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You have selected Animals as your starting race.

"Oh, your going to start with animals? A fitting choice I guess. The other options can be gotten at a later date anyways so it's not that big of a deal." My visitor said, slowly bobbing up and down in the lotus position with a grin far to wide to be natural.

I ignored it as I them selected my only available boon Dungeon Loyalty. While it's not a bad boon I am kind of miffed that there's no other options available to me. There might have been something cool like a free boss!

"So what exactly are you going to name yourself? I mean as a newborn there can't be a lot of options you ca-" 

You have named yourself Bartholomew.

It pouted at me, crossing its arms in defiance as though it's opinion mattered to me. "Bartholomew doesn't sound like the name of a dungeon, you do know that right?" It asked me, standing in front of me as though I cared. 

But I was to focused on the abyss of darkness that slowly became the basement I had died in. And that bastard chest that sat next to my body headless and rotting for at least 3 weeks if the cop shows I used to watch have taught me anything.

I guess I was in the abyss for far longer then I thought I was. No matter for all that matters right now is that I LIVE ONCE MORE!

 I would have laughed in relief if I didn't see myself in a disgustingly dirty mirror. Staring at where I should be was a dark green jewel the size of a fist pulsing with a light blue light.

Well there went my hopes of gaining a brand new body. At least I'm alive.... I guess.

You have killed [Unnamed Dungeon Spirit] with your presence alone! You have gained the power: By my presence alone..

By my presence alone: When a single invader enters your core room you may kill them instantly Cool down of 10 years.

What the hell is a dungeon spirit? It took me only a moment to find the slowly evaporating corpse of the mannequin being that found me earlier, it's eyes having exploded as though it died of.... pressure.

Did I kill it? A sharp pang of regret filled me at the thought of killing the only company I had. While it was annoying I didn't want to kill it! It was nice to finally have company and not only that but it was helping me! The evil dungeon!

Calm down Bart, CALM THE FUCK DOWN! You can fix this, you just need to find out how to use mana and resurrect it. Yeah.. that's what I'll do! I'll bring it back from the dead!

The Boon Dungeons Heart has activated.

A intense sensation of calm suddenly filled my being, washing through the whirlwind of panic I felt and with a nudge in my conscious a new blue screen appeared in front of me.

Name: Bartholomew Floors: 0 Essence: 150
Essence Gathering Rate: 2 per day


By my presence alone


Genesis, Dungeon Loyalty, Dungeons Heart, Automatic loot distribution







Minion race: Animals

Tier 1: Essence cost of 5 to summon

Rat, Rabbit, Bat, Snake, Toad, Frog.

Minion Race: NONE Minion Race: NONE

I looked over the screen in slight confusion but I think I figured out what the screen is. It's my status screen, like in a RPG.... ya know I figured I'd get something a little more..... magical to be honest.

But whatever. What's important right now is that I need figure out what the hell just happened to me and how I'm supposed to do my dungeon stuff.

Upgrades Description Costs
Teleportation Glyphs Inscribe a glyph on every floor that allows adventurers to move from one floor to another easily. Must have cleared the floor to be able to move to it. Groups are restricted to the lowest level conquered by a member 20 Essence
Additional Races Able to create an additional race to the one held. Increases dungeon diversity 500 Essence
Essence fueled Dungeon Spirit Summon a Dungeon Spirit made of pure Essence. Dungeon Spirit shall teach and advise the dungeon that summoned it. Cannot be killed within the dungeon. 100 Essence
 Instances  Able to create parallel realities within the dungeon, allowing for more adventurers to enter the dungeon at the same time 50 Essence
Environment (1) Able to create new obstacles in the form of environmental hazards. 25 Essence
Traps (1) Able to create basic traps within your dungeon territory. 25 Essence
Rooms (1) Able to create basic rooms within your dungeon. Rooms unlocked depend on materials you have consumed. 25 Essence

Well that answers that question. And next I'll gain a humanoid body!

....... No?

Eh it was a long shot anyways. But anyways I chose to get the Essence Fueled Dungeon Spirit for a costly 100 Essence, blowing over 2/3rds of my essence in one purchase, but it should be worth it. Even if it turns out to be even more annoying then the first one that appeared it'll give me something incredible.


 No matter how much I'd like to say all that 'going over my life' crap barely helped to keep me sane. If I didn't get out of the abyss when I did I know I would have cracked. 

Did you know that one of the biggest reasons criminals in America keep going back to prison is because of solitary confinement? By nature humans are social animals and by that nature we thrive in groups. But the opposite is also true; for in isolation humans wither away mentally. 

 The moment I selected the Essence Fueled Dungeon Spirit I felt a rush of warmth leave my... crystal and into the middle of the dirty basement, a large 6 foot wide circle appeared in the dust as it glowed an ominous dark red.

With a bright flash, which thankfully and surprisingly didn't blind me, a woman appeared. Standing at an incredible 2 feet in height, a simple red and green robe that almost completely covered her dark cholloate colored skin. Her eyes are a surprisingly bright shape of sapphire blue. But what attracted my attention the most were the white butterfly wings on her back.

For a moment she stayed where she was, her eyes unfocused on the world around her before with a sudden body wide shiver she seemed to focus on reality once more as she looked at the dirty basement in distaste.

"I was summoned.... in someone's junk cellar?" She said, her voice soft and gentle but the distaste was easily heard as it dripped from her voice.

And then her eyes found me. With wide eyes and shaky hands she gently picked me up, holding me as though even the most gentle touch would shatter me. Which as far as I could happen so go new Dungeon Spirit!

"Lord dungeon." She muttered, so softly that if I wasn't held against her sizable bust I probably wouldn't have heard it. 

Lord dungeon? A bit stuffy for my taste but I guess I'll roll with it for now. Besides, I can correct her later. 

"Hello there." I said, my orb pulsing in synch with my words. She simply starred at me in awe for what felt like an eternity but what was probably only a minute or two. Did I summon a defective spirit?

She smiled brightly as she knelt down onto the floor and set me in front of her, bowing to me in reverence. "I am honored to be within your presence Lord Dungeon. I am Ari Lord Dungeon, a Brownie from the Vale." She said, the awe in her voice easily heard.

"It's nice to meet you Ari. I am...," I paused for dramatic effect, Ari slowly shuffling forward on her knees. "Bartholomew." I finished, barely stopping myself from laughing as I saw her shocked face. Even if it's a long and stuffy name at least I'm finally getting amusement out of it. After all who's going to expect the evil dungeon to have such a unassuming name?

After a moment Ari composed herself, picking up my orb and holding it between her bosom. With a flick of her wings white powder flew and enveloped the dirty and trash filled basement.

And then it vanished. Poof! As though none of it was ever there.

Your dungeon has absorbed the materials: Rubber, Iron, Copper, Nickel, Steel, Plastic, Silver, Cloth, Brass, Emerald, Ruby, Wood, Bone, and Twine.

Ari looked at the now empty, and surprisingly clean, room with a sense of content before she moved under the wooden stairs, the only thing still in the basement. And placed my orb onto her lap.

"There we go Lord Dungeon. This room shall now make an acceptable start to your dungeon." She said to me, patting the very top of my orb with a smile.

Well I guess it's time to start building my dungeon..... how the hell am I supposed to do that?

A note from A Simple Necromancer

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Un pwasson volant @Un pwasson volant ago

A necromancer !

*constructs a big tower reminescent of phallic forms near the keep of the necromancer*

Blazingfrost @Blazingfrost ago

Poor spirit was only trying to help him 😢

Blazingfrost @Blazingfrost ago

Since it's in the middle of no where expand outside and make a forest creatures will roll right in