• Apex Predator

    Apex Predator

    1271 pages by caerulex

    Earth is a fairly small place, but it's all Bath has. It's the only home he's ever known for all of his 500-or-so-million years of life. One day, Bath realized his treasured Earth was being drawn into the next mass extinction ahead of schedule. So, fascinated by the humans and their quick rise to power (after all, setting off a mass extinction is a pretty sizable achievement), what's a nearly all-powerful, somewhat bored, morally ambiguous, savagely violent, shapeshifting alien entity to do other than assume the form of a human and do some front-line investigating?

    Little did Bath know he would soon stumble upon a mysterious human organization with a gate leading to planets eons away. And that's just the beginning...

    A story with aliens, intergalactic space travel, mind powers, and an abundance of adventure!

    Author's note:

    Hello and thank you for reading! Constructive criticism and grammar-policing are both appreciated.

    Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are complete at 1271 pages! Part 7 is in progress!

    If you've ever read a webtoon, or any other web serial, you might've noticed that authors get better with time (that is, their art or writing improves). This is also the case with Apex Predator. For a sample that gives insight into what the latter ~80% of the story's writing style is like, check out chapter 56.

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  • In Pursuit of Glory

    In Pursuit of Glory

    74 pages by caerulex

    I felt a huge physical force slam into my back. I didn't have any time to think as I rocketed into the wall and felt the drywall dent beneath my body. Eyes wide, I groaned and began to push off the wall when, unceasingly relentless, my assailant backstabbed me with a knife to my gut. I gasped; being stabbed there is no laughing matter. Even today, with all the advances of science, a wound like that can easily be mortal. Most likely would be. I gasped for air with a snarl, funneling the wind into my lungs to help them expand after being pancaked into the wall. Nobody f***ing backstabs me and gets away with it.

    If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love being alive. I love it more than anything else. It’s something only a dead person can understand, and I feel myself forgetting all the time. But there’s a secret to death, and I keep it with me. Always. It’s never permanent, it’s never peaceful, and it’s always filled with regrets. But death, despite all of its shortfalls, can give a short respite from life, like a comfy afternoon nap. Death is Respite. It’s a rest for the weary. And to all those people who wander in death lonesome and regretting their broken lives - always, without fail, cut too short - I beg them to take advantage of it. I tell everyone to take advantage of death, even when I can’t bring myself to do so.


    Ciaran travels the world in pursuit of Glories, unfathomable, power-bestowing balls of golden light sequestered in difficult-to-reach places. A fun fantasy romp with a character with an unorthodox narrative voice trying to find his purpose in the world.


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