"Tch" spat a goddess, as she leaped back to make space between herself and Dominic.

She was known as Athena, the goddess of war, one of the 12 major olympians in the Greek Mythology. For it was strange that the shield of Ageis, one known to be unbreakable was left shattered on the ground.

Her eyes glared towards the one who had done so.

A single young man stood in the center, surrounded by gods and dieties on each side. A strange sight, a mere mortal had forced all of them to create space to avoid damage. The blood dripping from her mouth made a small splat against the ground.

The silence shattered by that single sound in the middle of a city.

Dominic moved. Even though he may be ridiculously powerful, he is however still ignorant, inexperienced in many battles, that is, at least how it should've been. That flaw should have been his downfall amongst all the gods and beings beyond the mortal realm.

"You know, if you're just gonna stand there, I'm going to come at you" Dominic issued a light warning.

A flare grew in the hearts of the gods. He was moking them, making fun of their strength. They had lived for millennias upon millennias, yet not an ounce of respect was felt from that single entity before them.

Athena looked towards her brothers and sisters, all of which resides on the peak of the Greek mythology. 

They were connected as one. Even if they weren't forced to fight the young mortal infront, they would still do so. Their feelings were transmitted into each other, synchronising not only their emotions, but their movements as well.

"Disappear!" called out 12 gods in unison.

Lightning that could smite mountains struck forward, as the floor grabbed onto Dominic's legs, a tsunami appeared from nowhere and rushed forward. The other 9 battle driven gods got ready and flew forward, ready to take him down even if he managed to survive.

Yet, before they could even do so.

They felt the earth shatter. The literal wind itself breaking, as the ozone layer shattered from a single flick of the wrist. The surroundings dissapeared, as though the city that was here a mere split second ago was a mere joke.

"Huh?" Athena asked in a voice of wonder.

She looked at the hand she wiped off the blood with. 

"Why is there more blood here? Guys?" she looked around. However, her brothers and sisters were nowhere to be seen.

Her figure floated pitifully in the air, as only half of her body was left. The force that wasn't even directed to her managed to nearly completely delete her existence.

"Where's my other hand? Huh? I'm sleepy?" she muttered to herself, as her vision blackened. The lifeless body dropped towards the ground.

"What's this? I thought gods won't die?" Dominic looked towards Death.

However, a fearful look covered Death's face. His heart nearly stopped, as Death himself felt threatened by the mysterious strength before him. Sure enough, gods live by the belief of the people, for if they are worshipped, they would be able to sort of 'exist' forever.

Yet, depsite what common sense dictates, the gods have dissapeared completely from existence. At least the gods of this reality.

"If he hits life like that..." Death thought.

"STOP! I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING, BUT THE GODS WILL DIE!" Death screamed out at Dominic.

"Yeah, I can tell?" Dominic tilted his head to a side.

Title aquired: God slayer
Title aquired: Olympian Slayer
Title aquired: Natural Enemy of Gods
Title aquired: Ascended

 A list of tables appeared infront of Dominic.

The atmosphere around him changed instantly. The Gods around felt oppressed. Their instincts screaming at them to run.

The gods themselves found it wierd. They were trembling against the might of a mere mortal, thier pride held their fighting spirit up, and their intellect requested for the body to run. However, only one choice was available to them. as the collars around their necks glowed even more, their bodies rushed forward without their control.

In the eyes of an average man, one who survived the collapse of the city, he could see the figures of humans in the far distance. The earth trembled each time any of the figures had moved, as thunder, lightning and all the other elements struck at a single smaller looking figure in the midst of them.

"Its the gods....the gods are having a fallout" he closed his eyes and prayed. Praying that what he saw is a dream. His family were left descerated after a single shake, the cities skylines dissapeared as if it was never there before. Nothing remains of his home.

And then, before he could see anything happen, the tiny figures in the horizon moved. They seem to almost teleport right next to the single one being ganged upon.

There was not a single sound. He watched as the forests and mountains disappear, before the sound hit him. It was so loud, he felt his world shake. 

