Jumping right into the fray with Applause to start things off, it may not have killed anyone but their backlines definitely felt the heat.

“ Who!”

Why would I even answer to begin with, I prefer following up with my spell by smash landing in your face. It worked quite well considering that they already saw me coming. I had instantly crushed one random guy with Lily giving me another precious few more inches of the Garden.

Somewhere in mid journey back here Crimson Garden had already stopped by itself so I don’t need to keep wasting mana. But I am anticipating the day when I don’t have to chant every time I need to use Crimson Garden.

They backed off when I killed this guy here giving me plenty of time to cast Crimson Garden again. Let’s stock up on as much blood as I can, because I don’t think Lily will be satisfied with these kind of blood after a while.

My guess is somewhere around 2 to 5 meters before normal blood stops growing the garden. Another ability that came with the garden was I now had a legit bladelight attack thing. Well I can only use it in the Garden but meh, let’s try it now.

Too bad that this ability needs me to use blood to fuel the attack, well I guess everything has its ups and downs. Slanting into a iai stance there wasn’t a sheath so what should it be called then?

“ Red Crescent!”

Swinging out at speeds that I could barely see the afterimage of Lily, a thin red streak flew past the retreating team of 11. Anyone in its path was simply severed where they stood with no expectations regardless of what defences they put up.

The attack had used up around all the blood I had gathered after the first meter, but killing these guys got me double back so yay. The remaining 4 or five was quickly cleaned up by the rest of the girls netting us quite the harvest this time.

Well we have no need to keep fighting now that we’ve got all we want here. Vinea agreed to this notion too as we quickly left for the middle of the circle shown on the map. Stopping near a creek, we decided to set camp here.

“ Hey hey Liam what did we get from the battle, show us!”

“ Hmm let me see where they are… nevermind I’ll just dump everything I got from today’s fight.”

Sherly had set up a strong invisibility spell here so we could talk as much as we wanted. Placing a couple small bags onto the dirt, the girls quickly reached out to check the spoils. They look more like plunderers right now than a person that comes from a big family.

Pouring everything down, we slowly checked the identity of all the items we got today. First would be the shooting stars of course that was standing at 23. Next was a bunch of monster cores including the Avak’Sevian which is basically the same eel except it adapted to living in more poisonous areas.

I will just say I got the Avak along with a few other more common cores. Next up are the Vials of Cleansing at 7, I don’t know why people won’t use them immediately though, it’s not like it’’s poison. Well thanks to that these babies in our hands now I guess.

That wasn’t the end yet, we still had a bunch of Low flight potions, some skins and scales from monsters. Not only that, we also have the ace in the hole MH-bombs laying around. Finally was a floating orb looking thing that the girls seemed to be very happy to get.

Oh wait it wasn’t the last time, I fished out a piece of paper from the bottom of the bag, it was quite hidden so I couldn’t see it at first. The girls were now completely stunned in silence as they stared at the paper in my hand.

Is it really that great of a item, I mean isn’t it just a paper with some weird looking words on it.

“ What does this two items do anyway to make you guy so shocked. Are they so good?”

“ What! How do you know their worth!... Oh haha I forgot that you came here as a virgin sorry.”

“ Virgin... as in i have no idea how the Tower works?”


“ Well care to explain this things to me then?”

“ Erhm yes, I’ll start with the genetic spirit first. As you know that there are monsters are called genetic monsters. Much stronger than their counterparts and definitely more deadlier. Sometimes they would have a chance to drop these genetic spirits that you see here.

These spirits can give you anything from a boost to your body to a new ability or a weapon or mount. The things you’ll get is completely random except for the mount and pet. The mount and pet will be the same as the monster that dropped this spirit. Get it.”

Oh so this thing is like the lottery then, it depends completely on my luck huh. Alright I get it, maybe I should buy one myself and try it once. Vinea saw me nodding my head so she resumed speaking.

“ Them we have that contract in your hand. If it was any other contract then we won’t be so surprised. But that one is one of the rarest one due to its options given, you could say that this is what games would consider a guild creation item.

But you can also consider it as something that even a floor 50 user would be willing to trade for!”

“ Why?”

“ While a normal guild creation contact simply gives you the standard everything for a guild, this contract doesn't. It's called a Gold Pass contract and it is because if you make a guild with it you can instantly start of at the gold level.

I won't say too much about all the levels but the basic ones are bronze, silver, gold, platinum, Foundation and Tower. There is only one tower class guild of course and they are the ones that made the Tower.

