• Weavers of Fate

    Weavers of Fate

    22 pages by ReincarnatedSalad

    A group of young apprentices at the exclusive academy on Chandelier Island find themselves trapped within a time loop. With only a day to prepare themselves each time for the end of their world , which will be the greater drain on their breaking mental state, the horrifying creatures that devour all or the cruel magician rebels? Only time will tell...


    Inspired by; Hard Reset, Edge of Tomorrow, and Mother of Learning

  • The Legend of Arian

    The Legend of Arian

    16 pages by Biakogan

    a story about a boy whose birth was a sin in itself, and his journey to find a purpose for his life...

  • What do I do?

    What do I do?

    2 pages by PhantsmalPersona

    Work in progress.


    This story is more of a training story trying to polish my writing skills. So expect an immature work. Also, english not my native language. 

  • The MUD-Series; A Lamp In A Different World

    The MUD-Series; A Lamp In A Different World

    1 pages by Chronim

    A object gains awarness of itself in a world filled with terror and war...


    Hello, I'm absolutely not good at writing a synopsis and probably writing something in general. This line marks the beginning of the MUD-Series: The Multi-Universal-Dungeon-Series! English is not my first language and writing is a hobby of mine so all corrections and tips in the commentsection are really appreciated! The start will be very slow and littered with reedits and unregular releases!


  • The Shieldmaiden's Song

    The Shieldmaiden's Song

    19 pages by Bragi

    The petty kingdoms of Karlund have been united beneath the banner of a single king for the first time since the earliest days of the country. The Golden Bear of Eadric flies from Sulheim in the south to Eirsmet in the north. Many changes are brought upon the land. The old ways are crushed beneath the might of Eadric's armies. Old familys are cast down. The last whispers and shadows of a time of legends and myths are driven off.

    Sigrid, the neice of one of Eadric's defeated foes, flees to far off shores. She leaves seeking the excitement and adventure from the tales of her youth. She returns on a foreign merchant's vessel, without any of her original companions, but accompanied by a young girl. Her daughter, Nal, a woman fated to shake the northern kingdom to it's core.

  • Yes means No!?

    Yes means No!?

    0 pages by 1nc

    Yes means no, no means yes. Th whole language inverted. Be ready for your mind to be challenged. 

    FOR ALL THE PPL THAT LIKE SPOILERS!!!! tbh its not really a spoiler

    Spoiler: Spoiler


  • Red twilight Hunter's Chronical

    Red twilight Hunter's Chronical

    100 pages by dfeyder

    in this story I will be retelling the entierty or Red Twilight with the chapters reoranged as to appear in chronilogical order.

  • The First Card Hero

    The First Card Hero

    0 pages by TilTier

    In a fantasy world full of magical beasts, and mythical creatures, humans were forced down to the bottom class, and hidden within a deep black forest. One day, a boy by the name of Herald was born. He was a lively person who was full of noise, and excitement. His dream was to make humans the superior race above all races, and to make sure nobody would ever look down on humans.

  • Strongest Sorcerer

    Strongest Sorcerer

    14 pages by Pandragon

    The continent of the [Left wing], one of the 7 continents of the world Acquaben, rose the strongest sorcerer. Being a force no human, divine, demon, demi-human or any other creature could match up to, He held the supreme power over life and death... atleast that's what the historians and scribes wrote in their scrolls after the great war 1000 years ago. The sorcerer was defeated by the 13 Great heroes and was sealed on the continent of the [Hammer of God]. But rumors are spreading that darkness has shown itself again on the roots of the evil sorcerer, and that there are plans to resurrect him and bring chaos. Lizarien "Liz the scarlet" Silverlief, 3rd princess of the Silver Sword empire is secretly tasked by the High Priest to investigate this matter as a test for her to become the right hand of the Crowned Princess. Together with Gin, Lyle and the other companions they meet on the journey, they discovered that the known "History" is not as truthful as they know it. The twists of the crossroads, betrayals and hardships, all reveal the truth of the Stongest Sorcerer.

  • Incarnations of War

    Incarnations of War

    11 pages by DarkWorld


      A young man, managing a bookshop, is impacted by a recurrence of an event that occurred centuries ago. Then, changes start happening around him, and to him. An exploration of the world reveals more than he had ever suspected. In which he manages to join a millenia old conflict, travel to different dimensions, and still tries to make sense of it all.


    Also hosted at incarnationsofwar.wordpress.com 

    Expect sparodic updates, but generally at least 1 every week or so

  • The Bane of Secomber

    The Bane of Secomber

    221 pages by maxmorgan

    Following the mysterious death of her father's prize-winning pig, keen reader Cerys Jones teams up with local lawman Diero Astorio, to find the culprit. Along the way, however, she uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to shake the very foundations of small-town life in Secomber.

    A series of cryptic clues left in a book about the famed mage, Blackstaff, and a lone wizard in red take Cerys on a bizarre journey exposing the idyllic town of Secomber to be nothing more than a den of greed and deceit. Things in Secomber are about to change for good, and if Cerys can't unmask the wizard in red, they might just change for bad.


    Set in Faerûn just prior to Scourge of the Swordcoast.

  • N/A


    0 pages by Ivytoga
  • Techno-Ascention (help find a better Title)

    Techno-Ascention (help find a better Title)

    2 pages by Error 501

    UPDATE:Not going to be updating this story for a while, I kind of lost my train of thought on the storyline.

                   But i will pick it back up later.

    Navy Seal becomes techno-cultivator/lit-RPG/mage thingy.

