• Dimensional Discord

    Dimensional Discord

    12 pages by cynicalkaru

    The world can be hard on a teenager. Most teens can barley keep up with this world. But what happens when 4 more worlds including mages, knights, angels, demons,  ninjas, and all sorts of magical creatures collide with our world and join the equation? Welcome to Discord.

  • Body Quest

    Body Quest

    10 pages by Robben

    The world changed a lot since I died

    And not much of it for the better. After the Reset, AIs took over the governments, but all the old wars are still going on.

    I lost critical parts of myself in server drop-outs and power outages. Now I need a body. A live human in the meatworld is what I need, so I can make a physical backup of myself before I lose any more. Finding a suitable human who is willing may prove to be tricky.

    Meanwhile I have to save the world. I must battle in space, underground, and underwater. In virtu and in Augmented Realities. All of that and I must stay out of sight of the AIs and the man who made me die in the first place.

    But, wouldn’t you know it, when I finally found a willing human, I learn that they’ve held out on a couple of critical details. Will I be fragmented and scattered, strewn like data dust, forever lost? Or worse, will I drop into the clutches of my old foe?

    In this strange new world, it turns out, being dead aint all that easy.

  • One above all

    One above all

    2 pages by Raizel0488

    Prince of heaven betrayed by his most trusted and loved ones.... 

    Out of agony he devoured everything and became supreme...

    Wishing just to be with his family in peace.. 


    Will it be possible for someone who stands above all... 





  • One second

    One second

    1 pages by Nate

    A short story comprised of a single, long, run-on sentence

  • Era of Conflict

    Era of Conflict

    0 pages by ajasel328

    In 2212, humanity achieved a dream: it created the very first fully immersive simulation, capable of hosting billions of entities, and with a realism never thought possible. Era of Conflict would be the first game to use this system, a giant sci-fi game where imagination is the only limit.

    Adele was an unfortunate girl. At 17, she managed to get into one of the top colleges in the world, only to be left completely paralyzed on a hospital bed by a crazy driver.

    However, she was given a chance. She would play Era of Conflict as a tester, allowing her to make something of her life, and above all, walk again.

    Will she be able to fully grasp the full extent of the chance that was offered to her? Will she be able to survive in an unforgiving universe? Or will she just die on the first encounter?

  • World Of Darkness

    World Of Darkness

    36 pages by Dovahkin22

    What if one day you were told that the world you knew wasn't what it appeared to be? What if you were told that there was an explanation to every "natural" disaster which had occured in the world and the explaination wasn't related to anything which could be considered natural?

    Would you laugh in their face?

    Would you believe them to be insane?

    Or would you be able to accept that you truly know so little about the world in which you live?

    {P.S The Cover isn't mine}

    {Using this story so I can get reaquainted with writing, just flexing my imagination a little so don't expect an overly complicated plot }


  • She’s a Zombie.

    She’s a Zombie.

    3 pages by ShiroTada

    Zero Mitsubi and Shuu Kenki are both students of Grenare High, a private school for students with decently good grades. Neither of the two are aware of the others existence, that is, until a fateful interaction between the two occurs, beginning a deep connection between them.

  • The Fire King

    The Fire King

    11 pages by RavenThePoet

    Having lost his father, the young king Elsurion is still getting used to inherit the throne. As if this wasn't enough, their most valid trading partner Ayumir cancelled the trading contract of Solaria’s most valuable goods. As the young king sets out to uncover the reasons for this, he stumbles across a menace that goes far beyond a simple trade agreement.

    - This is my first published story. I am not a native English speaker and this tale is also a means to improve my usage of the English language. All feedback (be it grammar, spelling, plotholes or wording etc.) is greatly appreciated. The draft for the first arc has been completed, the fair copy is in the works and will gradually be published here.

  • Guardians: Rise of the Forgotten

    Guardians: Rise of the Forgotten

    4 pages by RandomNinja

    Among the eight continents that make up the world of Risfell, in the continent of Melvotz on the borders of two kingdoms, Sarvarria and Radia, nestled among the foothills of an ancient mountain known as Mount Ladrian lays the village of Bryne. Six childhood friends discover an ancient ruin that had been hidden within the forest at the foot of the mountain, unknowingly becoming embroiled in a conflict long thought over in ages past. Beings long thought dead are rising up once more, gathering their strength and making their presences known. An age of strife is starting and the inhabitants of Risfell will only have a few years to prepare before those ancient beings march to war.


    This is my first novel that I am finally putting up for others to read.  Sorry if it takes a while to update as I'm experimenting with some ways of writing that I found enjoyable to read, and overall I am a slow writer. 😅

    I’ve put genres, tags, and content warnings as I’m not completely sure what I may add while I’m writing. I have more or less planned out how I want this story to progress, but the details aren’t ironed out yet as I plan on having this story span out quite a bit.

    If you’ve read all this thanks, I suck at writing short, concise messages, I like having details and all my bases covered as possible.

    My WP https://artwithbudiblog.wordpress.com/ theres currently a FAQ page, an About page, and currently still working on the Novel page.


  • Adventure Quest Worlds: New Hero

    Adventure Quest Worlds: New Hero

    0 pages by say 123 for gf

    The main character teleports to his favorite RPG.

