Immortal Dynasty (Rewrite)

by Yiyun345

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation Strong Lead Wuxia

Ending Hiatus. (Complete rewrite pending)

The Tianyang Continent.

A place where the strong prey on the weak; where one life is more valuable than a thousand; a cemetery for delusional fantasies and dreams.

In this hostile and precarious world, our protagonist is transported. A young man who experienced both betrayal and tragedy, despite possessing all the tools to lead a successful and fulfilled life.

Watch this sad and broken bachelor get back on his feet, make friends, and redefine his presumptions on life.

Wish him the best on his journey of cultivation and discover secrets he wished he had never uncovered.

(If the owner of the cover Image wishes me to remove it, I will)


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Death God
  • Overall Score

Loved Reading Both The Stories

This is a Great story so far please continue it 

And also please continue the other story (One Piece No Go Ken) about Luffy and Roah that story is to good to just be discontinued.

  • Overall Score

If you want help with English

'In fact when I'm too lazy I translate this to english from french, so don't have any high expectations...' 

If you require help in regards to improving the quality of your work, I can assist with Proofreading (if you desire). My first language is English.

I am an aspiring author. However, I'm at the stage in my life where the chances for me to explore the depths of my creativity are almost non-existent. I want to use this as a way to leave a mark as much as I can right now. I admire you for starting something of some sort.

Any way, I'm saying more than necessary. Thanks for your time.

  • Overall Score

It's not bad so far I wish the novels would speed up  though

  • Overall Score

More, i demand more ..