• Watashi to Creation [ONESHOT ATTEMPT]

    Watashi to Creation [ONESHOT ATTEMPT]

    33 pages by kurorin

    Ever hoped that that manga or anime character from third grade you drew up would come to life? Well it ain't as rosy as you might very well think. Enter Kaito Nakajou, ordinary high schooler with dreams of drawing manga for Shonen Jump. He's cynical, downright uninspiring and frankly, he hates many things; yet he holds on to that one dream.

    And then, he meets three uninvited guests lounging about in his Kyoto room.



    Second work, and this was the oneshot. I'm sorry to anyone who might have liked this short style, but soon enough I'll be restarting the style to be more appropriate for my tastes (which is to say longer chapters.)

    Be on the lookout for the real work!

  • All Falls Down

    All Falls Down

    16 pages by sharzdah

    A three-plane mid-air collision simply doesn't happen. Not without the intervention of a supernatural force.

  • Blood Drive

    Blood Drive

    41 pages by tanhony

    Updates every Tuesday and Saturday on Tanverse

    Nathan Westwood is a vampire hunter - one of the only two he knows. Alongside his mentor, a mysterious sorceress named Athena, he has pledged to fight against the colossal vampire organization known as the Family - a group that seeks to rule the world from the shadows. With only a few spells and a gun or two, the duo travel the world, working their way up the ladder to the leader of the Family himself. It's a fight that few know about, and even fewer care. But it's the only fight they have.

  • The Desolate Soul

    The Desolate Soul

    6 pages by MunchieMunch

    A monster like no other(I think).

    It consumes to grow so that it can consume again.

    Its unknown in nature and highly aggressive.


    A redo of my previous fiction.

  • Town of Geldwin

    Town of Geldwin

    10 pages by Rar

    Adrain Hawke is a guard within Geldwin; a town neglected by an expanding kingdom, forcing them to fend for themselves. No trade routes run through it. The adventurers guild is long abandoned. Nothing of note exists, and gradually visitors vanished entirely, leaving the town isolated from all but a few. Then the undead lay siege.

    >The Siege of Antioch, from a 15th-century miniature painting

  • Birth of a Mechanical Adventurer

    Birth of a Mechanical Adventurer

    2 pages by Rattus et Draconic

    A advanced alien race, a universe still recovering from the introduction of mana millenia later, whats one mechanical being to do agianst the universe. And whats this pulsating crystal ?

  • Talus au bout de sa vie

    Talus au bout de sa vie

    2 pages by ClemCa

    C'est vraiment court (un chapitre), écrit en cours et une fanfic que j'ai faite sur le jeu Paladins, où j'ai imaginé Talus, le personnage toujours souriant et rieur, être quelqu'un de triste...

    Après ça se finit plutôt mal, mais je ne vais pas vous spoiler plus, bonne lecture :D

  • Short stories of elementals through out the cosmos

    Short stories of elementals through out the cosmos

    3 pages by DreadLobster

    Short stories of the lives of golems, elementals and earthly spirits throughout the grand universe.

  • Children of the Forest

    Children of the Forest

    1 pages by obigrace

    Back in a time when the Earth was at its youth there dwelled many magical things on this land and in the depths of our waters. This story is a love story between the next Queen in line to the Elven throne and a commoner elven man who is withdrawn from the rest of the elven kingdom. An unlikely enchantment that will ensnare you to stay in this mysterious and truly magical world. 

  • 空の一味 [OneShot]

    空の一味 [OneShot]

    7 pages by issei_yuuko

    The followers of Sora. Sora HuiXie, A creature of unknown origin, descends from the mountain after 3000 years to find his hometown destroyed by humans. Moreover, these humans claimed to be the 'heroes of justice' he used to admire! Enraged by this, he swears to kill all the 'heroes' and goes on a journey to find peace in his upturned heart. Along the way, he gets sidetracked by a young girl...




    Side note for those people reading the tags, the harem takes a while, ok? This has a long way to go, you can expect the first member to appear about 10 to 15 chapters into the main story. Also, there isn't really a need to explain everything. You all know the gist of Isekai stories anyway.

  • The Aspiring Scholar

    The Aspiring Scholar

    4 pages by Malice

    A man tormented by his past. helps the kids of his city to lessens his own pain.

    P.s i suck a writing don't expect much.


