• Deck of Souls

    Deck of Souls

    81 pages by Luciferia

    Release Schedule: Tuesdays & Fridays.

    Note: No harem.

    Gods, demons, and heroes. Typical MMO fare—or so I thought.

    When my guild dragged me into Jeriskyr Online, I expected I’d be playing the latest VR game. Nothing could have been further from the truth. You see, the gods like to trade people. Chosen by the gods of Jeriskyr and betrayed by my own, I found out that this virtual world is all too real.

    Now, I must choose between my own people and a cocky incubus.

    It should be an easy decision, yet I find my loyalties torn between the tyrannical and backwards Issradian Empire, or the oppressed demon kingdom, Nabyr-zahn. To embrace injustice or betray my own race.

    Or maybe I’ll just burn it all down.

  • A Gentleman's Curse

    A Gentleman's Curse

    954 pages by Vistiel

    A life taken before its time

    Through endless dark tunnels and down many holes

    Not due to chance nor done by crime

    But the whim of a god who handles our souls


    Living a lonely life in the States, Vistiel hadn't expected his situation to change for a long time. When his soul is stripped of his body, however, plans change. Thrown into a new world with his old regrets and the memories of a life that is no longer his, he can either embrace this new environment and make a new one here, or suffocate under his past. 


    Hey! Author here. Chapters post every other day and so far are anywhere from 3.5-6.5k words a piece. This'll be the first story I've ever written but I have a plot in mind and a plan in place. Just let me know if there's anything you'd like to see or if something about the grammar is bugging you. Thank you for reading!

    Please keep in mind there will be some minor adjustments made to the earlier chapters as the book progresses. I'm building a story chapter by chapter, so I may/will need to go back and touch up some things.

    If you like the story, please consider supporting me on Patreon!

  • Oblivion Online

    Oblivion Online

    823 pages by Mighty Moushie

    Thanks for permission to use the cover by WanderingInPixels over on Deviant Art.


    Marty had a fairly easy life as a cook for Arctic Storm Entertainment headquarters when he gets an offer from the company to try out a new playstyle for their biggest VRMMORPG, Oblivion Online.  Follow him as he makes his way through the game as one of the monster races trying to survive against the forces of light.  


    Author's note: I will update every Monday and Friday for sure, with the possibilities of bonus chapters through the week if I get extra writing done.  I also did a disservice to several of my characters early on.  I'm slowly working through a re-write, but it will be a while as I want to make sure I get it right this time around.

  • Raak


    149 pages by Crimeus

    James was in his 30's when his death came suddenly, not that he minded much, as life was seeming to drag on.

    His story, however, did not end with his death.

    As a point of fact, it had only just begun.




    This will be my first work, so please by all means comment with any errors I may have made. Suggestions for the story (which may or may not be used). This is a litrpg and a bit of a power fantasy, so be warned the protagonist will be pretty OP eventually.

  • Advent: Red Mage

    Advent: Red Mage

    279 pages by dm xanadu

    When the Advent began, Drew Michalik was working in a top secret facility in Washington, D.C. When all electronics simply ceased to work and blue screens appeared before him, he gained access to a mana interface and a number of crystals called xatherite. Utilizing these xatherite, he gained the ability to cast spells.  Now alone and in the dark, he must battle through the bunker turned dungeon in a desperate bid for survival. But getting out is only the first of his many problems in the changed world, as Drew struggles to survive and keep himself, and the rest of humanity, safe through the anarchy.

    Advent: Red Mage is a hero's journey told in three acts. It is a system apoclypse book and will include greedy and immoral characters. Evil will be evident, and horrible decisions will be made. This is a world where the morality of the current day has no place, and some of the monsters will be human. The MC is mostly good, but is still a flawed human being. Light LitRPG elements, no harem.

    Updates a chapter on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

  • A Dance of Poison and Curses

    A Dance of Poison and Curses

    410 pages by CrystalSquirrel
    She had been one of the greatest warriors to ever walk the world, a beast without mercy that murdered all equally on the battlefield. Fights would stop at her entrance, men would flee for their lives while blood filled the air.

    Then one day, during the height of the plague, the most powerful warrior simply vanished.

    Twenty years passed and one of the children who grew up hearing about the mystery fighter has decided it is time to make her own story. So began the journey of Liliana Rose as she wandered a continent, found friends and enemies, and crafted a new legend.
  • Necromancer by Halosty

    Necromancer by Halosty

    626 pages by Halosty
    A somewhat spoiled rich kid enters Royal Road to stalk his crush. Instead, he finds himself on a dark (read: fun) path that will inevitably lead him to becoming a Necromancer.
  • Unparalleled


    1076 pages by Mght

    He spend most of his days in the same daily life routine. But all changed in a single night when he was thrown into an strange new world.