But if you choose to give this to the Tower’s guild, they will accept you as a knight ranked member. So it's very precious!”

“ What’s a knight rank member?”

“ It's how all guilds use to rank their guild members with different levels of benefits. It basically follows the nobles kind of system.”

“ Oh, I don't need it then, you guys can have it. But I want the genetic spirit instead, there aren't any restrictions on how many I can have at once right?”

“ Yeah of course. But you really don't want the contract?”

“ Nah, it sounds good but I don't have the strength and patience do deal with the following trouble. By the way, can you use magecraft in the Tower?”

“ Magecraft? You can but not here, you need to climb to the 10th floor at least. The mana here is too weak to withstand to logic of magecraft, or so my parents say.”

Logic? I didn't know that there would be places that mana was treated as too weak to use magecraft. But at least I know that magecraft isn't completely dead in the Tower.

“ By the way, what is your rank right now?”

“ My rank… I should be a rank 0 wizard and rank 1 magician.”

Narrowing her eyes, she seemed to be thinking about something important.

“ You're a neutral right. I have a rank one neutral spell here do you want it?”

“ Really! Then I won’t be polite.”

“ It’s the least I could do in exchange for that contract, I still feel bad about the trade so I’ll throw in a few other spells.”

Perhaps the second floor might be much better than I had expected with so much gains already. This is only the second day and we still have five more to go or until we kill everyone else. Speaking of killing, that feeling of guilt after killing someone is still not coming to me.

I doubt that I am a natural born killer or simply emotionless, i would be ostracized if it was like this. So does this have to do with the Tower, Lily or the side effect of learning magic. Well I should ask teacher when we win this first.

Vinea handed me a Data stick while we splitted the loot. The Gold Pass contract was already in her hands, even if she died it would be sent to her family or so she says.

In total I had gotten 2 shooting stars, the Avak and three other cores, one Vial of Cleansing which I would hold until i reach rank 1 wizard. The genetic spirit, a low flight potion and of course the spells she promised.

Quite the haul indeed considering that I only had to do so much.

“ By the way, how do I use the genetic spirit thing.”

“ Ah just crush it like any other item.”

Why does so many things in the Tower require me to crush them for an effect. The shooting stars, most bombs and now even the genetic spirit. Do they have something against things that look like balls since it is kinda true.

Crushing the spirit, it started disintegrating into strips of strange words before a rifle dropped onto my lap. Well I had just wanted a ranged weapon just a while ago and now I do. The gun looked like the olden days kind of rifles.

Only difference was that it was being powered by mana. It appearance was a silver white material probably magic conductive, no cartridge holders to speak of nor any sights on it. We are quite safe here so let’s give it a go, I won’t really shoot it but feeding mana into it should do.

Instantly the rifle started glowing as thin lines glowing turquoise appeared. They entwined around each other to form beautiful patterns on the gun. A name had also appeared on the stock of the gun.

The top of the barrel had a floating magic scope thus relieving the need for a actual scope. The name on the stock had read, Crimson Kiss. Doesn’t look red at all to me though, well who knows how they are named to begin with.

“ Crimson Kiss? Is that the name of the gun you just got?”

“ Ah was I speaking out my thoughts?”

“ Hey hey, shoot a bullet, I wanna see the power of your weapon.”

“ I can’t, what if someone hears the gunshot.”

“ Ehh, Liam you’re such a spoilsport!”

Splitting up to our own corners, we took a early rest in the midst of the afternoon. With the forest blocking most of the sunlight, there was much preventing us from falling asleep quickly. I had believed that the end would come soon so we need to gather all the strength we have.


It was almost dusk by the time we started moving again, the fog is already visible to us. By now there is only 40 teams remaining, the following few few days should be relatively quiet if none of us manage to find each other.


wever the Tower was having none of this wait and see approach from any of us. At exactly 12 midnight, a announcement rang out across the playing field, changing all our decisions to turtle up.

To all current Users, please be aware that a loot drop shall appear exactly on the middle of the playing field which can be seen on your maps. At exactly 3 am the loot crate containing items that range from the 5th floor to the 100th floor will be available inside the loot crate.

One piece of loot that is confirmed to be present is a Platinum Pass Contract, all other items would be randomized. Quantity would also depend on surrounding Users of 1 km around the loot crate.

The team that manages to hold on to the Pass for 10 minutes will been immediately crowned the winners. All other teams will be subsequently eliminated. End of Notice. Happy wishing users!

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No cliffhangers here at all, keep going please.

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