I Won't Kill Myself for the Second Time

by Erineko

Original ONGOING Drama Fantasy Mystery Psychological Male Lead Reincarnation School Life Slice of Life Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Synopsis 1

Armed with an unreliable power that tries to predict the consequences of his actions, living in a world where everyone seems to care only about themselves, Victor does his best to convince his younger sister that tentacle girls are their friends... even if they can spit acid and produce a lot of clicking noises.


Synopsis 2

George Ruslan never had an easy life and when he was finally given a chance to start anew, in a new body, it didn't change much.

Of course, that was only true if we ignored a new supernatural aspect of the world, sadistic twin sister, dysfunctional family, cursed dolls, body hijacking red fog, 28th Demon of Reflection Votroadan, cheeky younger sister, placing his life at stake in bizarre challenges, silver-haired young girl forcing him to do her bidding and other exciting things he suddenly had to face.

There was even a naked goblin involved...

How was he to deal with all that when he couldn't even decide on the best way to reform his own rotten soul?



This story is a part of The Pledge.

I promise to write it to the very end.

I promise at least two new parts per week,

though usually there will be three-four.

(~2-3k words each)




Cover art is something I made by fusing together two different pictures from the depths of Google and does not belong to me.

The girl was drawn by Yurax-Mae.

If someone knows the author of the guy, please let me know I want to contact him.

I'm also posting this story on webnovel.com


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Part 1 - Fake Painting ago
Part 2 - Vending machine ago
Part 3 - Peace talks ago
Part 4 - Mistakes were made ago
Part 5 - Triple the disaster ago
Part 6 - External factor ago
Part 7 - Scarlet mark 28 ago
Part 8 - You need a collar ago
Part 9 - I recommend Salieri ago
Part 10 - Curse's in the air ago
Part 11 - Forgotten bribe ago
Part 12 - Fraudzillas ago
Part 13 - Scheming and shaming ago
Part 14 - There's always an old warehouse involved ago
Part 15 - Dead girlfriend got better ago
Part 16 - Vecuronium bromide? ago
Part 17 - Retro soul ago
Part 18 - Almost like family ago
Part 19 - Playing human ago
Part 20 - Group therapy ago
Part 21 - Death sentence in my book ago
Part 22 - The rhino and the skeleton ago
Part 23 - Annoying reflection ago
Part 24 - Grave relaxation ago
Part 25 - Cuteness incarnation ago
Part 26 - DOLL ago
Part 27 - Unique charm ago
Part 28 - The watchtower ago
Part 29 - Three-steps plan ago
Part 30 - I'm a cowardly person ago
Part 31 - The mansion ago
Part 32 - Too easy ago
Part 33 - How to flatte_ your sister ago
Part 34 - Careful steps ago
Part 35 - Quick steps ago
Part 36 - Item shop ago
Part 37 - Simple breakfast ago
Part 38 - The more you have... ago
Part 39 - ... the more you want to protect... ago
Part 40 - ... the more you're shocked... ago
Part 41 - ... by the toothbrush. ago
Part 42 - The apprentice ago
Part 43 - Faraway scream ago
Part 44 - Vertical journey ago
Part 45 - Swampy journey ago
Part 46 - Haunted house ago
Part 47 - The breakthrough ago
Part 48 - Unforgettable experience ago
Part 49 - Entwine - first step ago
Part 50 - Entwine - second step ago
Part 51 - Entwine - third step ago
Part 52 - Entwine - reversal ago
Part 53 - Entwine - shoes of ice ago
Part 54 - Living in my little sister's body - 1 - 'kyuu' is a problem ago
Part 55 - LIMLSB - 2 - temptation is a problem ago
Part 56 - LIMLSB - 3 - dressing up is fun ago
Part 57 - Conference room - Violet ago
Part 58 - Conference room - Vincent 1 ago
Part 59 - Conference room - Vincent 2 ago
Part 60 - Conference room - intermission ago
Part 61 - Conference room - Victor 1 ago
Part 62 - Conference room - Vi(c/k)tor(-/ia) (2/-) ago
Part 63 - Conference room - end - revival ago
Part 64 - Simple evening ago
Part 65 - Forced insomnia ago
Part 66 - Akio's PoV - 1 ago
Part 67 - Akio's PoV - 2 ago

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  • Overall Score

This story deserves more attention.

