My Blind Familiar

by VRDraco

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Harem LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead School Life Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Familiar, a magical creature of any kind that a mage channels mana through to perform magic or tasks. Familiars are all different and each mage can have only 1 and it can only be summoned in Magic Academy due to the preparation for this being in these locations.
The age that these students obtain this is when they start their second year in the magic academy. The first year was purely to teach the students how to gather mana and improve their capacity as well as to weed out those without talent for gathering mana. The entire year teaches the students breathing techniques, meditation and teaches the basis of how magic works.

Our story starts with a young man that summons the most uncommon Demon, the imp or so called the Ash Golem.

Hi ppl, new and very advanced story as well as one i will publish. I won't release many chapters of this one so it is more a teaser.

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Den's Great Dungeon Lord

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*This review contains spoilers up to chapter 14*



I am so sad right now. I made it through 14 chapters of god awful grammar, poor or completely incorrect word choices, sub-par character development, plot holes, and a whole host of other things, because I truly enjoyed the premise of a demon made of ash becoming stronger as it fought alongside a summoner who was learning as well. I will always have a soft spot for stories where the MC goes to an academy to learn and become strong. But you threw that all away when you decided to turn that demon into a piece of fanservice, complete with the ~ marking behind her words and a penchant for being overly touchy and attached to her 11 year old summoner. This is so disappointing, and I have no idea why you did it. It would have been entirely possible to use the same theme of a sword wielding demon without having to sink to these levels. In fact, that would have probably been enjoyable. As it is now, it's more like a poorly translated doujin that never actually gets past ecchi, and merely leaves the reader dissatisfied.

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Never in my life have I read a novel that went from a solid 6 to a putrid 2 within 40 words, the grammar and word choice is god awful, that alright, the characters we are introduced to seem to have been copy and pasted from top 10 most common character archetypes list, that's fine, one of the central flaws of the familiar is resolved and also it has quadrupled it's power before the 15th chapter, that's okay, oh wait, the BLIND ASH IMP DEMON is actually a clingy loli girlfriend that just so happens to be a demon, that's cool. Oh wait, it isn't

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Wow I'm very disappointed in the way this turned out. Went from an 8 to a 1 in one chapter. I get sick of wish fulfillment story's that I got literally angry when ash turned out to be a girl. I guess I'll be dropping this due to the hatred I have for slave girls that want to do the mc. 


Mad King out.

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Great until it turned into another clingy girl story

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The story so far is pleasing, and the characters are mostly beliveable with only minor levels of cartoonishness for your background and/or agressor characters. IE the nobleborn bullys, the new holier than thou acadamey students, and some of the supportstaff at xero's school.

I will be glad to see this as it goes on!

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Awesome story, read it on amazon which led me to Royal Road. I can't wait for the sequel. One particular thing I liked is the progression and growth the both main characters go through. Now I'm just writing to get the 200 character minimum. 

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I love this story.  It is a refreshingly original take on magic and familiars.  Let’s face it most of us that read these types of stories have read the same story in different variations for a while now.

My Blind Familiar changes that and is a great new concept to revitalize an older genre of magic and familiars.

It is written well and has little if any grammatical errors.

I like it so much, I read it here on royal roads, then bought the kindle version and reread it, then came back to royal roads to read the whole thing again just so I would be fresh on the story when the new chapters came out.


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One of my favorite novels on this site

Probably one of my favorite novels on this site. I'm only on Chapter 11, but I think it's has some of the most potential on here. The imp at this point desperately need to be able to communicate and characterize itself, and the bully interactions and pompous nobles are stupidly cliched so I'm not giving full marks on character, but besides that, it's something I want more people on this site to read and enjoy, if only to see how these sorts of webnovels should be written.

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great story, can't wait to see what's next

I loved this book. The concept of familiars as an integral part of the magic system rather then just an extra that's added on makes for a fresh take on a typical sword and sorcery world. Having read the chapters on this site as well as purchased the e-book I have to say that the promise seen in the early chapters doesn't dissapoint.

As for the cons for this series their are quite a few typos and one word replacing another. At certain points the book switches between tenses in an akward manner. Other then that I feel like there needs to be a bit more focus on Xero's training.

All in all an excellent beginning. I read the book straight through twice in a row.

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This is the second time i read your work,  the first is angel and demon and you know what?  


        Need more!!