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Is It Wrong For A Spiritron Hacker To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

Is It Wrong For A Spiritron Hacker To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Reincarnation Martial Arts Harem Supernatural Male Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Fan Fiction

This is a Fate/EXTRA + Danmachi Crossover Story.

After being reincarnated in the world of Danmachi, 22-year old Kishinami Hakuno traveled at Orario in order to enter an exploration Familia, become an Adventurer, and explore the famous Dungeon yet no Familia wanted to take him in because how mediocre he was (and according to them, his abilities). But a desperate goddess with large amounts of debt took some chances and made him the first member of her Familia.

Join our plain-looking protagonist as he proved himself to everyone, Gods and Goddesses included, that looks alone doesn't say one's overall capabilities, especially if that someone had retained his memories and abilities from his past life.

The rising of the crippled Mage

The rising of the crippled Mage

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Harem Male Lead Secret Identity Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Gore

Marvin, the most wanted man on earth, finally was defeated by the effors of all the experts of martial arts, and now he was few minutes away of his execution.

Marvin, the most loved son of the miller family, suddenly fall in disgrace when his family got themselves on the bad side of the royal family, they get exiled in the wastelands to wait for dead, Marvin, who had a great talent suddenly lost of his powers due to his enemies. He died with regret and anger

However, In despair, a ray of hope suddenly appear, when his bloodline power suddenly awake to give his family a last chance.


Marvin, a hateful man that could kill without a second thought.

Marvin, a beloved son who had a great future destroyed by those who he helped in the past.

What can fate prepare for this two man ,who didn’t have a single thing in common except for the name, prepare for them?

This is the story of Marvin, a crippled mage who couldn’t kill a single fly, turning the world upside-down.

The Upcoming's of Spero

The Upcoming's of Spero

Original Adventure Comedy Drama Contemporary Slice of Life Male Lead Strategy

Spero Lynn was destined to be a normal person with a love for anime and games; that was before he got into a accident that makes him realize he should start living his life before he regrets it. Pursing his dream of becoming a game creator and an author, watch him as he strives for greatness. 
This is my first novel, and i'm not the best at grammar nor vocabulary. So take it easy on me, and enjoy. 

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Under Gabriel

The Adventures of Granny Smith and The Orderly Kevin

The Adventures of Granny Smith and The Orderly Kevin

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Female Lead Profanity

The tale of Granny Smith and The Orderly Kevin follows the adventures of a not so mild mannered old lady who has made it to a fantasy world similar to the games she loves and her ever faithful if somewhat unlucky orderly Kevin who follows behind her desperate to ensure that she takes her medicine on time and doesn't do anything stupid enough to get them killed.

This is a story that has been tickling my fantasy for months that has finally pushed me far enough to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard and should be filled with laughter, sadness, twists and turns.

Love Poison

Love Poison

Fan Fiction Drama Fantasy Romance Short Story Slice of Life Magic Fan Fiction

A story based on My Hero Academia's world. Original characters. 

Ayaka works as a professional superheroine hidden from her boyfriend, he hates popular superheroes, but things will change when she meets the super popular superhero Dark Knight.


Destas Grimminus Maximus

Destas Grimminus Maximus

Original Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Virtual Reality Slice of Life Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

Meet Roddrick Grear a orphaned young man who just found out that the education system is bull. With no money, family or anyone to rely on, see how he pushes through life and where life will take him next.

Hobbyist writer just here for some fun and stress relief. This story may contain some sexual content but that will not be part of the main story line and can be skipped. But it wll have varying degrees of gore and trauma so be warned.

Anyway enjoy!

The Second Sun's Rise

The Second Sun's Rise

Original Action Adventure Drama LitRPG Sci-fi Virtual Reality Cyberpunk Slice of Life Male Lead Strategy Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

The year is 2152. Rune Yahui is a nineteen-year-old failure, not having gained entrance to college or the military, with no significant prospects in life. Even worse, Rune is the poorest of the poor, hailing from the mega-slums of New Southern Chicago, the lowest pit of America. 