    I suck a summaries.

  • Slugs in Dime

    Slugs in Dime

    3 pages by GermanBagel


    We write the year 2005 of the gregorian calender. Mankind had just discovered their first Alien Brother. A parasite species called 'the Guardians'. After a short time of peace and euphoria, the humans had become accustommed to their new friends. Continuing their casual lifes as usual. That was, until the Guardians realized their compatibility with human bodies and started feeding upon them so that they could grow their own population.

    After the widder human public had found out about this situation, anti-Guardian sentiment grew upon them, and peaceful solutions were thought after.

    Though, in the middle of the peace talks, Guardian forces attacked San Francisco, destroying the city entirely and killing millions in an instant. As a response, the US Government formed the Red Wing Initiative. A military unit tasked with taking down the Guardians. But, because of the Guardians usage of memory manipulating gas, they were able to take control over huge portions of the US population. Dividing the country in half and putting the people up against each other. This lead to the destruction of Red Wing, and an end to the human rebellion against the Guardians.

    Mankind continued their lifes as usual, no longer remembering their alien brothers, and the Guardians continued to rule upon them from the dark.


  • Some Older Night

    Some Older Night

    118 pages by gugalanna

    Quinn thought he'd left the shadows of his past behind him when he moved to a rural town in the Midwest, setting his sister up in a mental health facility on the outskirts of town. When a series of bizarre and grisly suicides begin to darken the quiet River City, Quinn finds the crimes of his past are only a grim prediction of what's to come. Unknown entities have opened the gates to a hellish dimension - one Quinn is all too familiar with - and have unleashed the abominations that dwell on the other side. Quinn, and a stranger that may not be who - or what - he says, have to work together to keep the entire community from turning into a literal hell on earth.


    Cover design by Juan Villar Padron.  Find him at https://juanjjpadron.wixsite.com/juanpadron

  • Poor Percy

    Poor Percy

    3 pages by dicid

    Percy was a normal guy, content with his old life. 

    All of a sudden, though, he is yanked into this fantasy setting with magic, monsters, and level-up systems. 

    Right from the get-go, his magical talent is deemed to be nearly zero by the magicians who summoned him, and he is laughed out of the 'legendary hero' position he would have been given otherwise. Instead, the poor guy is dumped somewhere in the outskirts of the city. 

    Will he shrivel up and succumb to the hardships of the world? Or will he climb the ladder of power, and accept that this is his life now? 

    Give it a read! 

  • Who is Fate?

    Who is Fate?

    2 pages by Azurenold

    Oh hello there, fancy meeting you here. Hm? Who am I? Of course, where are my manners. My name is Fate. And before you start jabbering on... how do I put this, unnecessary questions, allow me to explain to you or rather, show you all about me. It all started when... "


  • Nico, The Lord of Nothingness.

    Nico, The Lord of Nothingness.

    14 pages by MPDLMS

    Nico has decided to go against his Aunt's will and enter Japan's Kakashi College of Heroes. This college has been made to train different types of Heroes who wish to go into different fields with the three main fields being The Nature's Bane, The Defenders of All, and The Creators respectively. Nico entered The Nature's Bane course to hopefully one day become one of the 10 Lords and take down whatever Mother Nature has in store to destroy humanity.

    There is one problem, his Affinity for most Magic is zero. The only thing that allowed him to pass the Entrance Exam was his unheard of Affinity for the relatively unknown Soul Magic and his inhuman physical abilities. These specialties barely got him into Class F, which is considered the weakest of Nature's Bane and has never had any students actually make it into Nature's Bane.

    Will Nico be able to survive the harsh environment of this college and be able to surpass what low standards it has pegged for him? Most likely, since they don't know his true power which links to his Affinity for Soul Magic, The Eyes of Nothingness.

  • Cards of the Mobius

    Cards of the Mobius

    10 pages by The Script Below Injects

    Cards of the Mobius, an online card game. It's different from usual card games because of the way it's executed. The main objective of the card game is not the cards itself, it's the setting. Servers are opened up for a month at a time, and inside the server, every player is given a set of 15 temporary cards, alongside a totem which they can carry from server to server.

    The maximum deck size is 40 cards, and you'll want to use all 40, trust me. Each server has a unique map, although I'll probably just be using one throughout the story and hope nobody finds out. Spread throughout the map are pillars, which generate energy over time, and the energy goes to the player in ownership of the pillar, with a small 'tax' being spread across the other members of the team, so you'll profit if your teammates play good. 

    There's a main totem in every c-

    Am I just info dumping the game rules?

    Nobody's gonna read that!

    Read this story. I'll info dump the rest of the rules in the prologue.

    There's a guy. He plays cards of mobius. He's good at the game. Something about goblins. And poverty. Mostly goblins.

  • Harukaze 春風 V2

    Harukaze 春風 V2

    15 pages by Taiga

    Kazuo, a boy forced to live by himself after his parents divorced finds out that his old friend, a girl named Haruka, from back when his parents were still together had transferred to his high school. They encounter each other but it isn’t an easy reunion as Kazuo had forced himself to forget about his old life after living alone for three years. However, Haruka who felt betrayed when her friend left her brutes her way into his life again as she herself left home. Things turn out to be more complicated though as the two of them must keep the knowledge of them living together away from Haruka’s best friend to avoid a clash between their respective families. This is however easier said than done, especially when old feelings start find their way to the surface once again.

    (This is the second version of an earlier fiction that goes by the same name.)

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