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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content


* * Warning * *

More than one type of sexuality, faith and other sensitive topics may and likely will be mentioned or even explored at one part or another in this story. It is a story about choices after all.


You have been selected and given THE choice...

From the depths of your desire and desperation you have elected to accept OUR invitation...

Your pain and suffering has brought you this chance and through pain and suffering you may yet become more...

Arise ye tortured and damned. Your World has abandoned you but you are not yet forgotten.

For the Operators it was a chance to learn.

For those participating it was a chance to rise.

For the Host it was a chance for survival.

For Wren and Hiidan it was a chance to exploit...


Hey, new author here and a relatively new author otherwise. Feel free to take a crack at my writing at whim. Oh, and show the love!

Cover is a stock photo...If someone else is using it, suck it up cause it doesn't belong to you or me and it's temporary.


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READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On of my favorite stories on this site. This story hooked me won't let go! Just masterful. Thankyou for making this story!!!! Seriously I don't usually review stories but I had to with this. Thank you!