Ivar Ragnarsson grew up in Alberta, Canada. His life consisted of a simple living being a lumberjack, the salary wasn't much but it made him a decent living since he was a young man of 17 years of ages with no wife and children.

Ivar wasn't ugly, on the contrary, he was quite a handsome lad. Ivar's features could meet the requirements to be the poster boy for a Nazi flyer with his platinum blonde hair and striking blue eyes.

It wasn't that women did not interest him, rather he had no time nor money. Dating required a fair amount of both, to which he could not give dedicate.

His main priorities were to put food on the table for his mother and pay for his sister to go to school. This may sound like a burden to some young men, but to Ivar, this was his pride and honor.

Since his mother suffered from a rare and severe form of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Ivar always did his best to never disturb her; and took on the role of helping his sister get ready for school. He would feed her, do her hair and always made sure she did her homework.

To Ivar, these two women represented his entire world. He hated his father who had abandoned them, this made Ivar mature much faster than children his age as he never had much of a childhood growing up.

From a young age, he stopped going to school and started working jobs to earn money and buried any plans to become a doctor or an engineer. This greatly distressed his ailing mother, and only after soothing her for a day did she agree with it as she also understood their circumstances.

Ivar never blamed his mother for his life, nor anyone else; he stood up to meet his responsibilities head first the way his mother had taught him and steeled his heart for the sake of his sister's future.

Little did Ivar know, all of his hard work would become nothing and his entire world would be destroyed.


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