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The next day, all went back to normal. No one asked her a single question. Perhaps it was for the best, and they figured that it wasn't something that they should pry. Or a main reason why she was so lost.

She had woken up when the sun went up, but didn't feel as though she wanted to do anything but just lie around in bed. For now, she just wanted to enjoy the solitude the sun brought her.

Being an air stewardess had been a dream of hers, although she knew it was going to be shut down. Now, she didn't even feel like wanting to enter an aeroplane.

That dream was never to be, and now it was impossible. She has accepted it. Fully accepted it. That it was never happening. She got out and took a pinafore with a shirt. Tying her hair into a ponytail. She got down the stairs.

Finding most of them awake as well. As much as they were hanging banners. And the time was half past ten. A little late to be still asleep, it was a first for her. Although she roughly spent half an hour mostly staring outside the window.

She took a seat on the couch.

“In just a few minutes, she will be back.” Julian did look excited, as much as Zachary merely wears his headphones. Listening to music as always.

“Well, this is surprising.” A woman appeared, dressed in a fine white skirt suit. Her hair was a pale red, holding a clutch on her right hand. “That’s Avianna.”

Zachary leaned in to tell her. “And almost everyone waits for her, she brings good gifts. Her recent trip was to Japan.” Which seemed to be why Orianna was the most keen about it.

“She brings the best souvenirs.” Expected of a surprise stewardess who has the chance to see many things, and shop around. Even if most of it was in the airport.

But those were unlikely to even show up until they seen it there. “Oh, there is a new resident. Well, I can give her some additional tea that I brought back.” Showing them the tea packets. She didn't have anything against them, knowing her parents and their tastes regarding tea.

“This is of rather good quality.” She commented. And was good to keep around. “Thank you.”

Avianna went on to give the rest of them their gifts. As much as it was not as random as hers. She doubted that this woman even knew that she was moving in here.

Besides, it was something that could work. She took that tea leaves up to her room. It did look nice and was something that her Mom will have drank. If she was still alive that is.

It wasn't a bad gift.

“May I come in?” Ashley asked of her.

“Come in.” She said. Opening the door was Ashley, as she closed it. She hasn't made this place here, since this was only her third day. Neither was she really in the mood for anything at all.

Awkward as it was. Knowing that Ashley was knowing of many things. That she was. “If you need me, you can always talk to me. And well, Avianna was rather random with it.”

“I did expect it. Besides, those bring back memories.” Her mother chiding her due to caffeine having effects, although she made sure to never go overboard.

Ashley kept her smile. “I don't think that you drink them. You did drink coffee the first chance you got. So, I think you're more leaning to coffee then.”

That was true. And when she meant memories, it was of her family. Spending nearly a week to get here, for it was a long trip. And months passed before she even thought of such a solution.

And months passed by where she felt lost, yet had no time to sit down and think. Many were asking for her opinion far too soon and it wasn't helping that they were pressing her.

Although she didn't drink any of those tea. Preferring to give them away to others, when she was still unable to look At them without holding back tears. She moved on, but wanting to get away from all this.

It was understandable, fully understandable for her to do so. That she wanted to have a chance to be able to put this behind her. And instead of continuing her legacy to figure out something that will make her happy. It was after all her life.

If she made the wrong decision, she will live to regret it. But what was right and what was wrong. She could not answer that question. Barely here for three days she was still unable to decide on a final decision.

Quite certain, as no one can decide their life in three days. Those who do are either fools or bold. And she was neither. And she never will want to regret this decision. This will affect the rest of her life.

Although this was far too personal to reveal to Ashley. Someone she has known for the span of three days. Even when she was friendly, it was too much t( reveal that much. And she wasn't too comfortable with that either.

And she doesn't her know her too well either. It was difficult to trust anyone in that span of time, much less tell them her most deepest secrets.

Ashley after it went out. And she looked at the tea leaves again. Perhaps she could think again.

Maybe she should try it just this once. A way to truly be able to accept the past and move on. Rather than say that it was never going to happen.

It was a gift after all. Even if it was from a total stranger, but to her it still had memories. Ones which could never be erased. No matter what she did.

She went into the kitchen, putting one of them into a cup. And pouring hot water. The tea reminded her of things that were very much in the back of her memories.

Perhaps there was a reason why they say that this house was truly a place for them to think, to be able to live without being chastised for being lost.

She drank that cup of tea slowly. “I thought you preferred coffee.” Julian looked at it. She doesn't exactly answer. “But I think that someone close to you prefers it, given the way that you are drinking it.”

She forgotten that this place was full of kindred souls after all. This was a place where the lost came to find their way, and instead of seeing them as different they understood firsthand what she was going through. And they knew that it was something only she could come to terms with.

For they have never truly moved on if they were still here.

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