A month later, Chance was sitting in the kitchen once again and checking his progress. He was quite amazed at how far he had come since he began.

His puddle, now twelve times bigger than before, sat serenely within his daintain. As he had been pracitcing with Sense and moving objects, he ha discovered that his puddle became larger much faster than it had at any other point in time before. He had also noticed that it became harder and harder to make his puddle larger as time went on. Especially recently, it had slowed down to a crawl.

He had made his decision to see if he could find a way to move up into Lake stage, and Wit was probably his best bet because he had never sen any books that explained how to break into Lake stage in the library. 

He swiftly stood up and told Luck that he would be leaving for a while and reasured her that he would, indeed, be back.

Since Chance knew where he was going this time, he was able to arrive there at a much more rapid pace than before. He was soon in front of the door, knocking.

He waited for a while before, to his suprise, Wit himself opened the door for him. With a slightly abnormal smile, Wit ushered him into the little house. Chance immediatly went to the room they had been in before and sat down on the couch. Wit walked in and sat down accross from him. He stared at Chance; it almost seemed like he was inspecting him.

Deciding that the silence was becoming very awkward, Chance broke it with a question.

"I have heard that it is only possible to access Sense when you are at Core stage, why is that?"

Still acting slightly odd, Wit replied, "That is because Soul turnes into a solid, and it is possible to puncture the membrane that restricts your daintain," his explanation was curt and had no extra details, which was unusual for Wit.

"Also, how do you break into Lake stage?"

Wit squinted at him with some suspicion visible in his eyes before replying, "One must condense some of their Soul fluid into solid particles, often referred to as Sand, and scatter them throughout their puddle. The more Sand, the higher one is in the Lake stage."

Again, the explanation was very short and to-the-point. Not much extra infromation was given.

After a long and very awkward pause equvilant to that of ordering at a fast food restaurant, Wit took the initiative to question him.

 "Why do you need to know how to break into Lake stage?"

Chance looked shocked for a moment, Wit had never asked him anything, no matter how weird his question was.

"I am just curious." Should he tell Wit about his actual cultivation?

"Well, the other day, I was slightly hasty while cultivating, and suffered a small injury. When I went to the Healer's area, the Head Healer insisted on treating me. While I was being treated, a maid came in and she and the Head Healer began lightly discussing something the maid had seen a while ago."

A note from drtkid

Summer break is sooo close to being here!!! I am really excited, but all of my teachers seem to want to crush my soul with the weight of homework (I measured and it is about a million tons) because they "want to get us prepared for final exams" (I have heard that phrase a thousand times this past few weeks). Blegh. So, I might not be able to write as long of chapters (I am so sorry, I love writing this, but it is very hard because of school). Anyways, on a lighter note, thanks for reading!

Also, I got Grammarly now, so that's a thing

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