Hey Y'all! Long time no see!

So as you can probably tell from the title I have decided to rewrite The Castaway Isle from the ground up.

Why did I decide to do this?

Well, short answer is that I was unsatisfied with my work thus far. I felt like I can do better and after speaking with a collegue from work about it I came to realize that I am setting myself up for failure down the road.

the plot was there but the pace was sluggish and the way the story protrayed itself left much to be desired.

What is going to happen to The Castaway Isle now?

As the title suggests I am reworking the plot and the point of view significantly to better develop and draw in you, my dear readers. I plan on deleting the current chapters and posting the new prologue in the next couple days. I hope you will forgive me but I want to better myself and give you all the best story I can possibly write.

Yall deserve that much.


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