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Green Jedi = Corellian Jedi



Six Months Later

First Person (Shaange)

It's already time for me to go Corellia and go undercover.

I left my sister with Dav Samo, getting Lord Prosel to keep an eye on them, making sure they have protection, even higher than what a Moff would normally have.

I trained in Ha'ya Dav's Soresu, and as I did, I began to learn, how different it was.

So different.....

Sparring with Aridal, each block I accomplished was a counterattack.

When I blocked the lightsaber of Aridal, I would subconsciously twist both our lightsabers, giving me an opportunity to slice him.

Not just that, as I moved my lightsaber in an attack, it would also at the same time block blaster bolts.

But, the footwork was even stranger, they were small steps in virtually the same area, but it created a strange movement.

An illusion as if, similar to how if something went fast enough, it would create an afterimage. 

It was similar to that. 

When I got some training remotes to shoot me, I dodged all the shots, and by looking at it from the video, it seemed as if blaster bolts went right through me. 

Of course, I didn't do this for the whole six months. 

The first month, I tried to increase my Force powers, but I found myself unable to, but surprisingly I was able to create Electric Judgement. 

Remembering Plo Koon, there was a sense of nostalgia of my old life. 

For the next five months, I trained my Soresu and blindfolded I could dodge a barrage of blaster bolts. 

Knowing that I had to change my gear for my new mission, I changed into something different. 


I asked for the tailors under Lord Prosel to create a robe looking like the Jedi's robe I took from Balmorra. 

I couldn't wear the robes of Rasdah or his Padawan, as they were obviously not my fit, thus, I had the tailors create clothing similar to them. 

However, I disliked them heavily. 

It, in my "humble" opinion, looked a bit too ugly. 

Instead, I decided to change it a bit. 

It was a white undershirt, grey robe and brown robe, with slightly loose-fitting pants, soft shoes and a utility belt.

But, then I realized, it was far too similar to a Jedi's robe.

Then I decided, I would just take some civilian clothing......

Ok, I also took a utility belt...

But, damn can you fit a lot of things in there.

But, I only needed about four things in there.

A Holoprojector, comlink, food and energy capsules. 

Taking those, I left my lightsaber, as there would be no reason to take it. 

Tarvis and Aridal already knew I was leaving, and Lord Prosel himself came to pick me up. 

He did so as to not risk anything. 

As well as that I wore civilian clothing of a Republic Planet...

But anyway, where he once more spoke of the plan.

I would go to Corellia and Maso Tin had already rejoined the Order as a Jedi Knight. 

He would originally take me as a Padawan, but Maso Tin refused to as he stated that I was far too old, and most importantly, we might be discovered to quickly. 

The plan was now that I would go against one of the gangs in Corellia and quickly gain the support of the people. 

Then, I would show my power of the Force, and when the Corellian Jedi ask of me, I would reply that I simply used the power to help people and mastered some of it. 

As the Corellian Jedi were far laxer, Maso Tin would then come in and support my story and then induct me as a member, it would be something akin to a service group of the Jedi Order, but it was enough. 

This way, our connection would be minor in the eyes of the Corellian Jedi, and make it harder for us to be discovered.

But another thing was that Maso Tin actually took on a Padawan, already!

Apparently, the Corellian Jedi Council wished for Maso Tin to take on a Padawan as they were a bit low on numbers, though this was annoying, Maso Tin had to accept. 


Third Person

Maso Tin was walking through the streets of Corellia. 

As he walked, there was a sense of admiration on any civilian he walked by.

Not fear, but respect. 

He was currently visiting the home of his Padawan, who lived with his mother. 

The Corellian Jedi, after all, had a much laxer policy, then the Jedi Council. 

His green robes were evident, and any criminal seeing them immediately ran away.

The police officers of Corellia seeing him, saluted, and Maso Tin saluted back. 

On Corellia, the Green Jedi were almost as if in a way worshipped, were an aid to the police force and were known for helping them heavily and preventing many disasters.

On Coruscant, their relations with the public, was virtually the opposite, only on Tython would the Jedi find a likewise relationship with the public for Corellia.

Maso Tin arriving at his Padawan's house was in a more poor section of Corellia.

Whilst the poor section of Corellia couldn't be compared to the even more poor sections of Coruscant, it wasn't that far off, but people in Corellia did have it better off, generally. 

He constantly asked for his Padawan to live at the Temple as he did, but the Padawan's mother simply refused to leave, claiming it as her home, and not leaving until death. 

This was the birthplace of both her and the Padawan's father after all. 

As Maso Tin went to the house, several people looking at him, had great smiles and faces of gratitude. 

Once there were several criminals that infested this area, however, after Maso Tin's Padawan came back from Temple after some training, the criminals virtually disappeared.

As Maso Tin took his Padawan back by dragging him, the neighbouring residences laughed, this was a common thing, and they simply laughed when it happened.

However, at the same time, Maso Tin could feel his Holoprojector and comlink acting up. 

He decided to use his Holoprojector as he was with his Padawan, there an image of a Jedi wearing green robes appeared. 

This was Jedi Master, Yuz'ar, who was speaking, "All Corellian Jedi within my radius, there has been an attack on one of the Hospitals by the Black Sun Syndicate!". 

Hearing this, both Maso Tin and his Padawan began to move. 

At the same time, walking near the same Hospital was a young man, seeming to be in his early twenties.

As the Corellian Jedi and police officers saw him, they asked for him to leave, however, the young man, in civilian clothing, continued on. 

Walking on then......



















A note from MajesticPurpleMartin
Limits of Ha'ya Dav's Soresu


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