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 A day passed, I spent the night in a hotel.

Though there was television, watching it was a bit boring.


I suppose even here, I'm a bit bored.

Leaving, I knew what I had to do.

My first goal was to find Maso Tin.

Going through Axial Park, I feel that I had to do something there, but it could wait.

He knew what I looked like, and I knew what he looked like.

We did also have each other's Holoprojector data, however, Maso Tin was apparently under suspicion as he recently rejoined the order.

"Maso Tin, you have our greatest trust, I as a Seat on the Council grant you..."

Maso Tin kneeling in front of the entire Council smiling as he heard the compliments further.

"Your Padawan has shown unprecedented progress, in a mere six months..."

As this was happening, the Head of the Council gave Maso Tin, a secret nod.

 The Sun was near setting, and as I was going to the home of Maso Tin's Padawan. 

I decided to detour for a meal, even Force Users had to eat, such as the way of life. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't meet Maso Tin at his home, due to the fact that he lived in the Temple itself. 

As I finished my meal, leaving the store, the sun had set by then. 

Walking, I admired the greenery. 

Unlike the scorching deserts of Korriban and Tatooine, or the clouded sun or Dromund Kaas, everything here was so bright. 

I'd have to say that Corellia was probably more environmentally friendly than my old world. 

Eventually, I made it to the slums, where Maso Tin's Padawan lived. 

From the information, I got there were virtually no thugs here. 

The name of Maso Tin's Padawan was enough to scare them away. 

Seeing the slums, I felt strange. 

A profound impact of some sorts. 

Though I wasn't born in this life or my previous, I still felt changed. 

Checking my clock, it said that in about an hour or two, Maso Tin's Padawan, with or without him would normally come here. 

Waiting, I went to a nearby bench and waited. 

Ok, it has been about three hours, and I've just been on my, phone? 

What's this thing called?

Regardless, I've been looking, and nobody has arrived. 

I came close and quickly moved to see if there was anybody there. 

Surprisingly, there was nobody there, perhaps, today was a special event?

Must be, I suppose, something must have happened. 

As Maso Tin had just left the Council Room, he was highly regarded by the Council, some even thought of directly elevating him to a Master, his skill of Makashi was said to be of such high skill that he could deflect blaster bolts, despite it being used mainly to only confront duelists. 

Nobody knew where he had gone for all those years, the Head Councilor was encouraging, yet disapproving of Maso. 

The other Councilors were, however, all very supportive, in times of a direct war, Jedi were needed and Maso Tin's Padawan showed excellence, in all aspects of a Jedi Knight. 

Some thought to elevate Maso Tin's Padawan to Jedi Knight, as they saw that it was fit. 

Though some were initially afraid and wary, Maso Tin exhibited a calm presence, even allowing for himself to be personally inspected by the Council to see if he was a spy for anyone. 

With the Council unable to find any wrongdoings and seeing impressive capabilities coming from Maso Tin were joyous, the Head Councillor, however, disapproved and stating that Maso Tin needed to be present more or have his Padawan become a Knight. 

Additionally, the Head Councilor disapproved of Maso Tin's Padawan becoming a Jedi Knight, seeing him as a bit too young, and stating that one more test was needed. 

 Walking back, I felt like going to Axial Park, something in me, told me that I forgot to do something. 

However, as I went near there, I was dissuaded seeing all those people there, it appears that I did forget something. 

Was this the thing I forgot?

I could hear chants and some screaming, and seeing all those people, I just went to my hotel. 

As I did, I constantly more people go the same way. 

Putting on the television, there was the news, and some other things, after watching a bit of tv, I put on the news and...

"Master, how was your talk with the Council?". 

Maso Tin's Padawan, Jarase Loos, was always wanting to know of the Council meetings of Maso Tin. 

Looking at the eager Padawan, Maso Tin replied, "Same old, same old, more awards, say aren't you progressing such as quickly? Who knows, before you even know it, you may become a Jedi Knight!". 

Jarase Loos hearing this for a second imagined himself as a Jedi Knight.

"Jedi Knight..."

Maso Tin patting his head and beginning to walk and talk, "So, how was your visit?". 

Jarase Loos going back to his senses, immediately replied, "Master! Can we go to Axial Park!? Tralos Brenin is there, and I want to meet him!". 

"Tralos Brenin? Where have I heard that name..."

Trying to remember who Tralos Brenin was, Maso Tin was in great thought. 

"Master, he's the one that saved me when I was young!". 

Maso Tin sighing and facepalming suddenly remembered, how did he not remember Tralos Brenin?

There were not many civilian heroes, but Tralos Brenin was one of them and the premier one. 

He was a great despiser of the black sun syndicate and helper. 

His fame somewhat even over eclipsed the Corellian Jedi in some cases. 

"Alas, if only he was born a Jedi..."

Maso Tin muttering to himself, then looked to his young Padawan and replied, "Oh right, let's go, but first, we should change..."

It was quite obvious for the change of clothing, otherwise Maso Tin and Jarase Loos would be far to eye-catching. 

Though their green costumes would reflect off the greenery, virtually anyone seeing them would scream out. 

Meanwhile, at Axial Park, Tralos Brenin was by himself, the Corellian Jedi had already left, cornered by civilians all shouting out his name or thanking him for his efforts. 

There were many that were his fans and those that wished to be like him. 

Another thing was the reclusiveness of Tralos Brenin, often helping and then disappearing, he indeed had a fixed home, but nobody knew where it was. 

This only attributed to his great fame, and many news reporters wished to gather more information on him. 

Due to this, he was on the news, and a certain person in a hotel was watching the same news...





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 Yes, a TV exists in the Star Wars Galaxy/Universe

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