Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies

by KevinAscending

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Male Lead Martial Arts Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

In the myriad realms, legends rise and fall in the countless eras.

Yan Zaizen, a frail youth with an unfortunate history, meets one of these legends. Will this change his common destiny to something greater? 

The story of a boy that just wants a peacefully lavish life with money, amazing food, and a beautiful woman to love.

The story of the heavens that laughs at this.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 - Yan Zaizen ago
Chapter 2 - Alive! Ring? ago
Chapter 3 - Spiritual Sense? ago
Chapter 4 - Immortal Herculean Method ago
Chapter 5 - Trapped! ago
Chapter 6 - Absolute Slaughter ago
Chapter 7 - Kidnapped? ago
Chapter 8 - Arriving Home ago
Chapter 9 - Shin Xuanji ago
Chapter 10 - Lin Feilin ago
Chapter 11 - Inky Black Wood? ago
Chapter 12 - Unyielding Flame of Life ago
Chapter 13 - A Herculean! ago
Chapter 14 - The Last Time ago
Chapter 15 - Basilisk Forest ago
Chapter 16 - The Soul Jade ago
Chapter 17 - Rank Three Beast ago
Chapter 18 - Fierce Prowess ago
Chapter 19 - Miraculous Life Law ago
Chapter 20 - Siphoning Shadow of Death ago
Chapter 21 - A Scheme? ago
Chapter 22 - Shock and Awe ago
Chapter 23 - Xuanwu City ago
Chapter 24 - Meeting Again ago
Chapter 25 - Answers ago
Chapter 26 - Entering the City ago
Chapter 27 - Long-Awaited Breakthrough ago
Chapter 28 - Anima Syndicate ago
Chapter 29 - Spirit Matrix Method ago
Chapter 30 - Three Months ago
Chapter 31 - Skyship ago
Chapter 32 - Sky Titan City ago
Chapter 33 - Ying Clan ago
Chapter 34 - I'm Engaged? ago
Chapter 35 - Ying Clan Troubles ago
Chapter 36 - Self-Reflection ago
Chapter 37 - To Each Their Own Scheme ago
Chapter 38 - End Result ago
Chapter 39 - Serene Moon Cove ago
Chapter 40 - Aurora Soul ago
Chapter 41 - Falsities Abound ago
Chapter 42 - Consecutive Breakthroughs! ago
Chapter 43 - Returning to Xuanwu City ago
Chapter 44 - Pawn No More, Formulating One's Dao ago
Chapter 45 - A New Powerhouse! ago
Chapter 46 - Unexpected Event ago
Chapter 47 - Chaotic Space ago
Chapter 48 - Truth of Law & Dao ago
Chapter 49 - What Country is this?! ago
Chapter 50 - Prisoner ago
Chapter 51 - The Dao ago
Chapter 52 - The Deep Mines ago
Chapter 53 - Overcoming Your Own Struggles ago
Chapter 54 - Any Means Necessary ago
Chapter 55 - Cruel ago
Chapter 56 - Daughter of Lofty Status ago
Chapter 57 - Cycle of the Deep Mines ago
Chapter 58 - Self-Awareness & Willingness ago
Chapter 59 - Do You Know How It Feels? ago
Chapter 60 - What's Below? ago
Chapter 61 - Spirit-Rank Armament ago
Chapter 62 - Pinaka, The Wayward Bow ago
Chapter 63 - Rudra's Archery of Pralaya ago
Chapter 64 - Unexpectedly Calm Escape ago
Chapter 65 - Learning Archery, Issues Arise! ago
Chapter 66 - Xiāo City ago
Chapter 67 - Start of a Scheme ago
Chapter 68 - Who Did You Offend? ago
Chapter 69 - Taking it All! ago
Chapter 70 - Lord Xiāo ago
Chapter 71 - No Longer Yours ago
Chapter 72 - Relieving One's Hatred ago
Chapter 73 - Accepting One More ago
Chapter 74 - Your Choice, Your Fate ago
Chapter 75 - Calculating One's Wealth ago
Chapter 76 - A Glimpse at the Heavens ago
Chapter 77 - Bloodlines ago
Chapter 78 - Sky Heart City ago
Chapter 79 - Qiao Qinya ago
Chapter 80 - Keeping One's Word ago
Chapter 81 - I'm Coming Home ago
Chapter 82 - Arriving In Zhu Que City ago
Chapter 83 - Wherever You Two Are ago
Chapter 84 - Events After Three Years ago
Chapter 85 - Killing With A Thought ago

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I was skeptic about reading this novel just because of TYCKA's review but hell I am glad I did. Just like he says MC starts little dense but in further chapters you see what means to be character growth. He sees the world, experiences it and changes accordingly.

Story's start might be cliche a little but the path it took is great. Especially a one with full of twists and great content. 

Style and grammar are decent, not without a mistake but I didn't notice any obvious one.

Characters, as I said, are lively. All of them have their own agenda and plans but not all of them succeeds. Mc starts little naive but gains profound knowledge and cunning intelligence just in 20-30 chapters.

Also one of the best part is chapter releases are daily and they are not even one, they are two.

  • Overall Score

Worthy of being one of the top stories on RR

This story is awesome. Read it. The MC may seem a bit obnoxious at first but he undergoes great character developement and it turns this story into an addictive read.

  • Overall Score

This has gotta be one of the best novels out in this site, fast releases with zero grammatical errors.

The story is really interesting as well, definitely worth reading.

  • Overall Score

Might be good but..

 The story might be pretty good, but it's not my type of thing. So I just say my opinion on this, first thing is that Mc thinking is absolutely 'stupid' and I hate this. Just think about this he gives all for some random girl who just uses him and still says that he loves her.. It too much illogical especially in world where personal power is all. Secondary, his ties for his so called 'family' they don't give a fuck about him and treat him worse than trash, but he still thinks of saving them from his 8th brother's revange, just why? I just can't logically agree to that kind of thinking. I mean why should he save them, I certainly wouldn't. And finally (just my thing, others might think that's the good thing), his morals, he received art's from that old man who didn't do anything for him and still thinks that he can't learn them because he then would accept himself as his discipline. I mean why not learn them, what's the point of this kind of thinking, when everything in that world is decided by power...


Anyway that just my opinion, and you don't have to agree to it..

  • Overall Score

Great Xianxia with a western twist

I love this story! It is like a typical Xianxia, but with a few twists to make it more enjoyable for a western audience. It has far less filler, with chapter 82 correlating to around chapter 400 in a typical Xianxia, and the world seems relatively well thought out, it is clear that there are more details about the world that aren't being told to avoid an overly large info dump, but it doesn't feel like the Author ever pulls things out of his ass. 
There are a few downsides typical to web novels, the grammar is pretty good but not professional quality by any means, and the characters aren't really well fleshed out (still better than a typical web novel). 
Ultimately I would recommend this story to anyone who likes Xianxia stories, as it feels like a well-executed no-fluff Xianxia with a western twist.

  • Overall Score

The name sounds a bit off

Consuming earths, devouring skies doesn't sound too good.

for a wuxia novel especially it should sound like

Consuming the earth, Devouring the heavens

you can use it if you want it just sounds a bit off to say devouring skies and making earth plural