  • Representative of the Milky Way

    Representative of the Milky Way

    2 pages by CloudisProud

    Ezra was in a low point of his life. After a series of unfortunate events, Ezra believed his life couldn't get worse. As if an event flag was raised, he was immediately abducted. Before he knew it, he became a participant in some alien game, and represented the Milky Way galaxy as a whole. Luckily, this game is something quite familliar to this former shut-in.

  • Legend of Yzer

    Legend of Yzer

    36 pages by remeseiz

    Yzer, a adolescent human, is a a full contact mage. That means that in contrary to "normal" mages he can fight on the front line. he uses magic to transform his body to fight evil powers that grow stronger each day. Knights, warriors and mages consider this type of magic taboo. Actually all other types other than healing magic is taboo and therefore forbidden, with the exception of creating magic items. Which is only done by archmages under the supervision of the king himself. They who even consider using this type of magic should prepare to face the consequeces.

    This wasn't always the case, after the last great demonwar. When the Archdemon was defeated and his army of magic using demons was slain. The king suddenly started to promote "Anti- demon magic" propoganda. "Demon magic" users were arrested without good reason. Unless they let their magic be sealed they were held captive or worse.

    Yzer his master Doman, A great "demon" magic user, noticed things going sideways before the magic users were hunted down. He retired from the royal army to live a secluded life in the forest of Fargo with his young apprentice Yzer. There they continued practising their art, hopefull that one day the king would see the error in his ways. That "demon" magic isn't evil, weak or dark. But that magic in all forms can be used to fight the forces of evil

    But everything changed when one day the prince and his men find them. Master Doman is arrested for treason. Yzer who was hidden embarks on a epic journey, meeting new friends, fight enemies, save his master and try to convince people that magic isn't evil.

    This is the story of Yzer and how he became a legend. 




  • A Broken World

    A Broken World

    3 pages by superiordrow

    What would you do if everything you knew was no longer true?

    What would you do if you were put in a situation where the skills you spent years learning were useless?

    What would you do if you were given a progress system you didn't understand and told that system was your only tool?

    What Mary was going to do was to do her best to survive regardless of the things the world threw her way.

  • Fallen


    6 pages by Shidoni777

    After her husband's betrayal, a wife must take her children and two remaining friends, to a land far away from her beloved.


    (This is a one-shot random story, that I decided to do. It is complete.)

  • Investigation #7154:

    Investigation #7154: "Sariyal"

    8 pages by Katsune

    A series of investigations into a recently discovered church: "The Church of Sariyal."

  • A meaningless mage

    A meaningless mage

    0 pages by BloodElemental

    i use this to test tables

  • Tears of the Broken

    Tears of the Broken

    6 pages by Danmei

    A warrior with emanating madness stands alone on top of myriad corpses, blood and guts splattered everywhere.

    Shattered hopes, beliefs and sanity,

    Death the only salvation,

    Love is torture worse than living,

    When pain becomes the ultimate motivation,

    Pain the only sensation yet to fade.

    This is exactly what Analilia's life is. In a world abandon by gods, where horrendous monsters and overpower Dreadlics roam, and where human hypocrisy is at its best.

    Where surviving does not mean living,

    For surviving extorts the very meaning of life,

    While living always courts suffering,

    And happiness turns out to be an illusion.

    To follow Analilia's journey to seek salvation, for being the strongest never ease her madness nor her loneliness, means a journey filled with chaos, death and hopelessness. Perilous paths that doesn't show any sign of light. A love that brings never ending cycle of pain and longing. For those that chose to follow Analilia's journey, ready your heart, because you will surely encounter countless Tears of the Broken.


  • The Five Secrets

    The Five Secrets

    22 pages by Plastosilch

    Heres is a world that has potentially always been on the brink of destruction due to the unique nature of its divine constructs and magicks.

  • More Than Numbers

    More Than Numbers

    63 pages by vincentleyne

    A boy named Asher Wright after dropping out of school for four years decides to start into a gaming career. Abandoned at a young age he was taken in by a man named Chris Jennings who tries his best to act like a father along with working full time at his bar. Asher one day while online finds a game that is full dive and decides to jump in head first. There are a few bugs in the game, but nothing major that is until someone winds up dead. It's common knowledge games can't really kill you, but supposedly there is a person in the gaming realm who can. Asher wants nothing to do with the murders until one of his online friends becomes victim and is found dead in LA. The murderer has a unknown method of killing as well as an unknown identity. How can Asher expect to capture the serial killer when the only clue he has is that the serial killer players a game with him that more than 1 billion people use every day?

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