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Ascending Hero

Ascending Hero

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Reincarnation Harem Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Fan Fiction

Join Arata Hajime as he journeys through different worlds on a quest to complete the mission he received from a mysterious voice.

When Demons Invade

When Demons Invade

Original Action Adventure Drama Tragedy Supernatural Multiple Lead Characters Grimdark Gore

When demons invade what will they do? When demons invade is there someone to blame? Will they know mercy or kill for fun? Will anyone survive? Will anyone stop it? Most importantly, will anyone stand and fight?

When friends, crushes, and rivals Elijah, Izzy, Greg, Noellia, Jared, Aydan, and Cody have their school day interrupted by strange creatures, life quickly gets crazy. Demons of all shapes and sizes show up and slaughter friends and teachers in front of them. Through quick thinking and luck they're able to survive the first wave. But when the dust clears what will they do?

A normal man's journey

A normal man's journey

Fan Fiction Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Slice of Life Male Lead Magic Gore Fan Fiction

A normal man named Si will be reborn as naruto. How will he avoid danger and actually live to not die?

Isekai Strategy Game

Isekai Strategy Game

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Summoned Hero Gender Bender Multiple Lead Characters Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Profanity Gore

Summoned into the world of Terra Nova, The Legendary Hero, the one chosen by the Gods to strike down the Demon King, finds herself stuck in a world where the Demon King isn't expected to return for another 500 years. Instead, she is caught in between the ongoing feuds between nobles, kingdoms and empires.

How will she survive the machinations of the powerful, who wish to use her to further their own goals?

Just some writings.

Just some writings.

Original Short Story Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

This is not a story. These are just some things I've written but never shown to anyone. I just wanted to put them out there because I believe it will be a relief to have some criticism, and so I can stop judging my writing in my head. Some will be prologues to stories that I may never continue, some may be thoughts I've accumulated and put into words. I just want some opinions, that's it. Thanks.

(I gave this the "Short Story" tag because I don't know what else to place it under)

(Also gave it all the content warnings because I don't know what I plan to put in here)

The Advocate Saga

The Advocate Saga

Original Action Drama Fantasy LitRPG Mystery Supernatural Female Lead Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead

*Seven book series* Urban Fantasy/Female MC/Light GameLit elements central to plot

Note: Very little/no editing has been made on this. If you're a long time reader, you already know that I just plan on making as many completed stories this year as I can. 2019 will be more about making refined work.

Prescheduled Chapters for Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays

Completed Version of Book 1 will be Available on Amazon Wednesday the 24th of April.

Book 1 (Complete) - BRANDED, Synopsis: 

Kat Stone just wants to leave her magical past behind and live the simple life of a professional smuggler. But when a monster from the world she abandoned begins killing her friends, she realizes the past she buried is beginning to dig itself up. Kat is the only one who knows the monster is just the beginning with an unknown enemy controlling it from the shadows.

Caught between her new life and the one she worked so hard to forget, Kat will be forced to decide facing the killer and its monster or handing the problem off to a higher authority breathing down her neck. With the monster on the hunt in her city, she is running out of time and choices.

Will Kat be able to find the key from her past to take down the monster? Or will the mysterious enemy kill the last of her friends?

Don’t miss BRANDED, the first book of the Advocate Saga by Outspan Foster. If you like Jim Butcher's "The Dresden Files", Kevin Hearne's "The Iron Druid Series", and Elicia Hyder's "The Soul Summoner Series", then this Urban Fantasy with a GameLit twist will have you turning the pages! Come check it out!

Books 2-7 are in the oven.



Original Action Fantasy Sci-fi Supernatural Strong Lead Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Gore Traumatising content

His family were hunted down for being descendants of Abraxas, the demon of wrath. He never liked those stories about white knights in shining armor anyways.


Image is Unrestrained Inner Rage by TheCuddlyKoalaWhale


Yet Another Naruto Fanfiction

Yet Another Naruto Fanfiction

Fan Fiction Action Fantasy Psychological Tragedy Reincarnation Martial Arts School Life Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Grimdark Profanity Gore Traumatising content Fan Fiction

First fiction.

Construction criticism is welcomed.

About a broken and indifferent youth who has barely any emotion and gets reincarnated into the Naruto world after his untimely death. This is mainly just a fun thing that I like to do in my free time.

 (bad grammar)

Please note that this will not be a novel about a new hero coming in and saving and fixing everything in Naruto.

(System heavily inspired by Dexter's Adventure Through the Elemental Nations)

Man With a Mace

Man With a Mace

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Summoned Hero Male Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content

Life sucks, and then you die. And then it gets worse.

