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so after that battle i decided to make the dungeon from danmachi, which if you don't know is a dungeon around 100 floor.

(Xiao Yun): hmm so floor 25th is fine, what about level 30 though.

so i decided to teleport to floor 30th to find out how my katana fare with floor 30th, and then.

(Xiao Yun): what is this, why is there a horde of minotaur here, i thought minotaur horde was supposed to spawn at floor 35th
(Xiao Yun): whatever lets just do a one sided massacre.

and as i said it was just a one sided massacre, and then after i finished that.

(GOD): hey you there.
(Xiao Yun): what do you want.
(GOD): no look's like there is trouble on your world
(Xiao Yun): what is it?
(GOD): a demon lord spawned at the dungeon your in.
(Xiao Yun): at what floor?
(GOD): at the 100th floor by the way its a dragon.
(Xiao Yun): ok going to kill it.

and he teleported.

(Xiao Yun): so your the demon lord.
(demon lord): yes i am and who are you?
(Xiao Yun): oh! how rude of me i am called xiao yun.
(demon lord): and what do you want?
(Xiao Yun): i want to ask you what do you want to do?
(demon lord): i want to explore everything.
(Xiao Yun): oh! what a coincidence, i guess were the same huh were both bored because were to powerful.
(demon lord): oh you too?
(Xiao Yun): yup, now let me ask you something else, do you want to go with me?
(demon lord): sure
(Xiao Yun): by the way can you transform into a human.
(demon lord): oh ok
(Xiao Yun): also wear this, i'll turn away since your a girl
(demon lord): i'm done.
(Xiao Yun): great, now let's go too my family first, it's already late i gotta tell my parents that i'm going to travel hold hand.
(demon lord): done.
(Xiao Yun): good now lets teleport.
(demon lord): umm let's go.


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Tails @Tails ago

can you make your chapters longer please?

Bachi the cat @Bachi the cat ago

DUCK can't you at least have a bio for her.

Queenwolfblood @Queenwolfblood ago

I can you make the chapters longer please

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