Ravenport: Luna's Awakening

by Inkpunch

Original COMPLETED Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Female Lead Magic Non-Human lead Supernatural

Life is kind of a bummer for eighteen-year-old Luna Oswald. She works dead-end job, has a less than supportive family and feels like she's nothing special. And it looks to be another boring Christmas Eve in the year 2059. Just as she gets off from work and prepares for another night of surfing the internet, she's sent out to gather firewood with her step-brother.

While out, the two stumble across a secret ritual that ends with Luna being transformed into a werewolf and running for her life. She manages to stumble into the city and eventually onto the car hood of Miguel Morales, a cybernetic ex-cop determined to find the crime boss responsible for murdering his family. Together, the two must search the city for clues while also keeping themselves safe from other supernatural threats and keeping Luna's monstrous form a secret.

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