    And as the title says "New Hero" well he becomes the new hero.

  • Worlds of battle

    Worlds of battle

    1 pages by brightest abyss

    In a world where the strong rules and the weak suffers, countlest creatures fight for supremacy, and many long for the top of the world but only few succeed.


  • Penal Colony

    Penal Colony

    4 pages by Royalist

    A high priest gets send to a penal colony with other dangerous criminals. A place where monsters and magic rule, he has to kill those monsters in order to buy his freedom while living in a dangerous penal colony.


  • Stay Human

    Stay Human

    0 pages by TheShannon9876


    The end has come for the people of earth, and only the strong will be granted the rights to try and survive, as those assessed by the system as too weak mentally are turned into monsters.

    Annabelle and Samuel were born from different parents.

    Brought together in their early childhood as siblings, they had only each other's company to save them from complete insanity in the abusive environment growing up. Some noticed that they were special children growing up; Samuel being able to grasp a human's thinking and manipulate it at his convenience and Annabelle, who made people lose their souls to her young beauty.

    Watch these two slightly twisted siblings as they grow in the apocalypse, depending on each other and becoming legends at the end of the world.

  • The Stupid God... Oh wait he is trying to get better, no he just got more stupid.

    The Stupid God... Oh wait he is trying to get better, no he just got more stupid.

    28 pages by new bee

    A god who was blessed with power and strength like no other was suddenly stripped of his powers. What do you think will happen? Join our God or rather a useless one on a journey to reclaim his powers. By the way this novel is not one of those action based repeats which keep killing people and getting strong. This is a light hearted novel but still has quite a lot of action so ..... ENJOY!

  • Random short stories

    Random short stories

    9 pages by LaVolpe

    I just wanted to write some short stories that come to my mind during the day. I will post some short stories when I have time and/or the motivation. There isn't going to be a fixed release date, which means it could also happen that I will not post a chapter in over a month. Please consider that when you start to read this little collection of short stories. BTW most of the short stories are stand-alone stories and aren't connected with each other, but if two stories have some sort of connection I will make sure that you know of it.

    And the stories will vary from being a slice of life kind of setting to an adventure kind of story.

  • The Heavens Collapse

    The Heavens Collapse

    69 pages by Kaiel

    “You weaklings shouldn’t get in my way.”

    Blood red Qi rising from his body Xiāo li slowly moved his broken body forward staggering from side to side.

    “Don’t bother begging for your life. I’m going to bathe in your blood.”

    Blood red Qi turning completely chaotic the faces of millions of people could be seen screaming in hellish pain.

    “Come, attack me you weaklings!”

    Behind Xiāo li a blurry red figure began to form.

    “The only ones that can kill me…”

    A snakes large head formed behind him as the light from his blood red Qi lit up some of his surroundings.

    Pupils rapidly shaking and shifting Xiāo li looked like he was on the verge of insanity.

    “Are my family!”

    Eyes instantly focusing his eyes and the eyes of the snake behind him erupted with the desire to slaughter.

    Bloodlust shooting in all directions his enemies felt their backs fill with sweat, their hair stand, their stomachs tighten, and their souls tremble.

    Raising his hand with the palm facing upward his fingers were curled slightly like they held something immaterial and invisible.

    Blood red snowflakes fell from the sky truly lighting up the night all around Xiāo li and his enemies.

    It revealed his vicious smile full of desire.

    “Who wants to die first?!”


    (Release Schedule- At best 1 chapter a week on saturday or sunday. School throwing a wrench in plans so can't be as active as I'd like, sorry about that.)

  • Still Life

    Still Life

    8 pages by Mattening

    Evan Froth lives his life from a distance.

    Born in a peasant family, he has no desire to do anything besides what was ordained to him.  However, everything changes when his village is attacked by demons. He manages to avoid being eaten, but when he wakes up, he and others find themselves in the dungeon of the very demon responsible for attacking his village.

    "When I come back, I will accept anyone who's still alive," the demon announces.

    And thus, Evan is thrown into a cruel experiment with no hope of escape other than death. 

  • The Beggar and the Young Mistress

    The Beggar and the Young Mistress

    6 pages by Erkaloth

    An average quality oneshot about a young mistress who is saved by a 'beggar'. It is short in length but I wanted to post it anyway. It's around 2k words.

  • Surviving on a rimworld

    Surviving on a rimworld

    5 pages by Derplord

    A man and his rival must survive on a planet that has a strange combination of technology and magic.

  • Raise The Flags Of Death!!

    Raise The Flags Of Death!!

    10 pages by Something Crazy

    To Alucard Maxwell, it was a mystery how he died or why mr. God has given him a second chance to live. He had no recollection of his previous life, but there's no point of remembering it. Alucard slowly learns the situation of the world he was living - a waging war between the Kingdom and the Resistance. Now, Alucard must decide... decide for what? He must choose and he will... he just doesn't know which. He's not strong enough to do so... well, not yet. 


    Polls will depend on the chapter's progress. Voting will more or less take a week, depending on urgency (story or schedule). Chapter release will also depend if there are polls or none. Enjoy~

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