In a desperate last-ditch attempt to gain a future more lustrous than toiling the rest of his days away in abhorrent conditions in one of the near sweat-shop level factories that dot the megapolis, Rune signs up for the Virtual Citizen program, a program to cull the excessive world population by transferring just their brains into a video game. In a stroke of rare luck, Rune is admitted into the program and happily submits himself to the surgery and digitization process. Unfortunately for him, he wakes up several hundred years later than he expected... or does he?

Cover by K Hariharan Nair

Turrim Tenebris

Turrim Tenebris

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Male Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Profanity Gore Traumatising content

Insignificance. Most have a basic idea of what it entails,but do they truly understand?

Do they understand how little their lives mean? They are commodities. Things to be bought, sold, used and broken at the whims of those with true power.

And in this world power has only once source.

So enter, ye who desire power, influence and wealth.

Enter the Turrim Tenebris.

Reincarnated to a necromancing elf?

Reincarnated to a necromancing elf?

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Reincarnation Male Lead Non-Human lead Magic

Grey's life changes drastically after he died, he gets sent to a goddess to be reincarnated. This is a situation known all to well to Grey, he is a novel addicted neet after all...

But the real question is!

Will he get a cheat ability?

Herald of Fate (Working Title)

Herald of Fate (Working Title)

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Summoned Hero Martial Arts Supernatural Male Lead Secret Identity Magic Profanity Gore Traumatising content

Herald of Fate (Though technically I have it saved as Untitled Novel 1, and if you have any nice ideas for titles I will gladly accept them.)

So checklist:

☑   Mission by Fate

☑   Magic 

☑   Old Man

☑   Wierd Baby

☑   Have no clue what's going on

So basically everything on our list of exciting stuff that happens is here. So this is the adventure of a Saint Slaying crazy man with a baby that's not his in a world with no clue of how he is supposed to complete his deal with Fate. So just read the da--, ehm, dang story and hope it makes sense. 


Author Notes:

No update schedule, I'm just winging on how much I get done, so yeah hope you enjoy.

P.S. These I guess can be considered rough drafts and once I get to a specific number I might end up going back and revising the earlier stuff, but if you want to help edit I don't mind. Just DM and I'll talk to you

- Love always,

  Little Apricot



Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Male Lead Magic Profanity

"Look at that guy..."

"Impressive to say the least"

"Maybe he can help us on our next hunt. We need another fighter."

Adventurers sitting around a table discuss amongst themselves as an impressive looking warrior walks into the guild hall.

"Don’t bother if you need a fighter." A waiter tending to the booths interrupts.

The party looks at him dumbfoundedly before speaking up, "What do you mean?"

The waiter finishes wiping the table before turning to them.

"He's a healer."

World with Mana

World with Mana

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Harem Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Sexual Content

Eric King's day starts with a headache and ends with him getting attacked by zombies. Not a great day at all. All this occurs because suddenly mana enters the world and forces itself on and into everything completely changing the world. People now have classes and can use magic, they see their own status, and a variety of creatures enter your world with a variety of different motives. To top it off a group might want his death for nothing other than his class.


Note: I am not a great writer so be expected to read subpaar writing, with an unoriginal story that I might not write for long. I am simply writing this to see if I enjoy writing stories like this and to test it as a hobby. The cover art is not mine, I found it online, if the owner does not want me to use this picture then I will take the picture down. 

A Whole New World

A Whole New World

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Reincarnation Supernatural Male Lead Magic

Be careful what you believe, for it just might determine where you spend the afterlife.

Kudi Legend read one too many isekai related manga and appropriately found himself reincarnated in a fantasy world upon his death.

This is his tale.


Reviews are gladly welcome.

Queen Of Blood

Queen Of Blood

Original Action Adventure Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

The Two-Faced World. A planet inhabited primarily by the Vaspire, but also by the Lykos and Ephemerals. The planet orbits very close to the supermassive sun that makes up the system. Only it's abnormal rotation saves the whole planet from being extra crispy, and saves the Vaspire from a painful death by sun. It is on this planet, that Sarasagi lives,. A simple middle class hunter of rogues, along with her Lykos partner Ulf, she doesn't have a great deal of ambition. Her greatest striving is to get a better paying job so she can afford better food, because the processed animal stuff doesn't exactly tantalize. 