    A world where knowledge have a different meaning and influence in the life of its inhabitants. How will he fare in this strange place and how will it affect him?

    Strugling to understand what happened and learning how to use these newfound powers, he advances on a quest to return home.

    But will he be able to?

    Warning: 18+ Contain mature language and content.

  • 13.AI


    222 pages by Saustin

    AI means Artificial Intelligence.


    But those words don't match Al, either of them. Neither Artificial, nor Intelligent.


    At least not at the beginning. No, an AI requires input, trial & error, and careful observation. But at that point, what makes it any different than human? How are binary choices any different than the choices in a human life.


    I wager that there is no difference. But what will he think?



  • Under a Boundless Sky

    Under a Boundless Sky

    553 pages by RivertheRoyal

    If you were to ask someone what they thought of Revian Snow, they would say that she's small. Cute too. Doesn't talk much. Average grades, and hard to find in a crowd, though you'd think that someone with her looks would be more noticeable. She also plays the popular VRMMO's for some reason, but doesn't like to interact with others too much, even online. 

    In short, she doesn't stand out too much. 

    She likes it that way—After all, it's much easier to keep a secret when nobody's looking for one.


     If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me on Patreon. It's a great help to me, and a very good motivation to do better, and more. 

    I hope you continue to enjoy what I write! 


  • Still Ain't Dead

    Still Ain't Dead

    241 pages by Zavon

    Rory Quinn is a New York police officer that likes chasing women, hard drinking, and beating the crap out of bad guys.  He's used to waking up with the kind of hangovers that leave most people curled around a toilet, but that all changes after one drunken night of revelry.  Instead of a bathroom floor, he wakes up to find he's been dead for 500 years.  And if that ain’t enough, the earth that he knew is long gone.  Zombies, cataclysmically evil robots, and techno-demons seem to be the least of his problems, as they all pale in comparison to his crazy immortal ex-wife!

     New Author: First time writing anything, any advice will be helpful!  

  • Master of Dungeons

    Master of Dungeons

    355 pages by Viken
    -This is my first attempt at uploading a story I created. It is not a fanfic, but uses several systems from other stories I've read. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave comments or criticisms as appropriate. Thank you.-

    Edwin Cast was your (mostly) regular guy living and working in Kentucky. He had a knack for working, and was always bouncing from job to job as fancy took him. Insatiably curious, he was always on the look out for new or interesting information or things to do. You could say he was a 'hard-work fanatic'.

    But with an ailing mother and the inability to realize that he was being shunned by those considered his 'betters', he met his mortal end at the hands of those people who he replaced. Beaten to death on the same day his mother died, he's soon pulled from the void into a world beyond his own imagination.

    Reborn into a fantasy world as the last 'Demon Lord', Edwin is expected to rule over a vast number of races, each of which are considered 'monsters' and demon-kin by the zealous human kingdoms of the world. And if that wasn't enough, the only way to progress and make ends meat is to build and control 'Dungeons' for the righteous humans to invade!

    Edwin will have to give it his all in a world he never expected even existed, and will have to learn to survive with his wits and growing power in order to establish something resembling peace in the war-torn lands of Eternia.

    -NOTE: I'm still in the process of working on the storyline, characters, and abilities that will be presented. A large number of themes are planned, and mature/adult content is planned. The story may also be a bit slow in some cases, so please bare with me. Thanks again!

    -NOTE: People have been mentioning the rough grammar and spelling errors that come with my posts; and while I've said so in the forum comments, I'm going to post it here as well. This is all basically a rough draft. I post the chapters as I write them, with only a spell-check for accuracy. None of the chapters are proofread. Once people point out blatant errors, I try to correct them; but otherwise I'm more interested in writing.

    If anyone wishes to proofread my work, shoot me a PM on the forums! Thanks again.
  • BreakDown


    845 pages by SnowMelts

    Six years after being orphaned, twenty-two-year-old Christina Bolen is finally getting her life in gear. With a business degree, Chris will finally be able to afford the life she wants for herself, but more importantly for her sister. Unfortunately, things don’t turn out the way they were supposed to. Chris is accused of a murder she didn’t commit and before she knows it she is a pawn in a game within a game. The only way out is learning to dominate in the virtual world humanity is losing itself in. A game world so widespread that it is replacing the real one in every aspect, including, or especially, the financial one. She might have never been a player before, but Chris vows to earn a spot on the gameboard. Even if that spot doesn’t exist yet.


  • The Magus of Origin

    The Magus of Origin

    155 pages by thedawntraveler

    Daniel Kho was a man of hard work and too honest for his own good. Betrayed by family and friends all his life, he decided to live alone in peace where no one could take advantage of him anymore. After a decade of saving, he finally bought his own land, built his own home, and started a vegetable plantation. Daniel was only a few months away from becoming completely self sufficient in self-exiled bliss. Unfortunately, fate had other plans for him, as a malfunctioning artifact dropped him in the middle of the mountains in another world where monsters weren’t his only problem.

