through the Force, that his sister was still alive and safe, he then began to try and look for her. 

In another area of Dromund Kaas, there was a Sith Scientist, he was Lord Ral'a, a few quiet Sith, he was currently being praised by another Sith, Lord Jesha. 

Lord Jesha words were sweet and full of praise, "Lord Ral'a, with these....... medicines, we can use vine cats and gundarks as weapons! My Master, Darth Terrash will reward you greatly, if you tell us the secret!". 

Lord Jesha's Master was Darth Terrash, who he himself was the apprentice of Darth Vicust, a Seat of the Dark Council.

Lord Ral'a hearing this, simply refused, "My apologies, but I can't share the secret..."

At the same time, there was an Imperial recruit, frozen at the sight of a body flowing down a river.

It was, of course, Alsash that was flowing down, to the Imperial recruit, who saw her, it was as if she was an angel. 

Though Alsash wore the clothing of a Sith, it wasn't like most Sith, and seeing her, the Imperial recruit simply thought her to be a daughter of an important family.


 Imperial Recruit Perspective

Today, I found an angel!


She was falling down a stream, and I got her just before she fell, if my name wasn't Dav Samo, I wouldn't be doing it!

Looking at her, she's so beautiful!

It's just everything about her......


Third Person

As Dav Samo was constantly complementing the sleeping body of Alsash, Shaange was looking for her near a stream, as he then saw Alsash's lightsabers under water.

"Oh for------"





A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

Dav Samo, his name sounds familiar, anyone? 



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chazzi @chazzi ago

Thank you for the Chapter :)

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What? What? What happens next?

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Are you referring to "Cal Omas"? The last name Samo can be re-read as Omas which is a Chief of state in the new republic?