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Chapter Twenty-Two: A Simple Method to Resolve Conflicts


Charles paid no heed to the crowd and raced quickly towards the building where he saw Seeker stood. Time was of the essence. The screaming crowd tried to follow and some were even holding on to Charles’s clothes.

“I’m sorry- would you please…” Charles lamented.

“Students! Teachers behave yourselves!” A loud shout was heard. The Principal arrived on the first floor and berated the fanatic students.

The crowd jolted awake as the Principal arrived.

“Get away from him! He is a distinguished guest of our campus!” The Principal shouted once more.

The crowd was backing away. But some students and even teachers were glaring angrily at the Principal. What a killjoy.

“Don’t worry guys. Charles and I would do a quick auto-graph signing and a meet-and-greet later. Right Charles?” Seeker announced.

“Seeker!” The Principal angrily shouted but before he could continue…

“Right.” Charles confirmed though there was a painful look in his eyes.

The Principal was startled. He didn’t know how to continue.

“Alright everyone. Dr. Charles has to discuss something with the Principal. Please wait for us in a bit.” Seeker smiled.

Seeker immediately went upstairs and Charles immediately followed.

The Principal paled in fright. Seeker was serious when he said Charles would give him an excuse! He appeared to be very close to Charles. It even appeared that Seeker could order him around!

What was going on? He’s the Charles Lindmitt! Yet he seems to be at the beck and call of a Rising student who they were trying to punish!

The Principal rushed to follow the two who were on their way back to the office.

As Seeker and Charles arrived at the Principal’s office Alean immediately walked forward.

“Doctor Charles Lindmitt! I am a huge, huge fan of-”

“Cut the crap! Charles, this teacher is trying to expel Seeker!” Meryl interrupted angrily. After the great oppression now was their time to reverse the situation.

Alean was suprised that Charles didn't mind the casual use of his first name! No famous doctor would! But Meryl could! If looks could kill, Meryl would need to reincarnate a hundred times now.

Charles immediately frowned. As the Principal was just to walk in the office, Charles immediately addressed him.

“Mister Principal I believe that there has been a misunderstanding.” Charles frowned.

“Misunderstanding? This is not a misunderstanding Charles! They were trying to kick Seeker out!” There was rage in Lynd’s eyes. The accusers was surprised at Lynd’s sudden temperament. They even backed away from Lynd unconsciously. Of course, all except Seeker and Meryl.

Charles stared at Lynd in surprise. He knew what this was. He gazed at Seeker and Seeker simply had an “I-told-you-so” look.

The three accusers were scared. They observed how this three would talk to Charles as if they were close friends!

“This is really a misunderstanding!” The Principal immediately voice out in fear.

“Doctor Charles, I am the Principal of this school, Jonathan Decker. We are here because of the reports of which Seeker has been gambling online, spending thousands of Sydians! We, as his teacher, has to take the necessary actions to discipline and instruct him otherwise we would have failed as a teacher!” The Principal immediately pleaded.

“Prinicpal Jonathan. Allow me to explain Zeek's situation. As you know, Zeek was hospitalized a few days ago. I took over the case and observed that Zeek is actually suffering from a unique neurological disorder. This was why he suddenly suffered from a fainting episode a few days ago. His ailment is something which I believe can push my studies in neuro-alteration to a whole new level. Seeker is my priority patient. You could say that my career is in line with his health.”

The three accusers were shocked to find out of Seeker’s connection with Charles.

“However, his ailment is very unique. I had no choice but to put Seeker through an experimental treatment which as of now is currently in effect. This treatment however, requires Zeek to frequently produce adrenaline. However, doing physically strenuous activities or any physically stimulating means to push his brain to pump adrenaline may further damage his health.” Charles pointed to Seeker’s thin frame.

“Still too soon in calling him Zeek, Charles.” Meryl commented.

“Anyway…” Charles sighed.

“We realized that gambling would be a good way to constantly let Seeker’s brain…” Charles paused and glanced over the approving nods of Meryl and Lynd.

“... to constantly let Seeker's brain pump adrenaline. It's a mental exercise but the excitement and stress is real. So I funded his initial capital for his streaming which surprisingly turned out to be very popular.” Charles summarized.

“I have deemed Seeker fit for school provided he can constantly produce adrenaline everday. Even now, his progressing recovery has aided my studies greatly.”

The three accusers stared blankly.

The thoughts of Alean and Jonathan were in chaos. There was actually a legitimate medical excuse for Seeker to gamble? They could not contest that! He was a world-renowned doctor! Who would go against his claims?

Ted’s mind was in shock. Seeker had the right to gamble thousands of Sydians just like that? And no one should judge or reprimand him? Why don’t you give Seeker an excuse for stealing while you’re at it! Or make him medically approved to be an exhibitionist!

“Honestly, Seeker could occasionally attempt to steal and run away from people or run around naked to make his brain pump adrenaline but I’m sure you wouldn't like that.” Charles joked.


The thoughts of the three were in a mess now. They thought they could bully this poor group of Rising students but now had to curve to their actions.

Ted was looking very grim. His intended payback was now in shambles. He stared at the video and realized something.

“Miss!” He jolted and pointed to the phone.

Alean almost dropped Ted’s phone due to the suprise so she immediately gripped it. As she did she saw the video. There it was, Meryl and Lynd within plain view of the camera struggling with the remote and wallet. But it was their attire that gave Alean an enlightening idea.

Alean smiled. Her quick thinking and being a natural scammer was aiding her. She regained her composure.