  • Breaker of Chains

    Breaker of Chains

    106 pages by Jade Dragon


    **** This is the 2nd book in a series, the 1st book can be found here. http://royalroadl.com/fiction/8513  -  Curse of the Forsaken ****


    The betrayal and murder of a wise king chosen by the gods condemns all of mankind in the world of Althos to pending extinction at the hands of a terrible curse. Abandoned by the Gods, Fate and Hope, humanity descends into madness and immorality. Now, with most of humanity living as slaves of other races and the great human kingdom but a memory in legend, the scattered remains of the free humans cling desperately to a life worse then death.

    Prophecy spoke of their redemption and salvation, but as the years grind past, and humanity fades away, no sign of salvation appears. Unable to wait any longer, the last dregs of a once great people attempt to ignite prophecy on their own by summoning a young man against his will from modern day earth. Their goal is to coerced the young man into a fight for the survival of mankind in a fantasy world which is not his home.

    Taking a new name for himself, Jace traveled across the face of this new world in search of a path home.  However fate and prophacy block his paths forward entangling him in the world against his will.  Surrounded by a human race warped by crushing poverty, desperation, and immorality, can he survive without losing his dignity and morality? With prophecy involved does he have a choice?

    Warning: Tagged 18+
    -this work contains mature scenes involving sexual content, torture, foul language, death, slavery, rape, cannibalism and horror. I apologize beforehand and suggest that you not read if you are offended by any of these topics.

  • Growing Strong

    Growing Strong

    101 pages by alphabet

    In the world of Lenessia, your life is decided on your 18th birthday. Nobles and peasants alike wait eagerly for their special day: the day where their class is chosen.

    Born to a simple family of farmers, Ian belongs to one of the lowest castes in society. His future is bleak - his father was a farmer, his grandfather was a farmer, for Lenessa's sake his whole family have been farmers for as long as they can remember. But Ian holds on to his hope, the dream that he could be one of the few who receive a heroic class and skyrocket through the echelons of society.

    Fate is not so forgiving, and Ian is quickly dismissed as simply another low tier farmer. If Ian wishes to achieve his childhood dreams, then he has only one choice. Growing Strong.

  • Lady Bunny

    Lady Bunny

    351 pages by androg
    Alan was a model student, good grades, good at sports, member of the student council and admired by his peers. His avatar Lance was a lv113 Knight, strong, honorable and respected by both the players and NPCs in the city. Alan wanted his online-life to be different from his real one; He sold ‘Lance' and created a new female avatar called ‘Bunny'.

    Follow Bunny, with her unique class and animal minions, on a joy-filled adventure in the RR universe. Adding in two quirky online friends and a dose of high-school romance to spice up the fun. For those who think farmers and breeders can't make it to the top, think again.

    Cover Pic stolen from Mondaiji (Kuro Usagi)
  • Re:Hamster


    942 pages by Jormlung
    Steeve was a weird guy, he hated his world, and proved it by killing hamsters in the funniest way, but bad luck for him he died in an equal stupid way.

    And as he did, the hamster God who was bored reincarnated him as a hamster in the world his pantheon govern, the twist? He forgot to turn of the hero system, and so our protagonist is now a super hamster, who decided to follow the path of a demon lord and made a mess of this world in vengeance!


    This story is about a EVIL protagonist so there's a lot of EVIL in there!
    Also there's a lot of 'mature' scene so be wary of that!

  • Cursed Era

    Cursed Era

    459 pages by Pimelea

    Tilvrade is born into a family of country nobility.

    A baby with vague memories of another world, he begins his life trying to come to grips with the world he is in now, while fitting into his household's lifestyle and maid's loving attentions.

    Soon, shadows of intrigue, creep out from the capital of the kingdom and disrupt his day to day. Revelations of odd vestiges of a civilisation spark memories of who he was.

    Cover is a work by a great artist called madimb. You can find the full image here.

    Read if you enjoy reincarnation plots, medieval fantasy and a slow developing negative protagonist.

    Don't read if you like fast developments and action. This story is overly detailed and not for everyone (The MC is still not a teenager as of chapter 40, if that gives you a hint of the pacing...)

  • The New Journey of an Old Soul

    The New Journey of an Old Soul

    1482 pages by Vihyungrang

    The story of a soul seeking new adventure in a new life. A secret wish to find some things he never really found in his old life. Will the universe have other ideas for him again? Warning: 18+ due to violence, language and sexual content Note: The story is complete. A/N: Since people seem to be skittish with the gender bender tag, I should probably mention that it does not play a particularily important part in the story. More in the beginning, less as the story goes on.

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