Pritchard was the only weeaboo at his Tennessee high school, and was little else, until the night before graduation. Just as he confesses to Sasha, the girl's he's had a crush on for years, Pritchard dies in an act of God and finds himself in a fantastical new world with Sasha, drawn into the service of the Dark Lord to purge all Good from the land.

Of course, now he's a goblin. And a cleric. And Sasha's a half-orc barbarian. And neither of them feel particularly evil.

Gven their current situation, that might cause some problems.

Hunting the Devil King

Hunting the Devil King

Original Action Adventure Comedy Profanity

Chad is your average college student. He works at a part time job to help pay for his education and clips coupons on the weekends to help save a few dollars when he goes shopping. However, dreams of a simple life and working at a decent job are quickly tossed aside as he finds himself transported into what he assumes to be a fantasy world! Everything was going exactly as he expected it to go, as he had read a few novels describing situations exactly like the one he found himself in. But those expectations are quickly thrown out the window when the Devil King herself shows up for a surprise visit!


Perhaps this land of fantasy isn't so fantastical after all.

(Updates whenever this hunk of meat completes a chapter.)

Samsara: The rise of Darksteel

Samsara: The rise of Darksteel

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Martial Arts Supernatural Male Lead Wuxia Profanity Gore

An ordinary man from modern-day Earth stumbles his way through reincarnation to awaken in an extrodinary world.

Follow the journey of Kael Darksteel as he grows up in his new body, overcomes obstacles, and use the knowledge bought during reincarnation to get rich. Err.. We mean on his journey to become an emporer.

Follow along to watch the birth of the next artisan god.



Special thanks to An P at free images for the cover photo.

A War of Masks

A War of Masks

Original Action Fantasy LitRPG Magic Grimdark Profanity Gore

In Xinstad, the only decisions are hard ones. Kill or be killed, steal or be stolen from. Here, in the dark shadows of Xinstad’s massive Heart Tree, a boy struggles to survive in this harsh world. Working with the rest of the Emerald Jinkats, a small gang raised Koutan, their leader, he lives a life of raiding and pickpocketing, keeping their place in the elaborate web of the city’s criminal underground. But when one day a strange man comes riding into the city, wielding powerful new technologies, Xinstad’s criminal underground is thrown into chaos, thrusting Herzju and his gang into a conflict bigger than they could ever imagine. One with soaring airships and winged serpents. One with dangerous mercenaries and world-bending magic. And amidst terror and grief, murder and betrayal, the boy must fight a war, a war against the world, against his empire, his family, and himself. A war of masks.

(Cover is a work in progress)



Original Action Adventure Psychological Profanity Traumatising content

With Eight you are born, with Eight you depart.

Order from Eight, Chaos without.


Oh what's this, my-servant-is-God? Don't mind if I Do~

Oh what's this, my-servant-is-God? Don't mind if I Do~

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Reincarnation Harem Slice of Life School Life Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Satire

Waking up in the morning is hard enough being lazy. Waking up in the morning in a world that's like one of those asian cultivation novels where arrogance is in abundance and kindness is only carried by those in high places or is hard to get to is even harder.

But waking up in the morning one day just to find out you have a servant, and that servant is God himself, then waking up isn't so hard anymore as you've just become the luckiest thing in existence and now happiness is in abundance, well at least for you, but for your enemies, let's just say you won't be seeing them for a while. Scratch that, no one will be seeing them for a while.

(There will be a plot twist in regards of God, I will tell you when the plot twist has happened, and it will be early, I mean very early.)

The Bleeding Mansion

The Bleeding Mansion

Original Horror Psychological Supernatural Multiple Lead Characters Magic Profanity Gore Traumatising content

In the depths of a hidden forest lays a mansion in decay. It seems frozen in time, and the people who go near it speak of hearing voices and seeing disturbing things from within.

One group of young adults burst inside, without knowing the consequences. Leaded by Jean Pierre Pierre's decision, they are thrown into this chaos. They are cursed. They are a l o n e.

Book 1 of Arethoneel: Birth of Chaos

Book 1 of Arethoneel: Birth of Chaos

Original Fantasy Multiple Lead Characters Magic Profanity

This tale is set in the world of Arehoneel, a place where the Sea of Wrath divides to large realms. The Realm of the West and the Realm of the East. The West Realm is readying itself for the war to come: The Battle of The Emperors, meanwhile chaos booms in the East with the birth of the King's children, who have been cursed by some unknown entity. We will follow the stories of Ser McGregor, the Nyrlyan Lola, the Drow Fiona, the handmaiden Lin, the Smilebestower Kristi and the Prodigy Elliot. They all live their own lives separately, unknowing of the other. They all have a mision and a role to play.