The title is eyeroll worthy, but this story is kinda great. It definitely deserves more attention than it's getting. I've enjoyed seeing this world of eccentric espers unveiled piece by piece, and I think the mana spots could be very interesting in the future. Thanks for the consistent entertainment. I hope you're having as much fun writing this as I am reading it.

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Let me just say one thing, you will regret it if you drop this one after the first 5 or 10 chapters, especially if you're looking for something that's different to the cliche-ridden stories. The mc is annoying and irritating? Yeah, but what do you expect from a guy who just killed himself and is still confused about everything that happened later?

The story is confusing and unclear? True, but it provides the answers with time and I somehow like this more to huge infodumps from the very start.

The story goes through a true renaissance from about chapter 20 and gets better and better from that point onwards.

Style - Author seems to like to experiment with different writing styles and sometimes it's a bit annoying or he goes overboard with it while building strange sentences, but overall it's not a big problem and some of those style experiments are fun to read.

Grammar - It's readable, but there are some tenses mistakes, especially at the beginning, but I stopped noticing any of them later on and just focused fully on reading.

Story - It's a multilayered and complex structure that's hard to grasp at first, but when I'm writting this (after reading 57 chapters) I'm already addicted and can't wait to read more. Action's set in a modern world, soaked with many mysteries with demons playing games using humans as their pawns.

Character - This is the place that deserves the full score, they're complex, each has own ideals, motives, character, and even different speech patterns. A lot of care was put into their characterization and a huge part of the whole story is focused on the psychological aspect of the characters and the relations between them.

There should be an additional score to measure comedy level, as some of the moments are GOLD and made me laugh hard.

  • Overall Score

One of the best on this website

The characters and their respective struggles, and the development it forces them to go through is one of the best aspects of this story. With the demon and secret esper society an interesting concept that has yet to be exspanded on. I would highly recomend it to anyone who just likes reading good stories. 

  • Overall Score

It's honestly pretty good, i didn't expect that from the summary, i have some trouble thinking where the scenario is going to from chapter 9 thought.

  • Overall Score

I havent finished reading yet but i would totally recommend reading this awesome book. It has all you could ever want tongue-out

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

If I had to describe the plot of this novel with 2 words I would say it's like a black hole. The more you read the tighter it ensnares like some kind of tentacle monster and gives you so much pleasure that you come back for more like an addict.( I realised I took this simile a bit too far so I will stop here.)

The best aspect of this novel are by far the characters. There is a level of realism and depth in every single character that has appeared so far that far surpasses, in my opinion, any other work on this site. You can really feel connected with the MC but not in an escapisms way. I see Victor as someone who lets me experience how a man with the same flaws as me reacts to desperate situations and shows a way to overcome said defects. It's inspiring and motivating.

The character I love the most out of this small yet diverse cast has to be Viktoria (the girl in the image above).

Minor spoilers

So far I have seen her in only 2 scenes yet I have to prase the author for the brilliant ways he presented her. She is one big ball of mystery that has you instantly acting like a fanboy just so you could have another glimpse of what she is hiding under her good looks and monochrome outfit.

End of spoilers

The second aspect I can only prase the author for having the guts to do is the way he shatters all the cliché of transmigration stories and grounds them into reality. You rarely see a novel which explores deeply into the repercussions of taking over someone's life and how the matter could lead to catastrophic consequences for everyone who learns the truth.

In conclusion I consider this to be a must read for anyone interested in the transmigration genre and for anyone who is searching for characters that are more than cardboard cutouts.