Chidetan Odyssey

by TerrifiedFish

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Female Lead Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead

For centuries, the Chidetah Wastes lay untouched by mankind, thousands of rumored treasures and secrets untold burried beneath the sands. A hostile enviroment, legends of demons and horrifying beasts, and an absolute lack of any water had many of the greater kingdoms deeming the wastes totally impassible. 

All until the discover of anceint ruins at its borders. With this discovery, the explorative fervor is now re-ignited, calling warriors, scholars, and gamblers all to plunder and re-discover what history had burried.

This is a story about the adventurers Cleo, Durrus, Horrus, and Curi, and how their fateful encounter in the ruins opened the path further into the Chidetah Wastes

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The novel is currently up to Chapter 11, you can view the full thing on my wordpress:

I'll upload a chapter every few days here until we reach Chatper 11. From then, I HOPE to update every 2 weeks to a month, depending on school life and whatnot. For any updates, you can follow me on wordpress, or you could follow my Twitter ( or Tumblr ( Also, make sure to drop a vote here


I hope you enjoy, and feel free to share it! Every little share, follow, and review helps a lot.

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