The world before: The Abysmal Elven Lord



Chapter Five: Status Screen! Beginning of A Journey!

A note from Sorsier

It’s been almost a year since I started this story. Reason, my laptop died and none of my documents were backed up to a cloud. And when it’s was repaired I lost everything lol

Chapter 5
Status Screen! Beginning Of A Journey!

“Arghhhhh!” He roared as unimaginable pained coursed throughout him.

Annabella quickly flooded his mind with reassurance. “Endure,” she said soothingly. “This is why I asked about your choice of a body.”

He roared as he burned internally. “Asked? Your barely said anything,” he said through gritted bloody teeth. “Is this the help you are offering? Warning me of something once it hits?” He questioner her motives.

“No!” She said not hiding her displeasure. “I didn’t know it would be this bad. The cradle is beyond what I know, or suspected. Your game avatar was brought over in its entirety. The mana, your body are being used as a catalyst to birth your body into this world.” She said sharply.

He disregarded her as he laid inside the cradle as his veins burned and his bones broke. [T1:Masochist, 6/10]

“Shit Skill,” he cursed. “And He ancillary Ability [Heightened Pain Threshold] isn’t helping.” He said more to himself then to her. He just was glad to be able to speak and hear, albeit begrudgingly considering the pain.

“Your are mistaken. Your skill is working quite well. You are being broken, and remade at a cellular level. I promise you that without it you would have been driven mad.” She admitted

He grumbled ineligibly at her admittance.

After awhile the pain measures down astronomically. He was able to exit the cradle. Utilizing [Arcane weaving] he created a crude, but cushioned chair to sit down in while he looked around the cavern.

“Where exactly are we?” He said out loud.

“You know,” She said slowly. “You can just mentally communicate with me. We are still connected.”

He waived his hand. “I can talk, so I’m going to physically talk. Tagalongs shouldn’t be snippy.” He said out loud again.

“Well you shouldn’t get accustomed to speaking out loud. People will suspect you daft.” She said with sarcasm.

“Why should I care what people think? I’ll just destroy them and burn down there house, or castle doesn’t matter which one, or order.”

She sighed, “Let’s not do that, okay? She paused waiting on him to respond.”

Minutes later after he asked a few more questions he agreed to not set people afire or destroy castles. “Look, I agreed. Now where are we?” He said sitting up.

“We are in a dungeon. One second let me bring up the map.

[uncommon, Dungeon, Aged: Ancient. Level: 10-20.]

The dungeon floor they were currently on was the third floor. The room he was in was like a wide basin. With one doorway that lead out into an antechamber.

“Three floors,” He said tapping his chin while he lend toward the map hovering before him. “The level doesn’t seem high. What exactly is inside of here?” He asked Annabella.

“Permission to use my scan?” She asked.

“Wow! You are asking. Yeah. Sure. Go right ahead.” He said leaning back In his chair that was now burgundy and had crude dragon arm rest. While they were discussing he was casually channeling mana into the chair, making it perfect as he could get it so far.

Suddenly a indescribable thirst came over him as pulse flooded from the pod.

“Damn. What the fuck was that he said,” smacking his dry mouth.

“I had to use your mana. Stop playing with the chair.” She said as the map grew more detailed. “Currently my scans are not capable of penetrating mana packed dungeon floors. The floor we are residing on seems to have. Spiderlings, goblins, and other critters, there levels are 5-10. I’m also picking up level 20 creatures; I’m assuming they are either the floor bosses or leaders or their respective races.”

“You didn’t ask to use my mana,” he said as he tried to use [Arcane weaving] but all he got was a pained in the back of his head. “Now I’m out. How long before it return? Do we have a status screen.” He said tartly learning back in his chair.

“One second.” Replied Annabella.

HP 200/200. MP 100/500 SP 250/250

“Let me placed it outside of your vision. Just casually use your peripheral to keep track of it.” She said as a Red, blue, green bar appeared where she said it would.

“How about my level, and stats? Do I get a full status screen, like in my mmorpg”

“I’m working!” She stated flatly.

[Name Shawn Ambrogio
[Main Classes: None]
[Sub-Classes: None]
[Titles: Abyss Gazer]
[Exp: 0%]
[Race: Sun Elf]
[Sub-Race: Abysmal Elf]

[Skills/Spells: Arcane Weaving, Arcane Linguistics. Soul-Link, Sleight of the
Third-Eye, Mana-Sense, Masochist, Spacial pocket, Void Sorcery,
Heightened Reflexes, Heightened Resistance, Enhanced Speed, Mana
[Tomes: Mysticism, Abysmal Grimoire
[Powers/Abilities: Sanguine Vamperial
[Traits: Pure Elven Affinity, High Mana, High Constitution,Blessed of the
Sun, Magical Scholar
[Health Regen: 1.5% per second]
[Stamina Regen: 1.5% second]
[Mana Regen: 2.5%per second]

[Constitution: 20
[Strength: 32
[Affinity: 70
[Allocation Points:10

We both starred at my full status sheet. I could vaguely get a impression of shock from her as well.

“So,” I said to cut the silence.

“As I expected,” She finally said. But my skill [Sleight of the Third-Eye] caught the red tendrils that was are connection. She continued. “The cradle is the pinnacle of science from Earth. Countless Scientist, and intellectuals pooled their talents with the aide of the whole world on one accord.” She said flatly.

“Sanguine Vamperial, It was a quest line from the mmorpg, a terribly long chain quest to get the actual disease. One had to be a full blooded species but the game had a glitch, that went unnoticed. That’s howglitch and have a immunity to the sun.” Vampires to hefty de buffs in sunlight, and during the day. I mean, I assumed my appearance would remain the same, reason why I kept my toon; but I can honestly say I never expected this.”

