I watched the sun set.

I watched the heated air above the paved streets rise, gather and sweep away the scattered clouds in the sky.

I watched the busy streets clear out as the world dimmed, the bazaar wrapping up business for the day.

I lay down and watched the stars slowly start to reveal themselves as the night deepened.

I observed the milky way spanning from horizon to horizon, like a bridge across the dark sky.

I invested my consciousness into the stream of stars and closed my eyes.

Behind my lids the darkness seemed to form an infinite void.

The solitude seemed suffocating.

As the thought flashed across my mind, a star was born. It was a blue pinprick of light, my conception of loneliness given form.

I felt slightly happy that my world wasn’t empty anymore.

Then another star came to be. A bright red point that radiated cheer and joy.

I wondered what would come next and a white star embodying my curiosity was born.

I let my thoughts drift to what I had experienced during the day and stars began to populate the world.

They were of all colours, sizes and luminosities, representing my thoughts and feelings.

As I remembered the last glimpse of the milky way before I closed my eyes, the scattered stars seemed to arrange themselves into a glittering replica.

My view of my world panned out and the current piece of star territory seemed to shrink and become a part of a vaster galaxy.

After nearly two years of daily meditation, my galaxy had finally reached completion.

It was a fuzzy spheroid releasing a multicoloured brilliance, lighting up my mindscape.

With a slight exertion of my will, the stars began to move. They each had their own trajectories and speeds, turning the galaxy into a mass of flowing light.

Stars collided against each other. Some ruptured into their components, some fused and some were annihilated.

This cosmic dance gave rise to a melody that reverberated throughout the universe.

The sounds crashed against the borders of my mind, making me aware of the membrane my mindscape was wrapped in. It too vibrated in tandem.

With my consistent operation, the music adjusted itself until I seemed to harmonize with a tune other than my own.

My senses expanded. The breeze seemed louder, the ground felt harder and I could smell the residual smell of spices even with my distance from the bazaar.

I opened my eyes, watching with unprecedented clarity as the full moon’s splendour washed out the starlight.

My galaxy blushed red as hundreds of red stars were born because of my joy for my breakthrough.

From this moment, I was aloof from the rank and file. I had stepped onto a road upon which millions wanted to tread but only a select few could succeed.

From this moment onwards, I was a mage.





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