Oblivion Online

by Mighty Moushie

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Thanks for permission to use the cover by WanderingInPixels over on Deviant Art.


Marty had a fairly easy life as a cook for Arctic Storm Entertainment headquarters when he gets an offer from the company to try out a new playstyle for their biggest VRMMORPG, Oblivion Online.  Follow him as he makes his way through the game as one of the monster races trying to survive against the forces of light.  


Author's note: I will update every Monday and Friday for sure, with the possibilities of bonus chapters through the week if I get extra writing done.  I also did a disservice to several of my characters early on.  I'm slowly working through a re-write, but it will be a while as I want to make sure I get it right this time around.

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Mighty Moushie

Mighty Moushie

Easter Event Search Party - Silver Medal
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  • Overall Score

So far this is a great start to your story and I'm looking forward to reading more of it

  • Overall Score

Good premise, Good Story, Bad Protag.

The Good: The premise is solid, the plot is interesting and makes sense, it's funny without trying too hard.

The Bad: The protagonist. Let's map it out:

-Everyone loves him, except his direct competitors, who grudgingly respect him

-He doesn't seem to have any actual character traits

-He lurches back and forth between brilliance and stupidity, from making (simple) traps that "no one has ever seen before" (rocks fall, everyone dies) to trying to stop a charging monster with a tripwire.

-He's smarter than the grandmaster alchemists, who don't understand the most basic of chemical principles, apparently

Overall, falls more into the traditional "Power Fantasy" litrpg than the more recent underdog stuff.

  • Overall Score

 The grammar is fine, without anything spectacular or no real offenses

The story premise while not that realistic is still fine and works

The style is ok

But after a few chapters its stupid, the mc runs up against comically retarded people after awhile, all from being able to throw op grenades, simple physics trap instagibbing high level players, people looking into easy ambush points and having autistic fixation with stopping a trap. Along with this we get some weird mix of the mc never being seen in stealth, with clunky stone weapons which also break entire parties on what seems to be a miniboss at best where he either has a party walk down a tunnel with "spooky" words on a wall and then throws blue rocks at them until they die or Bing bang whole party dies to a hammer on a stick.

Then later he turns into perfect alchemy god of the kobolds while also being shit at fighting near his level with op as fuck gear for his level.

And the mc is boring for the whole time.




  • Overall Score

The story is alright, but it feels too game-like (I know it's a game but still...) The dark races act no different than humans. The dialogue feels really stiff and artificial. The main character has a rather idiotic name. All in all I couldn't feel immersed into this story, and ultimately thats all that really matters to me.

  • Overall Score

Can It Keep Being This Funny?

Chapters 1-11: Playing a Beta Test Kobold and using cunning and guile is good. Running into all of the classic  player types from the reluctant girlfriend to the whinging brat power-levelled with his (competent) older brother's discards. The story maintains a "Funny" emotional tone and had me laughing out loud.

Now, can the Story progress into a Novel or will it stay as a great short story? 

  • Overall Score

I was hooked by Chapter Two

I love LitRPGs, but lately I've been avoiding anything along the lines of 'trapped in a VR world' so I almost skipped this one. Great use of dialogue and characters. The monster evolutions have great potential.

You wont be disapointed by this one, definitely binge worthy. 

  • Overall Score


1) grammar/plot/concept should have this story on 1st active page not 4th

2) writer actually played mmorpg's, that's right, broken exploits get nerf'd, overly effective tactics get patched etc. It's actually nice to see.


1) some issues are oddly not addressed (nearly 300 pages in), like is it a hardcore game with realistic pain thresholds?

2) if so what about other more insidious issues when dealing with the ability to torture (or otherwise harm people against their will), how did the the developers address it (since it's an established game)

3) for a system back ground as complex as the games to allow for functioning npc's, the fact that the npcs hadn't come up with their own scientific method is just odd. If accomplished crafters didnt want to waste time on low level goods, thats understandable. However all scientific method is, is systematic trial and error really.  In other words don't sell the NPC's short, it cheapens the MC's accomplishments.

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I have to say this is really refresing, i really like monster mc novels but they all feel the same after some point, and most go the dark brutal route (not that i dislike it), but here its just fun and full of potential. I am really enjoying it and higly recomend.

  • Overall Score

Just binge read from the start. Awesome story, different from the usual vrmmo hack and slash.

Well written and engaging characters. Especially like the idea of the cafe.

Recommended for lovers of litrpg.

  • Overall Score
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This is an utter blast.

I give this story a 5-star rating across the board. 

It is funny, smart, exhilarating, enticing, entrancing, and just plainly a read you don't want to put down. 

I just binge-read the currently available 22 chapters, and I am absolutely impatiently awaiting the next chapter.

The story is out of the box and creative, and if you're looking for a Monster-MC/VRMMO story, then you will adore this one. 

This has immense potential, and great execution. 

I highly recommend it for any and everyone.