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Trying to incorporate both First and Third Person, with the former being used more.


 Jedi Knight Bob = Knight Bob (I don't think they ever call someone Knight, but, why not?)


I might change Holoprojector if I find a better alternative, but for now, it's just Holoprojector. 


Using Third Person Speech

 In the sewer of Corellia, several people could be seen moving underneath. 

Each of which wearing the clothing of inspectors and workers of the sewers.

As if the Vigo and Sith either controlled them or they replaced them with others. 

The latter was true of course. 

"With this, we will be able to march straight into the Jedi Temple!". The Vigo's words were boastful, he far underestimated the might of the Corellian Jedi. 

Darth Mektis was silent, before deciding to speak, "Do not underestimate the Corellian Jedi" Pausing for a moment as he looked around, then continued, "If they were truly so unknowing, then Corellia would have already fallen long ago".

"I sense a dark presence, and it is close". One of the Jedi Council Seats spoke loudly as he addressed the others. 

Hearing this, another Seat replied, "You couldn't be supposing there are enemies within our own ranks?". 

Following those words, whispers could be heard in multitude, however, the next moment came a great voice, silencing the whispers. 

"Master Dan! Master Rayga did not suppose such a thing!". These words came from Master Yeras the Head of the Corellian Jedi.

Though Master Dan and Rayga both themselves were Council Seats and Heads of the Corellian Jedi, Master Yeras by far held the greatest power and most respect. 

As the whispers stopped, a young Jedi Initiate appeared, "Masters, Knight Tin, wishes to address you". 

Still a silence after Master Yeras's words, the young Jedi Initiate simply waited for an answer. 

"Send him in" Breaking the silence was another Seat of the Council. 

"Knight Tin, why do you require us?". Spoke another member of the Council. 

"Masters, I believe that the enemy has employed the use of a Sith, and are now under our sewers". Maso Tin spoke in a straightforward manner, there was no time for riddles. 

"I agree," Said one Council Member, following on, "Indeed, I have sensed it to". Another spoke, however in disagreement, "The sewers, but I checked them myself!". 

"Master Rarza, I believe our systems have been compromised." Spoke another Council Member. 

However, Master Rarza was still unsupportive, "Who is our enemy that has employed Sith?". 

Maso Tin replied, "The Vigo of Corellia and Darth Mektis, additionally, I have received information of another unnamed Sith Lord". 

"Corellia has a Vigo? Mektis? Another Sith Lord! How outrageous does this sound?". Shouting loudly, Master Rarza was defiant, how could Corellia have a Vigo assigned to it? Much more a Sith Lord? Even Darth Mektis wouldn't dare to come to Corellia alone, or even with another Sith Lord. 

"Calm Down, Master Rarza, this must have been in planning for several years, we let the lack of the Black Sun Syndicate's actions blind us..." Master Rayga's words were a calming presence to everyone, to such a degree, that he was often Corellia's negotiator in most cases. 

"Then what shall we do?". As Master Rarza finished speaking, everyone's eyes were on Maso Tin. 

"Master, where are you going?". Jarase Loos, Maso Tin's Padawan was asking his Master as he was getting on a speeder. 

Maso Tin took a good luck at his Padawan and replied, "To pick up a friend, we'll need him". 

"But, the Council!?". If Maso Tin did leave than Jarase Loos would have to answer to the Council, and in truth, he was slightly afraid of Master Dan. 

"They can worry about themselves, I told them about what's wrong". Speeding off, Maso Tin was going to the areas affected to pick someone up. 

Using First Person Speech

Sitting still, I contacted Maso Tin to pick me up. 

Due to the events that happened, Maso Tin stated that everything had to speed up. 

Apparently, if it wasn't done today, it would've been impossible to do later. 

He said that the Jedi Temple Archives of Ferysay Dan were most vulnerable, in the time after they recovered, Master Dan would likely lock himself in his Archives as was what he would normally do to prevent the same event to happen again. 

Honestly, I would've rather gained a friendly reputation, however, due to the unexpected attack by the Vigo and a Sith that I didn't know about. 

Plans had to be changed. 

 I only hoped that the plans changed would be for the better. 

Third Person

As Maso Tin raced towards the coordinates of Shaange, within the sewers of Corellia. 

A group of five Corellian Jedi Masters were guarding a pathway in the dark. 

Staying there, eventually, the Vigo's group arrived and caught sight of them. 

The people wearing the clothing of inspectors and workers were spies or people that had been bribed to give up their job. 

All of them being trained agents of the Black Sun Syndicate, such a project took several years, for exact numbers, seven years. 

The first five years were quick, the original workers were "persuaded" and "encouraged" by large sums of money, however, the next two years was during the time where some workers refused to accept the bribes. 

Some extra actions were required for this...

"Shoo-" Before the Vigo could continue, Darth Mektis lightly tapped his shoulder and he moved forward. 

"Darth Mektis..." One of the five Jedi Masters said this echoed quite far.

"None of you are on the Council I see... Darth Mektis's words weren't full of anything except for pure disappointment, that he wasn't fighting someone on the Council. 

The distance between them made it quite hard for them to see each other, however as the five Jedi Masters ignited their lightsabers as did Mektis, it was like a light show of five green lights and a single red one. 

Meeting in the middle, one could only see the moving green lights and the single red light. 

However within seconds as they met each other, the lights of green became four. 

As the four green lights retreated, and once more went forward, they became three. 

For a moment, streaks of lightning could be seen, however dispelled as it was resisted by a green lightsaber. 

Once more another green light faded though this time, the sound of a body being dumped into the water could be heard. 

As if the two green lights became more brash and quicker, the red light was being steadily pushed back, until in a manner that would be deemed impossible by normal standards, the red light twisted and another green light was gone. 

As if the last green light was shaking, within the next moment it was thrown away, and the red lightsaber itself was withdrawn. 

Darth Mektis had made quick work of the five Jedi Masters...

Meanwhile, on Corellia, there was a strange individual entering, deep within was a vast darkness and a great hatred.

But it was sealed, hidden and unseeable by the eyes of both Jedi and Sith. 

This was... Darth Eregis, of course...










A note from MajesticPurpleMartin



Also, yes, I got the name Mektis from Mekhis. 



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