Transcending Fate



Chapter 9 - A Mother's Fury


Patriarch Alan sat meditating in his room, surrounded by golden strands of energy. He opened his eyes and took a deep breath, causing the golden energy to dissipate. Patriarch Alan waved his hand and the windows in his room opened. Looking out the windows, he saw that the clear sky had turned gray.

He sighed; it had been a long week. At the beginning of the week, he was excited to find out what rarity grade his third grandson, Seon, would have. His Ezros family already had a genius, his second grandson Mark. He knew it would be unlikely that Seon would also have an epic-grade soul spirit, but he was still hopeful that another genius might appear in the family. However, his hopes were crushed and Seon turned out to have a common-grade soul spirit. This caused a huge blow to his and the Ezros family’s reputation, but there was nothing he could do. Seon was still his grandson and the child of his beloved daughter. He buried his anger, spending the next few days in a bad mood.

However, he soon received news that Mark was coming back to the Ezros Manor. Furthermore, Mark was coming back along with the third princess of the Veneri Clan, Vanessa Veneri. Patriarch Alan grew ecstatic after he heard the news, quickly forgetting about the matter with Seon. He ordered the Ezros Manor to make the proper preparations to receive Princess Vanessa.

This morning, he waited at the manor gates to personally welcome the princess himself. His eyes lit up when he saw Mark and the princess exit the carriage together. Endless possibilities flashed through his mind. If Mark could marry the third princess and help her obtain the throne, then their Ezros family would control half the power in Valencia. He soon found that the princess was arrogant and domineering. Although the princess didn’t show him the proper respect, Patriarch Alan ignored it and told Mark to show the princess around the manor, hoping the two would spend more time alone together. He then went back to his chambers to await the evening banquet while meditating.

However, he had only waited for an hour before it started to rain. He sat there, shaking his head. “How unlucky. I guess I better begin the banquet early.” He got up and walked out of the room. A thin layer of golden energy surrounded his body, preventing the rain from touching his robes. As he walked through the hallways, Patriarch Alan noticed something strange.

“Where is everyone?” he murmured.

Although it was raining outside, there would always be a few people in the hallways. Instead, the manor showed no signs of activity; only the sound of rain hitting the concrete could be heard. “Hmmm, where are those two now?” Golden energy appeared under Patriarch Alan’s feet as his body rose into the air. He continued to rise until he was well above the Ezros Manor. He scanned the entire manor, a figure catching his eye.

The figure had long, silver hair and was running through the manor. As Patriarch Alan looked closer, his face turned pale. Parts of the figure’s body were charred black and his robes were dyed with blood. “Seon!” Just as Patriarch Alan recognized his grandson, a flash of lightning struck Seon on the back, causing Seon to stop dead in his tracks. Patriarch Alan saw another figure approaching Seon, his eyes turning wide. “P-princess?” He froze in disbelief as he watched the princess swing a black scythe and cut down Seon, who fell onto the ground. He saw her raise her scythe again, preparing to deliver the killing blow. “No!” Patriarch Alan roared as he dove down towards them, but he was too far away.

As he watched the scythe come down in despair, he saw a figure fly into the princess, blasting her body away. The figure had long, dark hair and wore a red dress. Kaira! The appearance of his beloved daughter brought relief to his heart.

He saw his daughter bend down and hold Seon, tears forming in her eyes.

Patriarch Alan landed beside her and closely inspected Seon. Seon’s body was charred and there was a deep gash through his torso. His meridians and spirit core were destroyed, and although there was still a heartbeat, it was very faint. Patriarch Alan slowly shook his head - there was no way to rescue Seon.

“Noooooo!” A sorrowful cry of a woman filled the entire Ezros Manor. Patriarch Alan watched as his daughter held Seon’s limp body in her arms, tears pouring from her face. His heart bled as he stood there listening to his daughter’s mournful cries. He wanted to say something, but he didn't know what to say. He could only stand there and watch the rain soak his daughter’s dress, mixing in with her tears as they hit her face.

From the distance, a man was sprinting towards them. It was his son-in-law, Seon’s father. Seon’s father bent down, his face grimacing with tears when he saw Seon’s condition. He hugged Kaira, who broke down in his embrace.

How could this have happened? Patriarch Alan turned to look at the princess who was lying on the ground near them, unmoving. Why did the princess attack Seon? Why did nobody stop this? Where with the elders? Patriarch Alan was snapped out of his thoughts when he saw his daughter leave the embrace of Seon’s father. She slowly turned her gaze to the princess, her eyes full of hatred. A moment later, her body shifted towards the princess.

“No! What are you doing?!” Patriarch Alan moved in front of the princess.

Kaira ignored him and launched an energy blast at the princess, which was blocked by him.

“Out of my way!!” screamed Kaira as an image of a red crane appeared behind her. The crane’s body was ablaze with fire and steam began to form in the air around Kaira. Flames swirled around her as she threw a punch towards him.

Patriarch Alan was startled that his daughter would attack him, but quickly waved his hand and a golden wave of energy blocked her. “Kaira, stop!”

Kaira braced herself and gazed at him, her eyes full of madness and rage. She charged forward again, forming a blazing trail of flames in her path.

“Stop!” Golden strands of energy emitted from Patriarch Alan’s body; he was determined to stop her. He waved his arm and knocked back her charge with a barrier of golden energy. “Kaira, calm down!”

“Get out of my way! She must die!” his daughter screamed, her eyes glowing red as she put her hands in the air. The red crane spirit behind her flapped its wings ferociously. More flames appeared around Kaira, swirling towards the sky. A giant tower of flames formed around her, reaching high above Ezros Manor. “Die!” Kaira waved her hands and the tower of flames spiraled downwards at him and the princess.

“Are you crazy!?” shouted Patriarch Alan as he drew a golden runic circle in the air. A golden shield appeared from the runic circle, protecting him and the princess from the tower of flames. The structures in the manor around them were burnt to a crisp. “This is a princess of the Veneri Clan. You can’t kill her!”

“I don’t care!” Tears flowed from Kaira’s eyes. She began to charge again at the princess. Seeing that his daughter was in a state of madness and couldn’t be reasoned with, Patriarch Alan turned and grabbed the princess, bringing her high up into the air with him. Kaira screamed at her father who was floating in the sky, “Why are you protecting her?!”

“I can’t let you kill her...” he murmured. He couldn’t let her kill the princess or else she would be sentenced to death and the Ezros family would be at fault. Kaira stood there silently as rain dripped onto her. She knew she couldn’t defeat her father, but she had to avenge her son.

“Are you really going to get in my way this time... father?” Kaira spoke softly, her voice trembling.


From above, Patriarch Alan’s heart wavered as he stared into his daughter’s mad eyes. Every time he looked into her eyes, he felt pain as well as happiness. His daughter’s eyes brought up memories from his past, memories of his wife. Kaira had her mother’s eyes…


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