“Quite correct admittance. The cradle of life is capable of sustaining life, creating it, originally. The standard design was equipped to help humans adapt to other ecosystems. But...” she trailed off.

“But, the mana enriched environment and the game elements, and pure scientific genius has somehow became one!” I said finishing for her, almost.

“Precisely, and I’m afraid my meddling as well played its part in the pod adapting quite bizarrely.”

“Before we tackle the dungeon should I be worried about this Vampiric thing?” I had to ask. I was secretly excited. I was a freaking Vampire. Abysmal Elf was nice too, but seriously Vampire.

“Let’s read the description, one sec.”

These immortal being of [Blood Magic] once were part of the higher hierarchy of Gaia. Pure Bloods vanished from the landscape during the upheaval when the gods left mortals to fend for themselves. A secret known only to the purest of the remaining blood-kin, the rulers of the Blood Conclave to birth a [Impure Vampire Lord] is by breeding of Royal clans. Your affliction cannot be passed toward your progeny. A [Pure Vampire Lord] cannot be created, nor can the curse of [Sanguine Vamperial] be contracted by bite or exposure to your blood. You have the blood of progenitor. As a Pure Blood your control of the lesser afflicted is absolute [Blood Whisper].

Vampires are supernatural being, they are highly resistance to most magic, and have a high affinity with the darker Magic’s then most races of Gaia. Vampires also acquire the skills [Heightened Reflexes], [Acute Hearing], [Enhanced Speed] [Heightened Resistance] [Mana Manipulation] , and higher grasps to magical schools in Destruction, Illusion, and Mysticism. Each skill gave me .5 In it’s respective attributes based off of my base at its current level. I also have a 10% boost in learning spells in the three schools of magic.

“What is this?” I asked.

“It’s this world description of vampirism. It seems your quest in game to become a Lord of Blood is Quite similar to a Purer form Vampire-kind from this world history. You also have the [Vampire Lord Tree] as well, You would have to level it up again.” She finished.

I read over the [Vampire Lord Tree] which was locked.

Annabella spoke. “Yes. Same as the game you would have to learn [Blood Magic] and it’s skill to access it.”

“[Abysmal Elf],” She said after I closed the screen.

“????. It has nothing on the race description, odd” she said as I felt her confusion.

“I’m not worried. If this world has similar qualities of the games I played then I’m moderately sure of its description,” I said reassuringly. “All Elven races derived from two fore-parents [High Elf], and [Abysmal Elf]

As I read over my two racial description Annabella spoke. “ Young master, what about my body.... and we can’t leave the ship, and cradle here.” She said alarmed as Strolled toward the exit.

Shoot! “I forgot,” I lied. I whirled around to face the pod, or ship. “I just realized,” I said aloud as I starred at the 7 meter in length ship as the hum of its sophisticated engine echoed in the cavern. “What do I need to do, how do I go about this?” I asked Annabella. It’s her body after all.

The connection sparkled with excitement and unbridled glee. “First...” she went own explaining to me what I had to to do, or could do.

First, we established a [Soul-Link] Contractor. Believe, I tried to enslave her but she told me some nasty kickbacks, and detriments toward the aspect of the link. I’ll pass, and test it out on something simple minded, and not a super computer poltergeist.

Secondly, With the skill [Arcane Weaving] which basically makes Mana a physical construct, depending on the user abilities; mines is low, after the skill was pulled up in detail I could only construct basic, crude items at the time being. But, if I constantly practice with it the skill can be improved quickly.

“Okay,” I said aloud. “What do I do with the metal? I asked after a rough go and chipping away at the wing on the ship. Also, the ship would self repair after about a month or two, so I wasn’t worried about damages.

“Let me control your arms,” asked Annabella. Relenting to her request, I watched how she molded the sophisticated metal, which is [Refined Mythril] according to the world system. She with artistic eased smooth the metal into a small oval ball. My hand flexed and two miniatures antennas sprouted from each side. “To increased the range of my scans,” she paused. “Preventative measures, stealth, as per your request. We will lose range, but invasive measures would be tripled.” She went on with her scientific jargon.

“Are you sure of others, from earth.”

“Hundred-percent certainty of their descendants, It’s has been thousands of years since your ship crashed here,” she said absentmindedly. She waved my hand to left of us a 3-D image of planet appeared. “This is Gaia. It’s approximately 5x the size of Earth. Ecosystems, evolution, all exact replicas of back home. Differences are other species of humanoids. But, when I scanned the planet thousands of years ago it was because I detected a satellite that was slightly functional.” She stopped as a lens appeared on the oval ball.

“Satellite? Is it still functioning? Can it be of use.”

“It was damage by something big, and destructive long ago. I shut down most of its functions so it conserve the remaining power cells. Like I said we would have to mix science and magic to hope to repair it. Earth technology rapidly deteriorates in contact with Mana. I suspect it’s the actual wiring, we would have to include Mana into anything science. Example, my body. And I’m done.”

After she finished her metallic eyeball Annabella consciousness slipped from the pod into it. Internally she spoke. “I couldn’t make any type off audio without removing more metal from the ship.” She said with her body floating in front of me, the lenses zoomed in and out and gave off a ethereal glow.

So my journey begins.


A note from Sorsier

I want to update my older chapters since I got other ideas. Also I wan the skills to have levels, Tiers and what not Kinda like [Tier 1 Masochist 1/10] so moving forward I would implement this. 

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