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Third Person

Though Imperial soldiers arrived at Captain Sar, the Bounty hunters decided to simply just immediately shoot.

Anything that happened here, would simply be covered up by the General.

Oh, the Outpost was attacked by vine cats and the General sent Bounty hunters to save them, however, they couldn't.

There were as many excuses as one could make up.

As the Captain and his soldiers attacked the Bounty hunters, the latter was absolutely crushing the former.

Whilst the Imperial soldiers were well trained, the Bounty hunters had by far better technology, and they themselves were trained in the hardest terrains.

They easily killed the Imperial soldiers, the Captain seeing this, ordered for an all-out retreat into inside.

Samo Dav and Alsash were already inside, and the Bounty hunters for a second stopped.

As the Bounty hunters entered, the Captain took a good look at them.

Realizing that the apparent leader was a Mandalorian.

He challenged him, "Mandalorian, I challenge you, for Samo Dav!".

Samo Dav unknowing of what happened, hearing this, was quite confused.

The apparent leader hearing this scoffed at such an idea.

"I am the Leader, but I am no Mandalorian, this armour was torn from the body of Slo Par."

The Captain hearing this was shaken.

He didn't know who Slo Par was, but to remember the name of their enemy, perhaps he was notable?

"But, I will entertain you".

The Bounty hunter came down and began to fight against the Captain.

The Captain had gloves of durasteel, this was his signature weapon when he fought against the Padawan.

For years, he didn't wear them, but today he did.

The two then began to fight, hand to hand. (Mano e' mano)

Surprising the Imperial soldiers, Sav Damo and the Bounty hunters, Captain Sar was a far better fighter than they all thought!

What they fought to be a one-sided battle on the Bounty hunter's side, turned out to be a victory for the Captain. 

The Bounty hunter realizing he lost, then commanded, "Shoot!". 

The Bounty hunters then began to shoot, the Captain seeing this, tried to hit the leader and use him as a shield, but the leader simply flew away. 

As the sound of shooting could be heard, a large sound as if one hit the wall could be heard. 

A fierce face, and strange aura, everyone looking at him, could feel something, that wasn't there. 

The Bounty hunters felt fear, and more did so, the Imperial soldiers. 

Looking at everyone, as if he didn't care, he simply moved on, and as he did, the Bounty hunters realizing that this a Sith. 

They had two chances. 

They could try to kill him and then cover it up as well, though the chance of killing him was low, the chance of covering it up was a bit higher, but there was a risk of him telling others if they didn't.

The second was to let him go, but who knew if he would inform others?

They then decided to ask.....


First Person (Shaange)

Tarvis called me earlier and told me some stuff about Moff Samo, and his son apparently is here, but other than that, there was nothing really noteworthy. 

Well, the Captain did have a Badge of Merit or something, but regardless, I decided to go and check on the Outpost. 

Surprisingly, the kyber crystal was actually also bringing me here.

Was this coincidence?

Well, it didn't matter to me. 

I began to run as quickly as I could, while I couldn't Force-run like Obi-Wan, I could still run reasonably quick. 

Outrunning most beasts that I saw, though not as quick as a speeder, it worked. 

Adding to my own athletic ability, I got there quite quickly. 

As I did, I entered. 

Strangely there was nobody outside. 

Entering in, there was a large space, and I saw a Captain brutally defeat a Mandalorian. 

I could tell he was a Captain as he wore the same uniform as Tarvis. 

As the Captain beat the Mandalorian, the Mandalorian ordered for the others to attack. 

Seeing this, I wondered why the Mandalorian would do so, after all, they had a code of honour. 

But regardless, I decided to intervene. 

Banging my hand on the wall, everyone looked at me. 

They stopped. 

As they did, I could actually see my sister, being held tight by a young man.

Curious I went there, and as I did, I could hear the voice coming from above me, it was a Bounty hunter. 

"Sith, we require Dav Samo, we would hope you don't interfere with our business". 

Hearing this, I replied, "It all depends if that woman that Dav Samo is hugging, will let you". 

Dav Samo, hearing this, looked to me. 

He replied, "What is your relationship with her!". 

He was obviously sheltered, but strangely, my sister began to speak, "Who are you!". 

She seemed afraid of me.


I didn't know what happened, but I didn't even notice that her presence in the Force was changed. 

It was as if she reverted to being a newborn, without the Light or Dark side. 

I didn't know to say, and as I waited, I asked Dav Samo, "Tell me where did you find her!". 

He was a bit frightened and he somewhat jumped back, and before he could reply, my sister began to speak again. 

"Please don't! I won't let anyone touch him!". 

Speechless, I then looked at the Bounty hunters. 

"There is your answer! Now leave us!". 

The Mandalorian hearing this, screamed out, "Attack!". 

However, none of them attacked, the Mandalorian looking at his allies not attacking, shouted again. 

"Attack! Why aren't you attacking!". 

The other Bounty hunters, replied as they left. 

"Go fight him yourself"

"Your own deathwish"

"We won't be apart of a suicide mission....."

The Mandalorian was now by himself, I couldn't see his face as it was covered by a mask, but I was sure, it would probably be full of hatred.

Then seeing the others leave, I was fine with him leaving. 

If I could avoid killing someone, I would do so, but at the same time, I knew that he would likely kill others. 

As he left, however, he actually had the gall to shoot a rocket at us!


I ran towards it and just managed to destroy it just before it got near, my sister. 

Regardless, she became afraid of the explosion that came with me slicing the mini rocket. 

Without even knowing it, I become angry, and I threw the lightsaber to the Mandalorian and it sliced right through him.....


Third Person

Shaange was on his ship, it basically worked as his mobile home. 

He was thinking of what happened, the amnesia of his sister was strange. 

Even if she was accidentally thrown onto the floor, she had a strong head. 

Perhaps, it was a repressed personality, that came to light?

Shaange didn't know. 

He didn't know what to do. 

Why did he care for his sister so much?

It was as his memories of past life came into conflict. 

Did he not die for his sister? He wasn't afraid to do so again, but this time, he wasn't required to do so. 

"What do I do?". 

Contemplating, he saw the Holocron, grabbed it and breathed. 

He had six months, during those six months...

He would definitely become stronger, who knows, with all the Sith Artefacts he knew of. 

There had to be one that restored memory, wouldn't there be?












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