Transcending Fate

by syz

Original ONGOING Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

In the Eight Immortal Realms, all creatures are born with a spirit core.

In humans, the spirit core houses a soul spirit - an entity that gives its host power and strength.

Throughout the ages, legendary soul spirits have appeared, causing those in the eight realms to tremble beneath them.

A prince cursed by the heavens is reincarnated into the universe of the Eight Immortal Realms, a universe full of magical creatures, martial arts, and magic.

Alongside his unique soul spirit, the prince sets out on a journey to defy the heavens and transcend his fate.





This will not be the typical cultivation novel. Although there will be many action-packed scenes and cultivation will be important, this story will incorporate many other themes. It will have deep characters, intricate plots, drama, romance, and emotional moments.
I have written the general plotline up to the third arc(around 200-300 chapters), so all that needs to be done is writing and editing the chapters.
As I am a college student, I can only promise 5-6+ chapters per week. However, the chapters will be long and well edited.
I look forward to writing this novel, and I hope you enjoy it~

 Since this is my first novel, feel free to give me any constructive criticism. Actually, it would help me greatly.

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