• I hate being wed in a fantasy world!

    I hate being wed in a fantasy world!

    1095 pages by kentusrpg

    Katsuragi Kenta was a gamer. He did exactly what he needed to obtain the games he wanted and the time to play them; nothing more, nothing less. When his entire class is transported to a fantasy world, Kenta is suddenly an expert on their situation and the world around them. Naturally, he sets out on his own to escape his two faced classmates.

    Two months later he returns and discovers that Momokawa Kyou, formerly the most popular girl in class, was left behind by their classmates. The two strike up an uneasy alliance despite despising each other. What’s more, they may have to work together to survive a curse.

    Kenta will have his hands full surviving his new fantasy world. If the monsters don't get him, Kyou just might!

    Warning: Tagged 15+ for Sexual Innuendos, Strong Language and Violence.

    Cover artwork made by MioChin
  • The Amazing Adventures of Akageno-Sennin

    The Amazing Adventures of Akageno-Sennin

    18 pages by kentusrpg
    You want to know who he is? It's the Akageno-Sennin, the red-haired hermit. He's over 3,000 years old and an artist, a poet and a master of martial arts. And party tricks! Never forget the party tricks!

    Some people might call him strange, mentally unstable and dangerous (what an understatement) and say, that his Hermit Arts are a contempt of natural laws (and they're right), but he doesn't care and just do whatever he likes.

    Is he almighty? Possibly. He is able to do things, which are considered impossible, after all. Even though he fails at opening a stucked jar.

    Is he a malice? Sometimes, since he's above the concepts of good and evil. Although he likes to think of himself as an ally of justice.

    Is he crazy? Yes. Yes, he is.

    So follow me, as I tell the stories of the Akageno-Sennin, whose meaning of life is unclear, common sense is out of order, and makes me laugh every time. Sometimes in disbelief, though.

    Warning: Ever attempt to logically comprehend these nonsense short stories includes a danger of melting your brain. So always keep an open container under your chin to catch it, if it flows out of your ears, nostrils or mouth. If it flows out of your eyes, seek medical advice from a witch doctor or quack.
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