Blood dripped out of his ear.

In fact the whole world appeared to be spinning.

New Title: City Destroyer 
New Title: He who shakes the earth
New Title: Not one left

 Yet again, another line of boxes appeared in front of Dominic.

He used the palm of his hands to swipe away the incoming Gods. It appears that he had grown stronger? 

"What is this?" he wondered, as he saw veins popping out of his arm, it was thoese that one could see among extremely fit people who would go to the gym every other day.

The impact of his palm, blew away the gods, as they fell to earth, shattering and destroying mountains and cities. The crust of the world was pierced, as the gods fell into lava. The crust was extremely thick, perhaps even a few hundred thousand kilometeres in depth.

"What is this?" Dominic looked at his own hands. He felt stronger. Way stronger.

New Title: He who shatters stars
New Title: Is this even allowed?

 Considering the fact that a single god is already capable of ending a world by itself, the damage caused by the battle was so ridiculous, that crossing the battlefield in an average plane flying non-stop in a single direction would take years.

New Title: Not one for nature
New Title: Enemy of life
New Title: Enemy of nature

 Dominic looked towards the nearly transparent string stretching from the collars of the gods and deities and thoese beyond that.

He moved towards them. Faster than light could reach him, hence he was in a sense, invisible, since light is needed to bounce off against an object to be percieved by the eye. However, even with a magical eye that needs nothing like that, they were still unable to comprehend the speed he arrived infront of them.

"Nice collar you have there" he grabbed onto the string-like object.

It was slimy, and yet hard and secure at the same time.

"I can break this" Dominic realised. Somewhere along the line of Titles, he seemed to have grown stronger, strong enough to tear apart the flimsy string.

With a ripping sound, the line was servered. The random god who was the first subject of his test, let out a loud scream, before collapsing and falling towards the ground.

"so... so much death" Death muttered as he looked around. Countless amounts of black substance flew towards and was absorbed into his body.

Dominic ran around, jumping and gathering the gods in the air.

Naturally the gods opposed, many projectiles came and bounced off his body like flimsy toys, however there was a persistent spear that was stuck onto his body, growing stronger and stronger. Dominic shattered that spear with the force that could destroy a star.

He held the strings in a bundle, and attempted to hit it. Breaking the connection between the master and the gods.

The gods screamed in agony, before falling to the ground below.

"Next is..." Dominic looked around, as he found his world turn black. No, it was more like he was forcefully transported elsewhere.


A clapping sound was heard from the darkness, and a single young guy walked out.

"Well done, you have managed to anger me so much as to reveal myself" the guy smiled as he walked out. He had a handsome face, white hair, glowing yellow eyes and also a red aura that grew around himself.

He was a combination of two opposites something that should have never came to be.

A devil and an angel at the same time. A race that have the power to easily end worlds. A nephillim.

"I welcome you to the phantasm realm, I'm pretty sure you have already been here before haven't you?" his voice attempted to provoke Dominic.

"It really intruges me, I have never done anything to you or your timeline, so why have you come to bother me in mine?" the Nephillim asked. His voice filled with both rage and curiosity.

"Well you see, I recieved a request, one that asks of me to help free a certain person, or actually, a phantasm being that you have enslaved" Dominic replied in the same way the Nephillim spoke, in an attempt to mock him.

"Ah, so you're here to play hero eh? And just for that, you..." the Nephillim's eyes flared up, the yellow glow turned sinister, as it was replaced by a notable crimson red. The color of blood that most sentinel being spew.

"Come on, I shall teach you a lesson" the Nephillim stretched out his hand, and a fiery scythe flew into his hands from nowhere.

"That's disgusting" Dominic commented, as he saw a collar glow around the middle portion of the scythe. Its blades were red hot on fire.

"Die" the Nephillim shouted, as he swung towards Dominic, his speed was truely remarkable. If it wasn't against Dominic that is.

The scythe swung in from the left, as Dominic could feel the heat from its mere distance.

As a means of comparison, if you dropped the scythe on the floor, it will melt everything all the way even through the matle and the core of the world.

