• Radioactive Evolution

    Radioactive Evolution

    339 pages by Balr0g

    Want to hear Jared and Scarlet come to life? Here's a direct link for the YouTube clip where he starts my book! 




    The world as humanity knew it was gone. In its place was a radioactive wasteland, scorched by nuclear furnaces. The third millenium passed unmarked and uncelebrated by those in the safezones. The rich took to the oceans, and to the skies, leaving everyone else behind. Stranded in the isolated "safe zones", with no knowledge of the worlds above their heads.

    Igor Jonovich changed everything.

    Nanotechnology, long thought to be impossible, flourished under his genius. Even as the walls of their radioactive cage closed in, humanity pushed back, harnessing Jonovich's creations to explore the radioactive wastelands. To challenge the twisted creatures that lurked in the ashes of their former glory. Humanity thought they, at least, knew this scarred earth.

    It turns out even that was a lie.

    Yesterday Jared found a message hidden within Professor Jonovich's greatest work that changed everything.

  • Dungeon Quest Online

    Dungeon Quest Online

    283 pages by Balr0g

    Tristen Alexander is a GameMaster and Techno-Genius that sets his sights on creating technology to bring players into a fully immersive game world. A game modeled after Dungeon Quest, an epic fantasy board-game he and his friends played religiously through childhood.

    Can he create the technology to achieve this feat?

    Will his pursuit of a self-aware Artificial Intelligence culminate in the evolution of a sentient digital life form to create his game world?

    Ultimately, can he really bring his favorite pastime to life and truly experience the life of his character?

    Follow along with Tristen as he sets out on a journey capable of changing the world!

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