It was 17th October of year 2020, I was just a little boy at that time, visiting my grandfather’s place during a weekend.

My grandfather was a military person soldier with very high achievements during his time. I especially loved stories about his various missions that he completed.

My grandmother has died before I even born so I never seen her, but from my parents and grandfather I heard she was a very lovely and kind woman.

That day I was very happy as I get to spend my time with grandfather, whom I loved very much.

But I didn’t know the tragedy that would follow after that, I still remember that day like yesterday.

It was 7 o’clock in the evening, me and my grandfather were sitting outside in the garden, looking at stars. Suddenly a red light flashed through sky, making a beautiful arc.

“Grandpa, look a shooting star!” I excitedly said to him as I pointed my finger towards the beautiful red arc.

But instead of being happy, he paled and stared frighteningly at the red arc in the sky. After that he frantically gathered my family and ordered them to run away. At that time my young mind couldn’t understand the situation, I thought grandpa who was behaving strange, was weird.

But I didn’t understand the gravity of the situation at that time.

That day was the start of doomsday for people of Earth. Red lights like that became frequent on the sky.

I finally understood the meaning of that red light.

It was the beginning of hell.

It was the beginning of War that dragged all the countries of earth. Not even small countries were spared.

Strong eat weak became frequent. Bloody massacre and innocent killings became a daily occurrence. Civil unrest began spreading like a wild fire. Schools, colleges were all closed and army started patrolling the streets.

The roads which would be often covered with cars and people, were covered with corpses, burning tires and tanks. Pedestrians were replaced with armed forces and militants. Sounds of gun fire became as common as a morning radio.    

Then after a year it happened, it was unknown of which country first started but nuclear weapons were finally used.

The already high death toll skyrocketed, clear sky became a thing in past. During those time, my parents were forced into military while I was sent to boarding school belong to military.

Two years after that I got a letter saying that my parents were perished in war, they became a sacrifice for the country to secure a war post occupied by enemies. It was a strategic location, and that siege has changed the pace of war.  

That day was the saddest day of my life and also turning point of my life.

Not long after that, I joined military formally. I trained and trained, to take revenge for my parents.

But war has taught me that taking revenge in a war is just a fool’s errand. That day I got the biggest enlightenment of my life.

In the end war is also a form of negotiation.

It was not until year 2034 that the war has officially ended; humanity has already become half of its original population and was pushed into dire straits. With climate becoming highly toxic due to nuclear radiations, we were forced into underground. We began building domes that regulates the climate suitable for humanity to survive.

At that time I was pretty high up in the ladder of seniority.

The map of the world has already changed, some countries were even vanished from the face of map.

It was truly a tragedy for humanity. Once the king of lands, was now forced to stay in domes.   

Still skirmishes never seized between countries.

Then at year 2040, all the leaders of the world were gathered in one place to start negotiations. The toll of war was heavy even on colossal countries like them.

And among them I was also present. The content of the negotiation was a joint project approved by all the powers of the world and I was one of the highest ranking officers who were in charge of the project.

Even though war was a tragedy for humanity, it also acts as a boon for development for science and research. During this turbulent time, a brilliant but young mind from Japan, Dr.Yoshimoto has proposed a suggestion.

He came up with a revolutionary product called ‘Virtual Nerve Gear Drive’. Basically it was a device that would allow a person sent his or her consciousness into a virtually created space made of computerized programs. It was stemmed from various movies and stories depicting such technologies, and this scientist has turned it into reality.  

Hearing his theory and seeing his invention, all the countries decided to invest in the project brought upon by this scientist. And thus project VNGD started.

This negotiation was held after the completion of the project, all the major powers decided to take their warfare to virtual world. That way they wouldn’t suffer any destruction or loss of soldiers. A treaty was signed depicting that if any country wants to go to a war with another country then they have to use this nerve drive and have their war in virtual world. The winner would gain what was at the stake and the loser has to submit, they have to follow this rule.

By no means would they fight in real world without the permission of other countries. At first this VNGD was used only by military but that changed after completion of a worldwide game.

In year 2049, finally the VNGD launched for public. And with that ‘World,’ a VMMORPG was launched globally.

Countries began to fight in virtual world where civilians also joined in. World was a miracle made by Dr.Yoshimoto. This was a virtual world with medieval setting, every country was provided with their own server, acting as the royal capital for their country in game.   

This game has a level system, and has monsters which the players have to kill to level up. Basically the countries stopped war among them and began concentrating on hunting monsters to strengthen their troops.

Though war happened every now and then but it was not serous to the point that it would affect globally.

And finally 21ts October 2055, the improved and updated version of ‘World’ was released. The gears of time started to move again as a change began to appear in already stagnant history.  


  • Thoughts by General McLary, USA.

          Source “The World Times, 21st December 2059, Monday”    




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