The Daily Grind

by argusthecat

Original Action Adventure Comedy Supernatural

What happens when a bored IT guy finds a sub-dimension in the back stairwell of his office building?  More importantly, what happens when he starts learning how to explore and exploit it?  Actually, more important than that, what happens when he starts asking the hard questions?

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  • Overall Score

This series has several positives:

---The viewpoint is written clearly and fluidly, making what is happening easy to follow and understand.

---Even though the premise isn't new, it is an interesting variant.

---The character's actions and reactions are consistent with what we know of him and his motivations.

---It handles suspension of disbelief nicely by having a clear demarcation between 'real world' and 'here be dragons'. It looks like that might blur as the story progresses, but the initial separation makes it easier to get the story going.

---The balance and timing of action versus the character thinking about and reacting to what just happened is good.

On a 'could be a plus, could be a minus' note, the protagonist looks like a slow developer, as opposed to immediately OP or quick growth. I personally like stories either way, so this isn't a negative for me.

So, overall a solid start. It is an open question as to whether this has a plot / larger theme or is more slice of life, but it looks like it could do well with either.


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It's really original and interesting. You'd get a lot more readers if you had cover art.  Keep up the good work and don't drop this. The story has the potential to be in the top rated.  

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Excellent.  It's existential Dungeons & Dilbert.  Something is profoundly wrong with reality, and the protagonist is well aware of that, but then again when wasn't something wrong with reality?  Anyway, there's money and candy.  Strange candy.

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continue the good work

this....this......this is amazing dude(ette?) this stuff should never


EVER stop, so for now, five stars

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What we have, is SPECIAL

Do you ever wonder what's like to have a stapler as a pet ? No ? To bad ! Now you know !!!

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I love this. Great concept. I wish the pacing was a bit fast but I love the story and can not wait for the next chapter.