The Digidream Chronicles, book 1: The Game Master

by ChipMunster

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Female Lead LitRPG Magic Male Lead Secret Identity Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Sarah quits her job at Digidream, the company where the most amazing and immersive game is being made. But it won't be that easy. Out of fear and despair, she will be forced to enter the game world in order to save someone she cares for. But once inside, she will realize that she barely knew the game she was working on! This is a world that changes and evolves constantly, so she'll have to keep moving and fighting to improve and gain the abilities that will let her win and get out. Everything is stacked against her.

As she progresses through the different worlds, Sarah will get a glimpse of the dark force behind it all. Will she able to defeat it or will she fail and get trapped forever inside the virtual nightmare?


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