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Almost chapter 50. 

So Close


Also yes, Tralos Brenin is a rip off from Talos Drellik 


Also, I might use the term, Brother and Sister for some Jedi, when they address each other. 

From, [Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003 TV Series)].

Additionally, the Jedi Order is a semi/full monastic order. 


Short, as I'm busy tomorrow, and preparing something later.

Holding the gun, he shot.

But what he shot wasn't me.

It was one of the black sun syndicate members that got back up.

Ah, I suppose, I need to improve my skills.

But seriously this is a serious matter.

Looking back, the black sun syndicate member was dead from that, well, I suppose he asked for that.

Seeing, Tralos Brenin then try to shoot the one he tackled, I moved my hand in the way.

"No need to kill him, we can simply send him to jail."

Sounding carefree, now probably wasn't the time for that.

"But, he killed the Jedi!".

Looking at his eyes, it didn't seem to be his own vengeance, I couldn't feel what he was, but the eyes revealed everything.

"The Corellian Jedi? He's still alive, don't worry, but... Goodbye!".

He looked at me strangely asking, "Goodbye?".

I then immediately used the Force to propel myself away.

Right now, I wish I could Force jump or something, alas, I couldn't.

Only normal jumping and running enhanced by the Force was all I could do.

Running away, I yelled out, "Don't tell anyone about what happened!". 


I should've said that earlier, but anyway, it's a bit too late now. 

As I jumped away, I didn't go too far. 

Looking around, I saw a Corellian Jedi look at me with a perplexed look.

I went towards him, and there was an awkward silence. 

This wasn't the same Corellian Jedi as the one Tralos Brenin thought was dead.

Looking at him, I simply said, "Now is no time to explain, if you wish to know, then with Tralos Brenin, meet me at..."

Well, I had to say something. 

I would think of a plan by then, I then went off jumping again. 

Well, this could've gone about a hundred times better, but well, I guess, somethings turn out like this. 

I told the Corellian Jedi to meet me at Axial Park with Tralos Brenin tomorrow on the fifteenth hour. 

I didn't know what to say, I literally made it up the spot. 

A story likewise, I would have to make up...


Third Person

As Shaange leapt off. 

The Corellian Jedi was confused, he wondered what happened.

"Who was that stranger? Was it the Force or cybernetics, and what did it have to do with me? Tralos Brenin..."

In truth, the Corellian Jedi didn't see anything that happened, however, he did come across to the scene rather quickly and only saw Shaange running. 

"Ah, there he is."

Running towards Tralos Brenin and helping his fellow Corellian Jedi, he began to take him back to the Temple. 

There, the wounded Corellian Jedi was now undergoing bacta treatment and Jedi Healing Treatment, in less than a day, the wounded Corellian Jedi would've likely fully healed. 

After making sure that he was being healed, the Corellian Jedi that Shaange spoke with, asked Tralos Brenin. 

"Tralos, I was informed of by a civilian that we must see him at..."

Tralos hearing this began to reply with questions of how the civilian looked. 

"Did he look like... Was he wearing..."

As they talked, the characters they both explained roughly meshed to create Shaange. 

There were minor differences, which both of them knew were simply, faults of being imperfect, simply like everyone else. 

Tralos after speaking with the Corellian Jedi and having enough, both agreed that they would go. 

Seeing the Tralos off as he left for his home, the Corellian Jedi was having thoughts on what to do. 

Tralos had explained to him what happened. 

If not for him then Tralos and his fellow Corellian Jedi would've died, he wouldn't have had the ability to save them. 

Perhaps if he was lucky, one of them may still have been alive, but he himself would've been just a few moments too late. 

Something surprising that he also heard in what Tralos told him was that he survived a bare blaster bolt at the back, but using his wisdom, the Corellian Jedi realized that other than Force abilities, there were plenty of ways to survive a shot to the back. 

As this was only a minor matter, he wasn't that affected.

However, he still decided to go to the Temple and ask some guidance from his Master and the wounded Jedi. 

"What do you think I should do, if..."

Creating a false scenario, the Corellian Jedi asked the wounded one, fresh out of the Bacta Tank, he was surprised to see a brother waiting for him. 

The wounded Jedi sensing the falsehood, but also truth, replied the best way he could. 

"I myself am not sure, but, simply do, as the Force wills". 

Knowing full well that was the answer that he would've likely gotten, he left. 

Going to see his Master, who gave the same answer.

"You have already become a Jedi Knight, I no longer see myself fit to interfere with your progress... Simply, as the Force wills, it will."

Still, with wonder, he constantly walked around the Temple to think of what to do. 

He was in his late twenties, recently becoming a Jedi Knight, he would've normally completely relied on his Master's advice. 

In a way, he was a copy of his Master, but this was a good thing. 

His Master was incredibly wise and a Seat on the Corellian Jedi Council, by copying him, he became likewise wise and well respected. 

Well proficient in Ataru and with some basic knowledge of Niman, he was a far superior to the wounded Jedi, to where he would've likely simply dashed and defeated the black sun syndicate members.

But, his mind was weak. 

Shaped completely by his Master, but remembering what both his Master and his fellow Jedi said, a day passed, and meeting Tralos at Axial Park. 

He waited to see if, Shaange would come. 

With Tralos he simply waited in one of the more remote areas. 

Though Shaange was specific, they figured that waiting anywhere would be fine. 

Tralos was a well-known face, unique as well, the Corellian Jedi however in a way, camoflagued with all the greenery. 

As they waited for hours, Shaange....

Didn't come...


















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