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Chapter 49. 

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Just to say, but, the Corellia Arc will have a slightly abrupt ending, due to some changes. In the end chapter, I'll explain why.



Well, that's just great isn't it?

How in the world, did I forget such a thing...

Banging my head on my bed as if it was tofu, I was simply dumbfounded.

But, as I continued to watch, I saw Maso Tin...

He was pushing all the crowds away from Tralos Brenin, and there with him, I think his Padawan?

The reporter seemed to be pushed down by the crowds.

Should I go to sleep, or outside?




Ah, screw it, I'm going to sleep...


"Our reports have shown that the Black Sun Syndicate has become far more active in the past decade!

What do you think about it, Director?"

"Just a bunch of thugs, they've only become more active as we haven't been hard enough on them! Watch us and the Corellian Jedi crack down on their operations!".

What the...

I felt as if the hotel exploded.

Getting bounced off my bed, then beginning to squirm as if I was a fish on land. 

On the floor I lay, I just got into bed and kind of couldn't be bothered to get up. 

The distance between my hotel and Axial Park wasn't far, nor was it close. 

But, by my calculations, it should take only three to four hours, for police to show up. 

I wondered why the Black Sun Syndicate would become so bold all of a sudden...

Getting on my bed, I just decided to stay there until something happened.

"Sir Vigo, we have disabled all comms and attacked all pivotal points, we are ready to strike directly now!

An operative was speaking to a Vigo, someone who answered only to the Black Sun Underlord.

The Vigo wore a strange mask, though his face was hidden, his head could still be seen. 

He was of a humanoid appearance, but it was too hard to tell his species, as he also wore an armour which hid anything about him that could give reference to his species.

If not a human, he was likely a Zeltron, Zabrak, perhaps even Sith Pureblood?

One couldn't tell with only his head shown. 

Speaking with a deep tone and heavy voice, "Good... The others Vigo's and even the Underlord believes it to be impossible, however, with the Sith as my ally, I will become the new Underlord and bring Corellia to my knees..."

About five minutes passed, and nothing happened. 

I did, however, hear more explosions and opening the window, I saw dark smoke and destroyed buildings.

Ah, look what happened...

Then, I heard screams, they probably were happening before, but I just didn't hear them, as the windows were closed.

Instead of waiting, I decided to go with the flow. 

The first thing I did was open the door, and then, a member of the Black Sun Syndicate appeared. 

I punched him in the face, fortunately, he wasn't wearing a helmet, but rather only a breath mask. 

Pulling him in as he was unconscious, I tied him using the bed sheets and took his clothes to disguise into. 

Unfortunately, they didn't fit me...

I, however, did take his breath mask as it was necessary. 

Leaving the hotel, I saw a few Black Sun Syndicate members, narrowly dodging them, I got out, it was indubitably dark and full of smoke

With the breath mask, I was able to breathe at least to somewhat of a degree.

I didn't have much anyway, so I could just leave, but as I couldn't see anything. 

Axial Park would probably be the best area. 

If I remember, it was this way. 

Beginning my path, I almost tripped a few times, I could jump high and run quickly, but I wasn't sure what I would bump into, then. 

As more time passed, my vision began to become blurry due to all the smoke going to my eyes. 

I quickly tried to find a building, as I did, I saw a hotel. 

Getting inside there, I felt that it was familiar. 

As I began to survey the hotel, I saw a Black Sun Syndicate Member, beginning to shoot at me, I ran up the stairs.

Doing so, I saw the elevator was going up, initially, I was going to stop and try to get him, but on every floor, there was a Black Sun Syndicate Agent or Member.

Were they called Agents, Member, or Operatives? I couldn't remember, but eventually, I made it to the top floor. 

All the rooms were locked except one, and I ran into that room. 

Upon going inside there, I saw an unconscious man that was almost naked. 


I realized...

I was in the same room...

A resounding voice was heard throughout a room, it was frightening and full of hatred. 

But, it was as if that hatred was tamed...

"Eregis, I fear that Shaange will fail, especially since Alogio sent Mektis, go and stop Mektis..."

"Yes, My Lord..."

The resounding voice was, of course, Darth Deragus speaking to Darth Eregis. 

Meanwhile, at the Vigo's base, a guest had just arrived. 

"Mektis... You have finally arrived!! With you, we shall have Corellia!". 

The Vigo was full of excitement on the arrival of Darth Mektis. 

However, the Sith Lord was indifferent, "We? The Empire shall have Corellia..."

In response, the Vigo quickly replied, "As you say!". 

The Vigo had a great big smile under his mask as he was walking with the Sith Lord. 

However, as he did, an agent arrived and spoke some words to him. 

"Sir Vigo, we have encountered some problems..."

As he finished those words, the agent levitated in the air and choked himself. 

The Vigo watched in shock, as the Sith Lord continued to walk.

What should I do?

Leave the room again?

Then, looking outside opening the balcony's door, I saw a bright light, as if it was signalling something. 

Looking at it, I had to decide whether to stay or go there. 

The chances of it being a trap were quite high, but also quite low. 

"Master Jedi, your beacon worked!". 

"Indeed it did, but now we must work on against the Black Sun Syndicate."

The first speaker was a technician and the second was none other than Maso Tin. 

"Maso, the Black Sun Syndicate has somehow managed to use the sewer pipes to subsequently bomb several dozens of buildings, thankfully your crowd control worked to stop the people from going wild". 

This was the Jedi that was meant to be met by Shaange, but the latter forgot about the former. 

As he was there when Maso Tin did the crowd control, he was amazed by the way with words he possessed. 

"Hmm, pipes... But how? All the sewers systems are checked once a week and inspected every month unless both the inspectors and workers have been on the Black Syndicate's Side, it should've been impossible..."

"Yes, this is far too strange..."




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