Endless Online: Oblivion's Promise (LitRPG)

by MH Johnson

Original COMPLETED Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi LitRPG Magic Male Lead Summoned Hero Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore


Author's Note: Thank you all so much for your incredible support, it means so much to me! Please note that I do plan on pulling book 3 down on 5/26/2018, and I will start putting up chapters from book 4.

Of course, if you were to check out or leave a review on Amazon for any of my Endless Online books, I would be extremely grateful.

As always, thanks for checking out my work, and have an awesome week!

And to those who asked, YES I do plan on putting all of book 4 up here first, so my Royal Road fans can read it before I put it on Amazon. And for those of you who already showed their support reading books 1&2... Thank You!


Val had returned from his latest tour of duty maimed and scarred in body and soul. Barely able to walk and drugged to the gills for pain, he thought his killing days were finally behind him.

He couldn't have been more wrong.

Endless Online, a hyper futuristic game where players could live another life. Val loved the idea of starting over in virtual reality. But when his friend turns up missing after chasing that same dream, Val quickly learns that Endless is no simple game. If Val can't stop the bad guys, it's game over. For everyone.


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Awesome story! (and a question)

I absolutely loved the first 2 books and cannot wait for this 3rd story! And Val must have survived his awesome attack and has to somehow find his way back to his Dwarven Love!


Question: How do you actually follow a story? I’ve been adding stories to my favorites, but I don’t see any options to Follow a story.

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Mature Star Wars with RPG elements

The title resumes my feelings about this novel: The sci-fi elements have among them telekinect space lords, ancient schools of thought that mastered the control of the hidden forces of the universe, deadly energy sabers, a roguish spaceship captain, exploding planets and a main character with growing darkness inside of him. Reminds you of a certain super popular series? Yeah.

But fret not. This is definetely not some copycat who uses the glory of others to profit. Instead, those elements are all reimagined. They are reworked with a much more mature, dark and dangerous approach. And it is wonderful. The RPG elements are just a representation of those growing powers on the main character, and in no way become the focus of the story. It is just a seasoning to make everything a bit more delightful.

This is the third book of the series, so if you want commentaries about the storyline itself, you should check the page for the first two. I recommend it.

PS: The biggest flaws I see here and could suggest the author to work on are the grammar (there are many sentences that could use commas, full stops or less repeating words) and the romance/friendship between characters that feel slight fake somethings (like with the romance between the MC and the dwarven girl, and the everlasting suspicions and prejudice towards Val that his companions have over him on the first two books and this book's Prologue).

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For the night is dark and full of psions

Its a realistic/gritty story set in a dark Earth (think underground hit-squads, black-ops etc) and an even darker 'VR' World (no spoilers if you've read the first book, and if you havent youre an idiot if you didn't figure it out from the blurb of the book, no offence :P ) where more atrocities happen.

Lots of nice sci-fi and magic elements which mesh together, but while that certainly adds to the book I think the core of why a lot of people enjoy this story is more to do with the Author's stylistic choices in writing.

The writing feels very detailed and descriptive while not seeming overly long or exhausting to read. Thats kinda the best way I can describe it at least. I thoroughly enjoy the action sequences and the way characters are shown to act and interact feels REAL and of consequence, which helps you invest yourself in the story.

Overall while I like almost everything I have to tag a star off of the story rating due to a major choice the author made for the beggining of this (the 2nd book) and which appears to STILL be in effect as of chapter 10 (though there is hope of that changing.) No Spoilers, but you'll realise what I mean when you read it. Suffice to say I think using that kind of thing as a plot point is more frustrating than anything else, and while I'm still reading the story... it would have been better if you resolved it faster or maybe didn't do it.


Well anyway, 5/5 overall, I really like the story and I LOVE the franchise.


Also, plz let us see out favourite artifact hunting team again soon :P

  • Overall Score

A not so great addition to the series

Edit : these books are good stand alone but together they are not that compelling thats why based upon previous books i give it a three

Most of the book is a power down for the main character using one of the most cliched tropes

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Effectively causing a huge gap in the middle of the series infuriating the fans of book one and two

The biggest problem with book three lies with the fact that it feels completely different it feels like a completely different story the author himself says:

”this fresh story arc is something even new readers can (hopefully) enjoy without being totally out of the loop if they never read books 1&2”

And that certainly is possible by discarding half of the fans in the process

And it seems to have worked and this story seems newbie friendly 

Edit : this story was finished before being posted here so effectively any and all feedback is meaningless so essentially anything can happen i think what happened to book 3 is a testament to possible outcomes because  people cant read the previous books so they cant actually give a rating