McGregor has just been appointed as a knight in the Royal Guard, working for Arthur Jurongth, king of Arethoneel. The King, as of late, has been seen in his cellar drinking his worries away, not fulfilling his job as a righteous ruler. Nonetheless, McGregor has set to himself to work for the greater good of the people of Arethoneel. He and his mighty sword will traverse throughout the East Realm, slaying all evil and aiding those in need.

Lola is a small and humble Nyrlyan of only eight years of age. She lives near the outside border of the Nyrlie Kingdom due to the poverty of her family. After an attack from their enemy, Lola is sent far away from her home and starts living her new life alongside her uncle Drotzla.

Fiona's father is sick. She has always looked up to him and wishes for his quick recovery. Fiona knows, however, that in order to accomplish that she must travel far and back to retrieve some cure for this disease, since it is incredibly rare. Fiona also wishes to accomplish her dream of sailing the seas and becoming a pirate alongside her friends. 

Lin Koneta is of the family of health and nursery, and in her wretched kingdom of Eckelstorm, she is one in sixteen families that are preparing for war. They do not wish for battle, for they know they would lose, so they are in seek of allies. Lin will be an omanege to one of these alliances, but she does not know how this will turn out to be...

Kristi Rhyona is a young lass that lives in Sturmley, a land known for its poverty and famine. Despite her circumstances, Kristi blooms with positivity and love for the people around her, and she is known for making the fellow Sturmlians smile with sweetness. But Kristi is tired - she wants to end this. Sturmley shall suffer no more.

In a sole and desolate place, Elliot Cobalt struggles to find himself alongside dozens of smart individuals. His family was brought here due to their highly intellectual DNA, but Elliot knows something is wrong with this place and he wishes to resolve it. The Ci Kingdom is a place of mystery, and Elliot will unveil the truth. How long will it take?



Original Horror Psychological Supernatural Female Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

Aashi is a little girl from Romania. She loves spending time with her cat Adagio, he is the only friend she has. Her parents never let her bring the stray cat home, though, and she absolutely abhorres that. It is not the only thing she despises, however... There are many things in her life that unplease her... And she is about to dwell in them deeper, in a more drastic and dark, nonsensical way. Aashi is about to trans mundis into the world of FEAR.

A Demons Evolution

A Demons Evolution

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Male Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore


reincarnated as a demon and ready to gain power, I will do whatever it takes to become a demon lord



this is my first story so ruin my life with your comments


The Heavens Collapse

The Heavens Collapse

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Reincarnation Martial Arts School Life Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Strategy Wuxia Profanity Sexual Content Gore

“You weaklings shouldn’t get in my way.”

Blood red Qi rising from his body Xiāo li slowly moved his broken body forward staggering from side to side.

“Don’t bother begging for your life. I’m going to bathe in your blood.”

Blood red Qi turning completely chaotic the faces of millions of people could be seen screaming in hellish pain.

“Come, attack me you weaklings!”

Behind Xiāo li a blurry red figure began to form.

“The only ones that can kill me…”

A snakes large head formed behind him as the light from his blood red Qi lit up some of his surroundings.

Pupils rapidly shaking and shifting Xiāo li looked like he was on the verge of insanity.

“Are my family!”

Eyes instantly focusing his eyes and the eyes of the snake behind him erupted with the desire to slaughter.

Bloodlust shooting in all directions his enemies felt their backs fill with sweat, their hair stand, their stomachs tighten, and their souls tremble.

Raising his hand with the palm facing upward his fingers were curled slightly like they held something immaterial and invisible.

Blood red snowflakes fell from the sky truly lighting up the night all around Xiāo li and his enemies.

It revealed his vicious smile full of desire.

“Who wants to die first?!”


(Release Schedule- At best 1 chapter a week on saturday or sunday. School throwing a wrench in plans so can't be as active as I'd like, sorry about that.)

The Stupid God... Oh wait he is trying to get better, no he just got more stupid.

The Stupid God... Oh wait he is trying to get better, no he just got more stupid.

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy

A god who was blessed with power and strength like no other was suddenly stripped of his powers. What do you think will happen? Join our God or rather a useless one on a journey to reclaim his powers. By the way this novel is not one of those action based repeats which keep killing people and getting strong. This is a light hearted novel but still has quite a lot of action so ..... ENJOY!