The clear mastery of the scythe was present in the Nephillim, as it moved like a whirlwind, going in from the left and the right at extreme speed, it was spinning like the wheels of a car except that it was going in for the kill each time.

The scythe moved closer, it burned through the clothes and managed to graze Dominic's chest. 

Dominic immediately moved back, seperating from the Nephillim.

He felt his blood boil in his body simply from the heat the scythe produced. It was the heat that would come from and exploding white dwarf.

Even from a few miles away, he still felt like he was in a sauna.

"I would make a joke about fire, but I'm feeling too hot right now" Dominic stated, as he leapt forward, the wind pressure blowing away the heat, as he closed the distance.

However, a chain came out of nowhere and was attatched to the scythe. Once again, Dominic saw a collar on that chain. A tornado formed behind the scythe, as it came on with devastating attack power and speed.

Somehow, the tornado caught on fire and it spun towards Dominic.

"I always thought the wind was on my side, guess I was wrong" Dominic joked once again, as he blew away the tornado with his bare fists.

"Shut your trap" the Nephillim roared, as more tornados flew towards Dominic. This time, he saw lightning and perhaps other elements mixed within.

"5huT y0uR Tr4p!" Dominic imitated him in a mocking chicken pose.

He was watching the development of earth for a very very long time after all.

"Don't you have anything that isn't a fidget spinner?" Dominic mocked him once again, as he blew through the tornado.

The nephillim attempted to block his fist with the scythe, however, it was exactly what Dominic was aiming for. He shattered the collar that was restricting fire.

"Ah" the Nephillim appeared to have flinched.

Dominic gave a round house kick, and destroyed the collar on the chain as well.

"I'm a Nephillim turned candidate, you're just a human candidate!" he growled with anger, as the shattering of the chains appeared to have hurt him somewhat.

"Shut up" Dominic smacked him right in the face.

"Do you have any idea what you're doing? You're destroying your own manpower against the Destroyers!" the Nephilim rebutted as metallic gloves appeared on his hands. Once again, it has a collar around it.

"You should have realised that this is useless right?" Dominic broke the collar once more, as another figure dissapeared into the darkness.

The Nephillim took a swing, it holds his years of experience in martial arts, minimizing wasted movements. Yet, it missed. It was a difference in terms of raw stats. The basic form of Dominic was already stronger.

"" before the Nephillim could finish his sentence, Dominic once again smacked him in the face.

It contained the force that would easily shatter a planet, and yet the Nephillim got back onto his feet.

Dominic took a step closer.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" the Nephillim screamed. A ear-piercing shout that covered the surroundings in a white glow.

The world appeared to have plunge into madness.

"You can't stop me now, I have already became the true devil after I'm done with you, your whole family your world is going to be destroyed!" the now white glowing Nephillim shouted.

He ran forward, his claws reaching for Dominic's neck.

With a kick in the face, the whole scenery faded, as the Nephillim coughed out blood.

"What the fuck?" he crawled on the floor in agony.

Dominic walked towards the Nephillim agaisnt the ground.

"Take this!" the Nephillim screamed.

*thuk* a collar glowed around his own neck.

"This is the only way!" the Nephillim used his own unique power.

"I...I will conquer you!" the Nephillim announced.

Dominic found himself in a white space.

Memories and the ideals of the Nephillim rushed towards him. 

The unique power of the Nephillim works in the way that by making the opponent empathise with him, he will gain full control over the opponent. Furthermore, it forces the opponent with his memories, experience and life thoughts. If they so much as empathise with him, they lose.

However, the Nephillim found Dominic's hand on his head in real life.

" way...even after that?" the Nephillim screamed.

"What's your name?" Dominic asked him.


"I don't care" Dominic crushed his skull.

Once again, the sound of shattering collars was heard in the surroundings.

New Title: He who denies all control
New Title: Psycho

 "Hey death" Dominic called out to the surroundings, and sure enough Death appeared.

"Bring me back, its done right?" Dominic said so without a care.



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