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Touching down in Corellia, I felt strange.

In comparison to the deserts of Tatooine, the dreaded lands of Korriban and the dullness of Dromund Kaas, Corellia was definitely different.

There were even some trees along the walkways.

I easily blended with everyone, becoming another face within the crowd.

Seeing Green Jedi, I wasn't afraid of getting their interest as I lacked the dark presence of the Force.

My first job was to find Maso Tin and verify my identity.

Though we both knew each other face, it would still be better if we verified each other.

After all, there were many races and technological devices that could cause one to alter their appearance.

As I walked, I decided to check out the place.

The air was undeniably fresh, much more than even my old life likely.

Going to the poorer sections of Corellia, it was though sad, not as terrible as Coruscant.

Continuing to see, I bought a drink in a store and kept on walking.

As I did, I saw a large smoke, slowly walking there, I began to see officers and Green Jedi running there.

I avoided their path in case they wanted me to go away.

Coming closer, I heard shots of blaster bolts and loud screaming.

Taking a good look, I was quite surprised.

It was a hospital, it was bombed and on fire, though not completely destroyed.

I wanted to do something, but at the same time, I was a bit afraid that my powers would become known.

Perhaps, I was simply just a coward and afraid of the fire?

Taking a deep breath, as I came closer, I saw a young man running.

He was a civilian, but he was doing something I was afraid of.

Likely he was also my age, but I wasn't completely sure.

He probably was my age, maybe a bit younger, older?

The Corellian Jedi yelled at him telling to leave, but he continued and ran into the hospital.

As an Officer tried to stop him, the Corellian Jedi simply told him not to.

During it, I heard one of the Corellian Jedi speaking with an Officer, "No need, that is, Tralos Brenin"

"Tralos Brenin?? So, that is the case".

What's the case?

Who's Tralos Brenin??


I'll have to find out who he is later...

But anyway, as this happened, the Corellian Jedi and Officers at the same time received a call, "All Officers/Jedi, the Black Sun Syndicate Members have been found at the....."

They all immediately ran except for a single Corellian Jedi that began to use the Force to help the people there.

Using it, he began to pull people and objects down.


But, as the Corellian Jedi was pulling someone down, the entire hospital blew up...

What the--

The Corellian Jedi was pushed back onto the floor and looking at the hospital, it was definitely not done due to time.

Rather, there must have been more explosives.

Looking, however, it was a miracle that Tralos Brenin survived.

Crawling outside, he seemed to have shielded someone.

It was a young girl, I was very much surprised by the bravery of him.

Someone like me, I would never dare to do so.

"Haha, I got the last one!".

Tralos Brenin had tears on him, there was also sweat, it was hard to tell from all the way here.

There were also people watching, they immediately began to clap.

The Corellian Jedi then beginning to count, showed a happy expression replying, "That.... is everyone!".

However, at the same time, suddenly he was shot.

The Corellian Jedi, of course, wasn't dead, he was still standing.

Taking out his lightsaber, I felt someone shove me and before knowing it, there was a gun to my head...

"What... is happening!".

Trying to act afraid, I wanted to put on a show.

It wasn't easy, but I tried my best.

Looking to see who held the gun, it was a black sun syndicate member, I could tell my his eccentric costume.

Eventually, all those around me ran, and there seemed to be other black sun syndicate members, however, they weren't able to catch them.

Apparently, I was the only one they could catch.

The black sun syndicate member began making demands, "Drop the lightsaber Jedi and nobody gets hurt!".

The Corellian Jedi dropped the lightsaber, shortening out as it fell.

I sighed, then looked at Tralos Brenin.

With eyes full of anger towards the black sun syndicate members, maybe he had a tragic backstory and was rescued by the Corellian Jedi?

"He doesn't have anything to do with this, let him go!".

Tralos Brenin was full of fury, he surely didn't like the black sun syndicate members. 

However, if the black sun syndicate member did actually shoot my head, that would virtually be the end for me. 

No measly Tutaminis would be useless. 

Thank god though, as he let go. 

As I began to run...

Oh that, #########

He shot my back and I fell down. 

Though I was still alive, it was better to pretend to be dead. 

"You... You monsters!". 

Man, that Tralos Brenin was determined. 

Though I couldn't see, I could hear very much well. 

The Corellian Jedi seemed to put his lightsaber back as I heard the lightsaber turning on. 

Hearing the deflection of blaster bolts, I opened my eyes. 

The masterful deflection was impressive, though not as good as my own, as he likely didn't practice Soresu. 

After all, unlike in the Movie Timeline, where peace was virtually the only thing existent, though it was a Cold War Period between the Sith Empire and the Old Republic. 

The Jedi were indubitably preparing for a war, perhaps even more than when they were fighting the Confederacy of Independent Systems. 

Ah yes, also in this strange Star Wars Galaxy, I might as well mention. 

There was such a thing known as the Aperture Alliance, though it was virtually a much stronger version of the Rift Alliance and comprising of more unknown members, especially not of the Republic. 

It was also what the Confederacy of Independent Systems could have been if it was actually legitimate instead of an organization only created to be destroyed and used at the end.

Another thing----

Wait, what the...

The Corellian Jedi fell as he was shot by a barrage. 

He made quite a noise as he fell down as well. 

It was unlikely that he was dead, as I could still feel him. 

Speaking of that, I tried to sense those around me. 

Doing so, I sensed about three living presences and nothing else. 

Either there was, only one of the black sun syndicate members left or, I simply screwed up. 

Seeing four people walking in front of me, I knew I screwed up. 

Each of them carried a gun, and looking at Tralos Brenin, he was heavily wounded and limping. 

The gun was quite far away from him, it seemed that it was shot from his hand. 

"Tralos Brenin, you've been quite a thorn for a long time, far too long."

A bit cliche?

"You... Do you know how many innocent lives you have taken? Mother, Father, I'm coming to see you now..."

Quite deep, oh right...

It's time that I at least do something. 

The Corellian Jedi was on the floor and nobody seemed to be near. 

Jumping up quietly, I looked around and saw nobody around except for some bodies on the floor, clearly black sun syndicate members.

As to avoid noise from walking, I leapt and jumped one of the four black sun syndicate members.

I twisted his neck very gently. 

My control could be considered, meticulous, actually, well, good at best. 

Then on the floor, but still breathing, I sighed relief as the other three looked at me shocked. 

Proceeding to do the same thing, it was quite easy, their bodies physically weren't that strong. 

However, one of them actually began to run. 

Running as he panicked, he tried to shoot me. 

But as he was panicking, his aim was absolutely terrible, stormtrooper level. 

Easily dodging every hit, I came closer, however, at that time, Tralos Brenin tackled the running black sun syndicate member. 

As I came closer, Tralos Brenin held up the gun of the tackled black sun syndicate member. 

Then shooting...





















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