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To clarify some things, some families are better at certain Force abilities than others. (Halcyon Family for example)

Also, unless a character is a major one, they may be killed off or forgotten, as making them somehow meet the protagonist, out of coincidence, feels weird. (Also, I can be hypocritical sometimes)




Third Person

"Bounty hunters, this is Moff Samo, I require you to cripple him."

The words were loud and clear, they came from a man who wore the clothing of a General. 

"A Moff? Isn't this a bit risky for both us and you?". 

Speculation came from the Bounty hunters, after all, killing a Moff was easier said than done. 

"Worry not, you don't need to directly kill him, he has a son, go and kill him."

As the General finished the sentence, the Bounty hunters understanding what they had to do, all left. 

They had full knowledge on the background of Dav Samo, except for some truly restricted things, that only the Minister of War or Dark Councilors themselves could access. 



First person (Shaange)

Picking up my sister's lightsabers, I began to look for her again. 

Looking everywhere I could near, I feared that she fell down the stream and continued on. 

Whilst there were fewer beasts here, it didn't mean that there weren't any here. 

As I couldn't see her body anywhere close, and knowing that the closest Imperial Outpost was at least a few hundred metres away, I decided to go down the stream. 

Carefully going down, I felt better as I saw that the stream ended to a small river, and there was no blood nearby.

As I began to explore the small river, I couldn't smell any blood either, though I was still a bit worried. 

I began to calm down. 

Reaching out to the Force, I could faintly sense her presence, and she was still fine. 

Taking out a small Holoprojector, Tarvis appeared. 

"My Lord?". His voice was a calming presence, and I asked him, "Tarvis, get me information on all the Imperial Outposts within ten kilometres and ask them if they have seen a black-clothed lady that went down a stream". 

"My Lord, there are about ten bases within ten kilometres, seven of them, however, outstretch outside the ten-kilometre range, and I will immediately ask them now". 

The Holoprojector was then put off, and I decided to wait and keep looking.


Third Person

"Arrrghh, where is he? If I don't find him soon then I'll....."

"Captain! Our communications have been sliced and, there are Bounty hunters outside?". 

"WHAT, why are their Bounty hunters!!". 

The Captain was, Eso Sar, coming from a normal Imperial Family, he made a sudden breakthrough in his career when he managed to kill a Jedi Padawan with a blaster. 

He was subsequently awarded the Badge of Merit, and he had a smooth transition to Captain, and would likely become a Colonel by his senior age. 

However, he was asked by, Moff Samo to take care of his son, and was guaranteed the position of Colonel as long as he was able to find a reason to promote his son to Seargarent by the end of the mission. 

He obviously accepted, all he had to do was stay at an Outpost that was quite small in size and just inside the ten-kilometre range of Shaange, but now, Bounty hunters had arrived. 

Going to see them, he could see that they left from the outside of an Imperial tank, this tank was only one that a Colonel could use, but obviously, it was from a Moff or General. 

A Colonel wouldn't lend their Imperial tank to simple Bounty hunters, the chance of them losing, though wasn't high, the mere thought of losing it, prevented them to lend it to others. 

It was indubitably better than Jalekyle's tank, several times bigger, it was an experimental tank, even most Generals and Moffs didn't have such a tank, rather they would use such funds to for their Starships. 

Looking at the Bounty hunters, he began to ask questions, in a passive-aggressive voice.

"This is Imperial Territory! Even if you are Bounty hunters, there are limits!". 

Scoffing, one of the Bounty hunters replied, "We need, the one called, Private Dav Samo, give him to us immediately, and we don't need any trouble". 

Hearing this, Captain Sar knew what was happening, it was obvious that an enemy of Moff Samo wished to kill the Moff's son, how more obvious could it be?

Captain Sar hearing this decided to try and lie to them. "We do not have a Private Dav Samo at this outpost". 

However, at the same time, a voice could be heard, "Captain, I'm back!". 

A young boy could be seen on a speeder, with a young girl close behind her. 

The Bounty hunters took one look, and instantly they knew, that this was the boy they were looking for, as for the girl, they simply ignored her. 

The Captain sighed and took out his gun and as he did, Imperial soldiers came to help him. 



First Person (Shaange)

As I continued to look, I eventually received another call from Tarvis, "My Lord, one of the Outposts have just lost their connection with us, I believe something has happened, this may be related to the lady you are looking for". 

Hearing this, I kind of doubted it, but watching all those movies, I realized this might be a trip and after some moments, I replied to Tarvis. 

"Get all the information you can on that Outpost and factor in all the events that might be happening!". 

"Yes, My Lord". 

The Holoprojector once more turned off, and I wondered if they truly were connected, but I wanted to be sure. 

As this was happening, I once more tried to connect with my sister, I could feel that she was safe, but nothing more than that. 


Third Person

 As Tarvis was researching all he could, Aridal was restless, nothing to do, though he was asked by Shaange to train in lightsaber combat, he couldn't be bothered. 

He was forbidden to watch Empire television, as it was obviously propaganda, he constantly played Starship simulation games, he, however, did also look at the Holocron of Ha'ya Dav. 

Whilst Shaange never looked that deeply at the Holocron, it was the only thing that Aridal did, as well as playing simulation games. 

He noticed a strange pattern, the Soresu was full of openings, but never exploited. 

While this was happening, elsewhere on Dromund Kaas, there was an uproar. 

There were rumours of Lord Zavan slain by Shaange, but these were only rumours. 

But, as, Sith Lords could find themselves unable to feel even a lingering presence of Zavan and Darth Norgiov arriving at Korriban, they all realized something. 

It was true! 

Darth Norgiov didn't deny it, Lord Zavan's troop definitely comprised of at least one or two soldiers that were secretly spying on him and under other Lords. 

If he tried to deny it, it would be useless, he simply just wanted to choose an apprentice from Korriban. 

Everyone hearing this were all surprised, though Lord Zavan was one of the weaker Sith Lords, he still somehow managed to kill Lord Frezan. 

But most of all, they wished to know how Lord Zavan lived for so long. 

Some Sith could live for centuries on account of their immense Force power or rituals, Lord Zavan was obviously the latter, and many Sith wished to know the secret of Lord Zavan. 

However, Lord Prosel immediately, stated that Shaange was one of his allies and ordered his apprentice to contact Shaange. 

However, Shaange had blocked all contacts except for Tarvis and Aridal, as he didn't want to be called by just anybody. 

Meanwhile, Darth Deragus was wondering what to do, Shaange's skill was evident if he could truly kill Zavan. 

The position of Sith Lord could be granted, but Darth Deragus was thinking, remarking to himself, as well of the Darth position left by Darth Verash. 

It was more than just a Darth position, if he so wished to, he could grant Lord Duav and Prosel easily the position of Darth, however, those two were always enemies, and the victory of another would show the real victor and a true Darth.

Darth Deragus then opened up a Holo-Link and spoke to, Darth Eregis, an elderly Sith Pureblood, "Eregis......"


First Person

I was pretty bored, still waiting for a reply, I wondered what Aridal was doing. 

But, I didn't want to call him. 

Then, I opened my sister's lightsaber, looking at the kyber crystal, it was bled red, however, it seemed different...

Compared to mine which was still the same as the Sith Warrior, this kyber crystal was as if it wasn't as sad or in deep pain. 

As if I could feel them, I felt reluctance, wait. 

Did I have a strange talent for the feeling emotion of the kyber crystals?

As if it was telling me to go to my sister, I followed it...





















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