I am fairly new to this platform, but I am excited to interact with the community and gain some insights. My current goal is to receive some feedback on my new novel, Savant's Vanguard. If that can be accomplished, it would be sincerely appreciated.

 From some brief browsing, I have discovered that a fair bit of the stories on this site are of the LitRPG genre. So if you are looking for that type of story, then Savant's Vanguard is not for you. The story centers itself around the life of an autistic savant who is thrown into the throes of adulthood and militaristic responsibilities. He doesn't want to shoulder the burden of adulthood but still wishes to protect a woman he greatly admires. The synopsis is below.

Alphonso spent his childhood barely noticing how his mental disability affected the people around him, until he was almost murdered. After surviving the near-fatal act that was performed by his parents, his life gets flipped upside down by a girl called Invictus. With him now at the age in which males wish to protect the women in their lives, he finds himself confronted by a gritty reality. Only with power can one control their destiny and protect the ones they love. 

Severely lacking the raw might Invictus possess, he has to traverse a dangerous path fraught with rivalry, sabotage, betrayal and political schemes to gain the power he needs. With no one waiting for him to catch up, the chances of him succeeding are slim, but luckily he has one thing on his side - his Autism.


If the story peaks your interest, you can find a link to it below. 

Thank you in advance if you do decide to give the story a chance. Have a pleasant day.