But, Sagi is poised to run into a massive, shadowy undertaking headed by the govening body, and through this rabbit hole, become far more aware of the current events in the galaxy, and beyond. 

To Fall and To Fly

To Fall and To Fly

Original Drama Historical Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters Anti-Hero Lead Profanity

Set in the historical fiction of mid-19th century where the world was dominated by empiricism, the kingdom of Eyria had to bow to the powers of an empire that controlled almost half of the world with their sole Princess, a true beauty and most graceful of all, however patriotism isn’t dead yet, and people like Jerel is just as willing to die for his kingdom as a true hero.


But heroism isn’t enough.


And a young girl, groundless, lost and confused of her existence and part in the world will have to learn what all it takes to change the world.



The Rise Of Humans

The Rise Of Humans

Original Adventure Strong Lead Grimdark Gore

Opposed for centuries due to their poor magical talent, humans have been stuck as the slaves of mightier beasts for far too long. But one aspiring young boy heralds change. He will face the world of monsters and claim glory for the human race!

AN: This is lore of my first novel, The Ultimate Weapon. Not to worry though, this novel is purely stand-alone and can be treated as a different story despite the events taking place on the same planet. This novel takes place many, many years prior the events of The Ultimate Weapon.

Molting the Mortal Coil

Molting the Mortal Coil

Original Action Adventure Reincarnation Slice of Life Male Lead Wuxia

Molting the Mortal Coil 

Reincarnated as a child in a new world a mild mannered programmer, named Sage, finds himself struggling to survive. The road to immortality is paved with danger, treasure, and conflict. This mystical eastern world is filled with Demonic Beasts, Treacherous Cultivators, and Extraordinary Legacies. Follow Sage on his journey to adapt to this new world, and find out if he can overcome the limitations of body, mind, and soul. Will he rise to the occaision and become a hero? Or maybe he'll turn to the dark side and end up a villain?  


After the first dozen or so chapters, updates will be weekly. If you want more, please support me on Patreon(button at the bottom of every chapter)! Thanks everyone!

The Book Of Genesis

The Book Of Genesis

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Horror LitRPG Supernatural Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Grimdark Profanity Gore

On the first day, a thousand people were chosen...

On the second day, a thousand people were given the power to unleash full human potential...

On the third day, Earth was awash with hellish flames...

On the fourth day, the Earth trembled from its core...

On the fifth day, two great waves swept the continents...

On the sixth day, they came...

Cain and Abel, two Chosen brothers that took the paths of Hunters, fight to keep the world safe from monsters, even if the world doesn't know about their deeds. However, one brother unknowingly unleashes great evil upon the world. Now, they must fight to not only keep theirs and other Hunter's existence a secret, but to save the world from Apocalypse.

Cruel Fate

Cruel Fate

Original Action Fantasy Horror LitRPG Tragedy Reincarnation Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Non-Human lead Magic Grimdark Profanity Gore Traumatising content

Once upon a time a writter wanted to write a perverted sick fantasy about a man reincarnating as a bunny girl in another fantasy type world. However, this God wanted his story to be different than the other isekai stories. He wanted his creation to not just another plain novel about a land filled with harems, typical fantasy tropes, and a complicated magic system. This God wanted something new. And so he proceeded to make the man turned bunny girl's life as miserable as posssible.

TLDR; A deconstruction of a fantasy world where you watch a bunny girl cry.

Female Martial Empress

Female Martial Empress

Original Action Comedy Fantasy Tragedy Martial Arts Gender Bender Secret Identity Magic Wuxia

Wang Xiu was the God of Heavenspeak, the sacred realm above all. At first, it was great for him. The praises, adoration, respect. But in the end? He used to be a pampered Young Master with a desire for battle. So at his final days. 

"Damn you, Heavens! Atleast give me a goddamn challenge!". Luckily, he was reincarnated but.... he became a female and at then began the journey of the Female Martial Empress