Hello fellow reader, I am Gate1994 or known as HakunoShibou at several web platform as a writer. I am quite new on RRL and recently started a new original novel called "Tales of New World: The Magus".

The genre of this story quite simple, a fiction Adventure story that has a kingdom and magic in it. Simple right?

But, please do note that this whole story is the prologue of a bigger story that still developed by my friend and I. Just wait until this part end, ok?

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"What it feels like to be free from every shackle that holding you?" 

That's the question given to Volya Portar after someone saves him from slavery in the past. Since that day, he lived together with him and his son, Dimitri Portar secluded inside the forest. And as he grows older, he knows that he also could help anyone around him from the shackles of fate and stigma. It's doesn't matter if they are a killer or prostitute or anything, he will try to change them and free them from that shackles. And his opportunity comes as he meets several knights under Helena Estrudiantes lead trapped in the forest where he lives. And from that, his legend begins.

And this is the prologue for the part one of the 'Tales of New World' Saga that will not be included inside the story episode: (Note: There are two prologues that used for this story in making of this story. This is the updated version for my story. Enjoy)

Chapter 0 


A young man is running as fast as he could inside the dark forest. He continues to run regardless the wounds on his leg and hand. Even he doesn't care with his body that cried to stop from all wound around him. What inside his mind is to find someone to help him and free everyone behind him.

But because he isn't used to the dark forest there, he tripped by one of the tree roots. But, he immediately stands up and continues to run even when his leg is a little limp. The moment he takes a glance behind him he could see a lot of fire from torch chasing him like a spirit that will take him to hell. And with that fire, he could hear, "Find that little brat! We can't let that brat slipped away before he meets with his buyer!"

He continues to run until his leg refuses to run anymore. He feels the pain all over his body and falls to the ground. He then looks at his leg and punches his leg while saying, "Come on... Please... Move... Move..."

But his effort is meaningless. He could hear someone is near him and walking towards him. He feels like every animal and plants there are mocking his inability to find any help with every voice that he heard. He then started to cry, hold his necklace, and says, "I'm sorry... Sis... I failed... I failed..."

He looked again at the sky above him and prays to the star that shines there, just like what his sister teach him when they are in pinch. He hopes for a miracle to help him and fulfill his wish.

Not long after that, raindrop starts to pour at the forest and he feels all of them as if the sky is weeping to his fate. And the moment he opens his eyes, he sees two unfamiliar people. One of them is a man around his 40s and the other one is a young man that around his age but a little bit older. He could hear the old man ask him,

"Poor child, why are you in this forest alone in the night? You should know that the forest has a lot of predators that could eat you here."

"Ah... Ahhhhh..." answer the young man as he started to cry again.

"Hey... Are you alright?" asked the old man once more.

Not long after that, he felt someone tugs his cloth and looked at the young man that comes with him. He says,

"Father, could you help him? I believe we could do something with him?"

The old man nods after hearing his child kindness for the poor young man that they found. Not long after that, they could hear someone shouts about hearing someone crying at his location. So he stands up, prepares his staff, and says,

"Hmmm... It seems they are the predators that hunt you..."

"Please... Save... Everyone..." says the young man.

"Don't worry... I will do that. Dimitri, could you look after him? I will do a little work here."

"I will, Father," answer Dimitri.

After hearing that, the old man vanished into the forest. Morning comes and the old man comes back with a smile. He says,

"The predators are gone, you don't need to worry about it anymore..."

"What... about my... Sister?" asked the young man.

"Your sister? I don't know as there are a lot of people there." answer the old man with an apologetic face.

The young man looked at his necklace and looked really sad with that. The old man then pats his head and says,

"You don't need to worry about that. I believe if the wheel of fate permits it, you will meet your sister in the future."

"Is... Is that so?"


The young man still unsure of that and nods to the stranger in front of him. The old man then says,

"How about you live with both of us from now? I believe it will be livelier with someone of the same age as Dimitri."


"What do you think, Dimitri?"

"I gladly accept it. To have someone that I could call as a brother."

The old man smiles at his son and then looked at the young man. He then reaches out his hand and says,

"What do you think about it, young man?"


"If you don't want it, that's alright..."

"I accept it..."

The old man really surprised to hear and smiles once more at him. He then asks him,

"So, what's your name?"

"My name is Volya..."

"Then Volya..."

Volya feels the old man pats his head and hear one word that he will remember for the rest of his life,

"What it feels like to be free from every shackle that holding you?"

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