Brian the Drow: A LitRPG Adventure

by Scott Cross

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Harem LitRPG Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Reader interactive Summoned Hero



From Human zero to Dark Elf hero.





Brian is miserable.

Most of his friends and fellow gamers have long ago moved away, leaving him stuck in a dreary life lamenting the loss of his favorite past time. And so he simply plods along with not much hope for escapism. With nowhere else to turn he finally breaks down and commits to try out some Online Gaming.

Now, sucked into a fantasy world he will have to call upon all his GameMaster and Player experience not only to survive, but to become the hero, and ladies man, he has only played in his imagination.

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Scott Cross

Scott Cross



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Rick Scott
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A great new LitRPG Harem fantasy!

Not too many chapters so far, but the story hooks you immediately with a very relatable MC. The action starts right away and the gaming system is really comprehensive and fun. To add more fun there is humor and the start of a great harem element as well. 

I can see this one going to the top of the charts very quickly.




Really nice POV. Great gaming system 5/5




Really clean, but a few small errors here and there but great flow and descriptions. 4.5/5




So far so freaking Good! 5/5 (Will adjust as the story goes along)




Really nice characters. Looking forward to seeing how they develop 5/5 


Overall 5/5


A really cool new ficiton with tons of potential and a really comprehensive and unique gaming system. Fans of old school D&D and table top games will be in for a treat. Very accessible. 

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Writing and grammar are a cut above full review when longer

Title says it I have one chapter to review based on, my review will get more elaborate and have more specifics when there is more to review.  The author despite having one chapter already demonstrated a first grasp of english grammar which makes me already a fan, plus it's litrpg and I'm looking forward to reading another.  Good luck.

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author has +5 modifier to storytelling

I've tried reading LitRPG works before, but a combination of poor writing and an excessive use of jargon put me off. Scott does things just right; great spelling and grammar are combined with witty humour and A* descriptions to make a story that reads naturally. The first-person POV is done wonderfully and the pacing is neither too fast nor too slow, with each event transitioning smoothly into the next. 

The main character has refreshingly consistent personality; moreso than MCs in many paper novels. He acts in a believable manner; not falling into the suddenly over-boisterous/confident/over-powered trap that often happens where a character finds themselves in a new world/setting. Side characters are also looking to be very promising. 

All in all, I really look forward to seeing where this goes, and can't wait for the next chapter. 

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It's like a DnD game but shaped for our reading pleasure.

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A LitRpg like any other but with a twist(a good one), a great author for storytelling with a sharp MC and an interesting system in the making (Chap11) just need more!!


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*Achievement Unlocked* D&D Made LitRPG!

4.5 stars because you don't get pefection(does not exist)

Loving how much detail is in this. Having played D&D I can say I have less fun than I had while reading this. Keep up the good work and pleeeease don't drop this book