The Story of Hiver Glace

by mbrock

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
Marvel at the determination of a lowly slum kid as she trains to become her nation's first Arch Lord.

Hiver Glace is an eleven-year-old slum kid who lives in the world's poorest nation. There's nothing special about her other than her teal hair and ability to cast ice magic. That is, until one day a band of foreign marauders raids her village, thereby forcing Hiver to stand as its only line of defense. Incidentally, this results in her becoming Glacialheim's national hero.

Afterwards, King Ingmar and Queen Vendela decide that the best way to protect Glacialheim in the future is to provide education and magical training to its children. Unfortunately, they have neither the funds nor the know-how to start their own mage academy. Yet thanks to the generosity of the established Arch Lords, they soon obtain the means. This is especially true since Arch Lady Vesta offers to train Hiver as her apprentice so that she can become the first Arch Lady of Glacialheim. Thus, the young slum kid sets off on a multi-year journey to become one of the world's top mages.

The Story of Hiver Glace Features:

The playful point-of-view of its young protagonist.
A frantically fast-paced narrative.
The first introduction to the nation of Selva and its comically laidback Arch Lady.
The heartwarming development of strong bonds of friendship between Hiver and her
Selvan companions.
The tick for tack highest degree of magical power displayed in any Souladonis story yet.
An inspiring tale that is precise, to the point, and will surprise readers with just how
special Hiver Glace truly is.

Note: The full story is available from the author's website.
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  • Overall Score

A good change for readers.

Good setting, a nice  grammar that doest strangle you to death like many others, and a lot of potential. 

I feel like people in her hometown act a little pollyannaish but considering their enviroment and conditions of their lives, its natural for that kind of attitude for them.

Also Mc not having worldbreaking potential or outworldish realationships with old gods or something from chapter one is a good change for me.  It is okay to have some gamebreaking power but it is nice to see a Mc WHO ( I dont know why but my WHO is always caps, I cant control it. Long live chaos ? ) is not capable of decimating countries at eleven years old.

Tl;Dr:  really worth a shot.