“Doctor Charles, while we can naturally allow Seeker this excuse as per your recommendation, we fear that the school will receive negative feedbacks from the community at large.”

“How is that?” Charles asked. He was starting to get impatient from this troop. It wasn’t difficult for him to piece the puzzle of their aim to discredit Seeker.

“If Seeker is allowed to continue in his gambling spree, it might raise several questions from parents especially if it appears that the school itself is supporting Seeker’s gambling tendencies. After all, we are all well aware how much Seeker earned. With Seeker raking up that amount of money, it will naturally invite trouble.”

Charles glared impatiently at the teacher.

“His earnings are due to his skill. I’ve watched the stream from beginning to end. I can assure you that the game and its connected communities are not like the ones in casinos which propagate gambling. They all challenge Seeker to pursue a certain task and offers Seeker a prize if Seeker accomplishes it.”

“Nevertheless, parents will be concerned. People already know that Seeker studies here. After all, Meryl and Lynd appeared wearing their school uniforms in this video.” Alean smiled. He turned the phone displaying Meryl and Lynd standing in the frame.

Lynd and Meryl had grave looks. They could not deny that accusation.

“So, we cannot escape the public’s knowledge and connection to this school. So how about this, we make Seeker’s stream a legitimate fund-raising program for the school. That way we can provide a justified stand alongside you.”

Seeker looked angry. His casual and uncaring look finally changed.

“And I presume that I am to return a percentage to the school?”

“Of course. School rules, Seeker. You are to give 20 percent of whatever you earn in your stream.” Alean smiled.

At the same time the flustered Principal also smiled.

“NO! Seeker will be earning millions of credit soon and we are supposed to give you twenty percent?” Meryl erupted in anger once more. This was robbery. They were attempting to expel Seeker and now they’re making money out of him!

“I agree.” Charles looked gravely.

“Millions? What an exaggeration. But of course, I’m not the expert here. It will be very beneficial. You could support the school, allow your Alma Matter to be a part of a very anticipating study, and even earn money. Surely that is not a problem!” Alean’s smile grew wider.

“And if we refuse this proposal and let Doctor Charles appear in my stream independently?” Seeker glared.

“You may do that but to be on the safe side, we will expel you. As you know, my father, General Cipril is fairly strict in terms of gambling policies. He may pursue to shut you down. But if you are under my- er- the school's umbrella, he will recognize my allegiance towards your campaign and may even support it.” Alean spoke as if she was contemplating a dire dilemma.

"So basically, you will have your father to shut us down if Charles appear independently on my streams but will allow me to continue with my stream if we make this a school fund raising program." Seeker was not entertained.

Jonathan smiled wickedly as well.

"That is correct. Think of how this may affect the school. If we promote it as a fund-raising program, various institutes may even help you! This is a win-win situation!"

“This is blackmail!” Charles was even more angry. How could someone like these two be teachers?

“Doctor Charles, you have to understand. Seeker’s identity is already out. Even right now, the students outside are undoubtedly posting pictures and post online about Seeker. Also, they are already aware of your connection with him. Especially since you have visited this school. If word gets out that gambling can be a cure for whatever Seeker is going through, it would probably be used in the wrong context and my father may pursue it as well. Ultimately it may damage your own reputation, Seeker’s reputation and this schools reputation. Surely you don’t want that right?”

It was one thing to blackmail Seeker, but to blackmail a National Hero?

Seeker sighed.

“I can’t believe that an Unbecoming person like me would be outsmarted by you Miss Cirpil.” Seeker’s eyes were full of rage.

“Zeek?” Meryl was surprised at Seeker’s reaction.

“Sorry Charles. I underestimated her resourcefulness. We are caught in a corner. I can’t leave school now. It may seem selfish but I have plans to make my parents proud through my studying. And you Miss." Seeker turned to Alean.

"Genius. You really are a genius. Even I have to admire your control and quick turn of the situation. I thought I got this in the bag. But we would be risking too many things if we would deny your request.” Seeker sighed once more.

“So does that mean that you accept our proposal?”

Seeker turned around and paced towards the entrance of the door.

“Of course not. I can’t afford wasting twenty percent of my money to you guys. You’re insane to think if we agree.”


Seeker locked the door.

“Charles, sit down.” Seeker said as he drew a chair closer to Charles.

Charles immediately sat down as Seeker was forcing the chair on his back.

“What are you doing?” Jonathan stared in confusion.

“I’m about to do the simplest method on how to resolve conflicts such as these.” Seeker smiled.

Charles, who was sitting down immediately felt a sudden shock of emotions. Intense fear gripped him. He couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t even stand.

The three accusers felt the same strength paralyzing fear. Alean was the first target.


An intense punch was delivered to her stomach. Alean who already couldn’t breathe felt as if her stomach blown to bits. Before she could fall down, Seeker grabbed her by the hair and smashed her pretty face to the ground.


“If you can’t beat them, pulverize them.” Seeker’s devilish grin appeared once more.

A note from rapture_edge

Hi Guys,

Happy Valentines day! Tomorrow marks the first month since I began writing New Game+ so i decided to celebrate that occasion with a triple release today. The journey has been exciting so far and I can't believe i've reached this stage. I really have to give my thanks to God. I was never deligent enough to pursue and continue doing something like this. One month of continuos writing is a miracle for me. Lol.

Thank you as well for reading and being a source of my inspiration and motivation to write. Expect a new update in 2-3 days!

Hope you enjoyed the chapters!

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